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The best movies with Angelina Jolie in the main role


One of the most successful American Actresses, Angelina Jolie has received worldwide fame and gained countless fans thanks not only to its attractive appearance, but also the workshop of the game, the ability to really get into character. We have collected 10 best films with Angelina Jolie in the title role. The list of our ranking based on the opinions of viewers and respected film critics.

10. Lara Croft: tomb raider2001

The most charming of women – Lara Croft is skilled in hand to hand combat, flawlessly accurate shooting with any weapon masterfully and comes out unscathed from the most difficult and life-threatening situations. It is the storm of all the villains and easily defeats them.

9. Cote d'azur2015

A former dancer Vanessa and her husband, writer Roland go on a journey, in the hope that the spirit of adventure will bring back the spark in their relationship and unite the family. However, the Gulf of misunderstanding between the couple becomes more and more. Everything changes dramatically when the couple stay in one of the seaside towns and get acquainted with a young married couple. A chance encounter brings to life Vanessa and Roland's threat passion.

8. Changeling2008

The story takes place in the 20-ies of XX century. The main character is drawn to law enforcement to find the missing son. Child find. But despite the complete similarity of her son, the woman claims that it isn't. Mom pleads insane and placed in a psychiatric hospital. She announces the struggle of the corrupt police and starts the search for justice.

7. Beyond2003

Married Sarah Jordan is on a charity evening, where he met with Dr. Nick Collagenoma that says hot speech about the need to help children in other countries affected by military conflicts. Acquaintance with this man completely changed Sara's life. She recklessly falls in love with nick and forget about the quiet life forever. She sacrifices her security and well-being for the sake of his new love. For decades, the fate brings the heroine with Nick in the hot spots where the fighting took place. Lovers waiting for the terrible trials through which they will undergo.

6. Tempted2001

Cuban merchant Luis Antonio Vargas is planning to marry an American. Soon he had to go see the prospective bride, and draws an image of an innocent, modest girl, with whom he will connect my life. But instead of a drawn image bursts into his life femme fatale, who claims to be a completely different person. She robs him and runs away from him. But one intoxicated with passion for this woman and she is ready to forgive. Now his plan is to find his beloved wife-a liar.

5. The power of fear1999

Chained to a hospital bed, a successful investigator Lincoln rhyme is the author of numerous books on criminology. Amelia Donaghy twist of fate becomes a partner, the brilliant criminologist, became his eyes and ears outside of a hospital. Together they reduces the case of a series of murders committed by one offender. At the scene of maniac leaves your handwriting, fragments of the old picture. Comparing together different parts of an image, Amelia discovers the emblem which was characteristic of the early editions of the XX century. In the hands of Donaghy gets the detective of this edition, where she discovers an accurate description of maniac committed the murders. Raym is the author of the detective Amelia is excited to meet with the CSI, which can help in disclosing the identity of the perpetrator.

4. The vicissitudes of love1997

The couple, celebrating the fortieth anniversary of family life is again ready to vow eternal love and fidelity. The following story involves a mother comes to support her son sick with AIDS. A different situation is represented by the scarlet woman meeting with a stranger. And the next young couple is not peculiar to the romance in their periodic meetings. All these stories will combine a lack of sincerity and love in the relationship. In 1999, the picture has participated in the nomination for the award of the Golden bear.

3. Girl, interrupted1999

A young girl, Susannah Cason, after an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide, gets in a psychiatric hospital. There she meets a girl Fox, who becomes her friend. Together they make their escape from the hospital. But after a while Suzanne decides to voluntarily return to the hospital. There she begins to keep a personal journal, which shares the most intimate thoughts. A few months later, Fox again returned to a psychiatric hospital. She learns of the imminent discharge and and steals her diary. Trying to make fun of thoughts and emotional experiences of the girl, poured out on paper, she publicly reads records to all patients. Suzanne learns about the betrayal of a former girlfriend, but decides to forgive her before discharge. Once in a completely different world, and coming to the realization of internal problems and finding own self In 2000 for his participation in the film Angelina Jolie won an Oscar for Best actress the second plan.

2. True woman1997

In the center of the action is Sarah poppy Clur and her sister Euphemia Ashby. Sarah's husband goes to war. On the shoulders of women to lay down huge responsibility to save the rest of the fairer sex from Indian attacks. Sarah soon was to become a mother, but during the crossing women across the river, she started to come. The child is born dead. Soon she learns of the death of her husband. A year after the tragic event, Sarah settles with his sister in the new house, which is preparing to marry. Fate brings the sisters with Georgia woods. They unite to defend women's rights during the Civil war.

1. Gia1998

The film is based on real events from the life of a popular super-model Gia Marie Karanja. The woman received the glory of the Queen of the world podium. The film will tell about the career path and doom the world-famous stars. Angelina Jolie was awarded a Golden globe nomination for Best actress.

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