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The best movies with an unexpected end


Among all the abundance of films, most of which has a hackneyed plot and predictable ending, sometimes there are masterpiece paintings, is able to keep you in suspense until the last minute, and tickle the nerves, creating a parallel kind of puzzle for the viewer.

Our ranking includes the best movies with an unexpected end, a list of which is located below.

10. Faces in the crowd2011

Dramatic Thriller Faces in the crowd (2011) reveals the top ten films with an unusual and unpredictable ending. The plot revolves around a young teacher Anna Marchant. Everything in her life is going well, soon she's going to bond in marriage relationship with her fiancé. But in a woman's life unexpected tragic circumstances. She became an accidental witness of the murder, for which nearly paid with his life. The killer was trying to kill Anna, but she manages to escape by jumping from the bridge. In the fall she seriously bangs his head. Doctors put a terrible and rare, the diagnosis of prosopagnosia – inability to recognize faces. A serial killer, the victim of which she almost became, already beginning the hunt for Anna. He already knows what evil befell his victim and he has all the cards in their hands to find victims and to deal harshly with her.

9. Best offer2012

Italian Thriller the Best offer (2012) took ninth place in the rating of films with unexpected plot twist. In the center of the picture is clever, experienced auctioneer and appraiser of Antiques Virgil Oldman. For all his life he had amassed a considerable collection of art masterpieces that were acquired at a price of copies by deception. Once a man receives an offer from a mysterious woman: to sell as quickly as possible all the Antiques, which she inherited. Oldman agrees, but is surprised that the client doesn't want to meet him personally. After some time, the auctioneer still meets with a secret special, finds out her little secret and soon falls in love with her. But that's not the only thing to learn and experience Oldman.

8. Stay2005

Dramatic Thriller Stay (2005) – a story about student Henry Letame, who was haunted by obsessive ideas of suicide. He turns for help to the psychiatrist Sam foster and tells him that decided to settle scores with life. To prevent the tragedy, Sam decides to spend the entire night with the guy and save him from thinking about death. He goes with the student to walk the streets of the city and unexpectedly becomes infected with nightmarish illusions Henry.

7. Nothing but the truth2008

Nothing but the truth (2008) is an American crime drama with an intriguing plot and a surprise ending. Journalist Rachel Armstrong pours out the whole truth about one of the CIA agents in his article. In her hands were papers, which was the compromising of the intelligence services. The woman invited for an interrogation to find out where she got her hands on classified information. But Rachel refuses to cooperate with the CIA, even under threat of imprisonment.

6. A perfect murder1998

In the sixth place of a rating there is American Thriller a Perfect murder (1998). The plot revolves around a businessman Steven Taylor, whose life hits a rough patch. His business is on the verge of bankruptcy, his wife Emily is cheating on him with the artist. Steven's enquiring about his wife's lover, who is not a creative person, and a crook with a great experience. A businessman decides to meet with an experienced criminal, to order the murder of his wife.

5. Perfect stranger2007

Detective Thriller Perfect stranger (2007) took the fifth position in the list of the best movies with an unexpected outcome. Journalist Rowena Price is trying to conduct its own investigation into the murder of a close friend. Before it comes to the information that was involved in the murder is a head of a leading advertising Agency, Harrison hill. The journalist comes to her associate, miles Hailey. Together they are plotting a dangerous game. Around his victim, Rowena weaves a cunning web of lies, taking the images of other girls.

4. Obsession2004

American Thriller Obsession (2004) occupies the fourth position in the ranking the best movies with an unexpected ending. Events begin since, when a successful young financier Matthew is going to go on a business trip. Before leaving, he comes to the cafe, where they find his beloved Lisa, who suddenly disappeared 2 years ago. Noticing the young man, Lisa is in a hurry to escape. Excited Matthew forgets everything and rushes to find her. He begins to conduct his own investigation with the help of a few clues that left the mysterious girl.

3. The boy in the striped pyjamas2008

American drama the Boy in the striped pyjamas (2008) reveals the top three paintings with an unexpected denouement. The events of the film take place during the Second World War. Daily camps are doing whole trains of people, which are then burned in the ovens. In this terrible place familiar two about anything unsuspecting boys. One of them is the son of an officer-Nazi, the other a prisoner, trapped in the camp with their parents. Being on different sides of the camp, the boys still managed to become friends. The innocent and naive children have no idea of the consequences of their friendship.

2. Law abiding citizen2009

Crime Thriller law Abiding citizen (2009) took second place in the list of the best movies with an unexpected end. Clyde Shelton is the former employee of intelligence services and an exemplary citizen. Happiness and the monastic life ended in that moment, when the house has been infiltrated by criminals with the purpose of robbery. Thieves kill his wife and daughter Shelton, and he gets a serious injury. The criminals were caught, but they manage to evade punitive measures. The district attorney's bribe, and the bandits are on the outside. Shelton, a victim of the attacks and injustice that is happening in a corrupt world, decides to have his judgment and declares war on the corrupt authorities. With the perpetrator of the murder, Clyde brutally cracked down. After this former law-abiding citizen is behind bars. Starting to happen inexplicable things: Shelton commits crime after crime on the outside, while the walls of the prison.

1. Tell no one2006

The French Thriller tell No one (2006) heads the ranking of the best films with unpredictable outcome. The pattern holds in tension the viewer until the last minute, creating a kind of puzzle that seems impossible to solve. Alexander and Margo, as children, fell in love with each other. As adults, they married and, it seemed that nothing could prevent their happiness. One evening, when a young couple held a joint camping, they are attacked by criminals. Alexander miraculously manage to survive. When he awoke, he discovers his wife. After some time, find the body of a murdered woman. For several years, the man constantly thinks about what happened and cannot come to terms with the loss of his beloved. But it happens that the police find two dead on the spot, where they found Margo. From this moment on, jaded Alexander loses peace because he began to receive letters by e-mail from an unknown person.

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