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Top 10 best movies with brad pitt


William Bradley pitt is one of the most loved and popular American actors. Filmography star has about seventy feature films. He is the recipient of several awards. The role of the second plan in a fantastic dystopian Twelve monkeys earned him a Golden globe award. Thanks to an equally successful film the curious case of Benjamin Button William Bradley became the winner of the Oscar.

The TOP 10 includes the best films with brad pitt, the list of which is presented below.

10. A game for a fall2015

"Shorting" (2015) opens the ten most successful films with the popular American actor. The film is based on real events and it affects the economic crisis of 2008. When it comes to big money, conscience prefers to remain silent. The first of the impending financial disaster know the Manager of one investment Fund and decides to rip a huge jackpot. In a short time about the impending crisis he finds out the whole metropolis, but refuses to believe it. Meanwhile, the plans of the Manager to earn a few million dollars and become an investor.

9. Fury2014

War drama "Fury" (2014) is among the ten best films with brad pitt. The film narrates about the events of 1945. There is a Second World War and the victory over the Nazis is not far off. But despite this defensive forces expect many more losses. In the center of the unfolding action is the crew, which was called Rage. It is headed by a brave commander of Wardaddy, experienced many troubles and losses associated with war. The only purpose of a commander is to survive at any price to get their children from a bloody nightmare. But the plan, Wardaddy may fall as in their ranks supplied the inexperienced rookie who is not accustomed to the horrors of war.

8. Interview with the vampire1994

Fantastic drama "Interview with the vampire" (1994) tells the fascinating story of the life of a young plantation owner Louis (brad pitt). He loses all sense of life when you die his child with his wife. Louis wants to die. But the irony of fate plays a trick on him: he becomes the victim of a vampire and becomes immortal. Two centuries later, Louis turns to the reporter, in order to fully tell his story.

7. Legends of the fall1994

Western "legends of the fall" (1994) is in seventh place among the best films of brad pitt. The plot is a family of Ludlow three inseparable brother Tristan, Alfred, Samuel and their father, Colonel William Ludlow. The lives of four men radically changes the femme fatale. Since childhood the brothers were bound by strong ties of kinship and they have no idea what the trials and tribulations have prepared for them the fate. They will have to learn the bitterness of loss, of betrayal. To discover men and all-consuming passion to live and make a hope.

6. Seven1995

Crime Thriller Seven (1995) with brad pitt in the title role, tells the viewer about a series of mysterious crimes committed by a serial killer. For the investigation of the case is taken to be the elderly detective William Somerset. He has plans to retire, but unfolding events force him to stay at his post. He comes to the aid of inexperienced young partner mills had to replace the old detective. Before the newly made partners gets dangerous, mentally ill serial killer punishing his victims for the sins of death.

5. Fight club1999

Dramatic Thriller Fight club (1999) brad pitt in the main role among the top ten foreign paintings according to many popular movie websites. Bored from the gray of everyday life, the clerk wants to experience a new, vibrant feel. The circumstances are such that in his life found salesman Tyler Durden, who perverted and cruel Outlook on life. Meet men after a while you begin to arrange among themselves fighting without rules, which are experiencing a higher pleasure. They decide to open an underground fight club, where the strong floor during a fight can throw out all the accumulated violence on their partner. The club is starting to be incredibly popular

4. Bolshoi Kush2000

Crime Comedy "snatch" (2000) – another successful picture involving one of the best American actors. Criminal Frankie Four fingers must do one serious job for his boss to transport the stolen gem across the border. But suddenly the main character starts to unforeseen circumstances. It all starts with failed bets on underground fights. Frankie gets into a cycle of trouble that are directly associated with others of the film. In the epicenter of the accident fall other robbers, a Russian gangster, a clever boxer and one of the mafia.

3. Troy2004

"Troy" (2004) opens three of the best films of brad pitt. The events of the film takes place during BC. From the Spartan king Menelaus steal his wife, the beautiful Helen. Daring thief is the Prince of Troy, Paris. The enraged Governor sent to Mycenae to brother Akamnonu. He promised to help a relative and wants to win over Troy. Army of Agamenon under the leadership of the best warrior Achilles (Brad pitt) takes over the city. The ensuing bloody war will last a decade, claiming many lives.

2. The curious case of Benjamin Button2008

"The curious case of Benjamin Button" (2008) is among the three best films of brad pitt. This picture brought incredible success of the actor, and because of it he won the "Oscar" For "best male role". He was born a child in the guise of an 80 year old ugly. His mother dies in childbirth, and his father decides to get rid of the hated the newborn. Negro woman, despite the ugliness of the baby decides to take him to his upbringing. It was called Benjamin. Everyone thinks that newborn old man will die soon. But the years go by, and Benjamin all the more younger. This phenomenal man was destined to experience life in reverse biological order.

1. Meet Joe black1998

"Meet Joe black" (1998) tops the list of best movies with brad pitt where he played the role of Death. The hour has come, when successful William Parrish had to deal face to face with Death itself, and in the literal sense. Charter of his duties, she takes a vacation and decides to wander the earth. To this end, it is infused into the body of the deceased young man, Joe black, in which appears to Pericom. Death begins to flirt with the daughter of William and unexpectedly enjoys it. This turn of events pleases not father.

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