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Best Jackie Chan movies


Jackie Chan is one of the most famous and loved actors, a childhood idol of millions of viewers. He did a great and complex way, beginning your career as a movie stuntman and reaching the top acting. Jackie Chan – the first Asian Director whose films have had commercial success in Hollywood. He is the founder of a new cinematic genre – the fusion of Comedy with acrobatic fighting style. We offer our readers the best Jackie Chan movies – list of 10 of the most interesting and fascinating works of the actor.

10. Dragon sword

A list of best movies with Jackie Chan presents historical action movie "dragon Sword". The film is set during the reign of the Chinese Han dynasty. Commander Ho Anh with his squad guarding the silk road. Incorruptible and honest soldier accused of malfeasance, and poison forever in servitude. At this time in China is the Roman Legion, General Lucius. Two brave warriors destined to meet and to speak out against the Emperor Tiberius is planning to subjugate China.

"Dragon sword" is an expensive, epic picture perfectly posed scenes of battles.

9. The spy next door

Action Comedy "the Spy next door" is the story of former CIA agent Bob Ho, a retired and wants to marry a charming neighbor with three children. When she leaves for a few days, Bob offers his help for childcare. So begins the most difficult mission of superspy. The situation is complicated by the fact that children find in the file, which leads the hunt for the Russian mafia.

8. Around the world in 80 days

Continues the list of the best films with the participation of Jackie Chan adventure Comedy, "Around the world in 80 days", a paraphrase of the famous novel by Jules Verne. The actor played in the movie Lao Bus, which was stolen from the Bank of the jade Buddha under the name of Passepartout was hired as a servant to an eccentric young scientist Phileas Fogg. At the meeting at the Royal Academy Fogg rashly declares that he will be able to travel around the world in 80 days. If he loses the bet, that forever will have to leave research activities. Resilient Mat convinces Fogg to not give up and try to win the bet.

7. The forbidden Kingdom

Jackie Chan is not the only Asian actor who achieved success in Hollywood. In 2008, he starred in fantasy action film "the Forbidden Kingdom" together with another star of martial arts, Wushu master Jet Li. This painting was included in the list of the best movies of Jackie Chan.

Young Jason loves movies about kung fu and buy them in Chinatown. Once in a small shop he finds the pole of the Monkey king. The shop owner is an old man Hu asks him to give the pole owner, and Jason hasty agrees, not realizing what the implications of his desire to comply with the request of the old Chinese. He finds himself in the magical forbidden Kingdom, where the government seized the cruel Jade warlord. On the shoulders of the teenager rests a difficult task – to get to the tomb of the Monkey king.

6. Shanghai noon

A list of the best Jackie Chan movies continues Comedy Western "Shanghai noon." Chong Wang is among the best bodyguards of the Emperor of China is given the task to rescue the Princess from captivity to which he has deep feelings. After the abducted girl squad of Chinese soldiers sent to North America. Van meets a young gang leader Roy O'bannon, who becomes his unwitting partner. There are numerous adventure and unpredictable events.

5. Shanghai knights

Adventure action Comedy "Shanghai knights" is the continuing adventures of Chon Wang and Roy O'bannon. At this time, the characters in the movie are in the UK in search of the killer of his father Chong. Wang has not only to revenge and protect the family's honor, but also try to keep charming friend hung away from his sister. "Shanghai knights" is one of the best films of Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson.

4. The karate kid

In 2010, the list of the best Jackie Chan movies continued drama "the Karate kid", which tells the story of a teenage boy Dre Parker. The death of her husband and seek work forced his mother to move to Beijing. Dre encounters with the local bullies, who heads the Chen school student kung fu. Boy saves neighbor locksmith Khan. Dre understands that to win Chan's can with his own weapon – having mastered the martial arts. In this he is ready to help Mr. Han.

3. Armour Of God

"Armour of God" – a stunning film with Jackie Chan who acted in the film and as an actor and as a Director.

Jackie nicknamed "Asian hawk" is a fearless adventurer. Stealing in Africa a valuable relic, he finds himself the center of attention of the clergy, set as their goal the destruction of ancient armor of God. They kidnap the girl Jackie and demand a ransom for her armor stored at the "Asian hawk". Realizing that he alone can not cope with the bandits, Jackie turns for help to friends...

Interesting fact: shooting in the picture could be the end for Jackie Chan's most tragic – while performing one of the stunts he fell from the height and fell on the rocks. From blow the cranial bone fragment lodged in his brain and caused bleeding. The actor survived thanks to the professionalism of surgeons and a month later continued the work on the film. The injury had consequences – Jackie Chan since hard of hearing in my left ear.

2. Rumble in the Bronx

The action movie "rumble in the Bronx" is one of the best pictures with Jackie Chan.

Police officer from Hong Kong, respectable Keung, comes to America to my uncle. He lives in a dangerous area, full of criminals. Uncle sells the store to a pretty girl who has no idea that along with the new business it has acquired big trouble in the form of a local gang, long time with this store. Keung can't leave the fragile girl without help and begins a showdown with a gang of bandits.

1. Rush hour

Action Comedy "rush Hour" is considered to be one of the best films in the filmography of Jackie Chan.

The daughter of a Chinese Consul is kidnapped in Los Angeles. Grieving father connects to the search of his old friend, inspector Lee. The FBI does not wish to have their work interfered with a police officer from Hong Kong and decide to distract the guest from the investigation, put him observer, talkative and eccentric agent Carter. Offended by such unflattering assessment of his work, he teams up with detective Lee to find the girl and prove that a capable of much.

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