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The best films with Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn is one of the brightest stars faded American cinema. Actress in my life managed to play in more than 80 films and won two Oscars. Her high-profile career began with tiny roles of the flight attendants in the movie Dutch in seven lessons. At that time nobody imagined what an amazing success is waiting for a new star. To a significant role of Hepburn's beginning with 1951. The first laurels brings her role of Princess Anna in the film Roman holiday. Hence begins the countdown of her filmography.

The list includes the best films with Audrey Hepburn in the title role.

10. Wait until dark1967

Crime Thriller Wait until dark (1967) opens the ten best films with Audrey Hepburn. The actress, who played a blind girl Susie, was nominated for best actress, but Oscar is not received. The house of the main heroine gets a rag doll, which is a large consignment of drugs. To get the product going underground bandits led by the psychopathic Roat. Defenseless Susan has a chance for salvation only under the cover of night. It remains only to wait for nightfall.

9. They all laughed1981

Comedy they All laughed (1981) is one of the last pictures in which he starred many favorite American actress. The detective Agency treated two men who suspect their wives of infidelity. It is taken for detectives John and Charles. Fate plays a cruel joke with the agents and they fall in love with their victims.

8. My fair lady1964

Oscar-winning musical My fair lady (1964) is included in the list of the best movies where Audrey Hepburn played the main role. The main character of the film Professor Henry Higgins makes a wager with a friend that will turn local illiterate simpleton Eliza's ideal woman by teaching her the correct and refined manners. Six months later, at the persuasion of friends Eliza needs to learn this. The Professor has no idea what ironic argument in store for him finding love. But before he will have to show incredible patience and perseverance to win the argument.

7. War and peace1956

Military epic drama War and peace (1956), awarded the Golden globe awards is included in the ten best films with a Hollywood actress. Audrey Hepburn played the role of Natasha Rostova and could be the best way to convey the nature of one of the main characters. She appeared before the audience of the naive and fragile, innocent young woman. The film earned Hepburn the highest fees for her entire career. This role has been difficult for star because the shooting fell at the time the dramatic events in her life – Audrey suffered a miscarriage. Her husband Mel Ferrer played the role of Andrei Bolkonsky.

6. Sabrina1954

Romantic Comedy Sabrina (1954) did not bring the expected Hollywood star an Oscar. However, the picture was a huge success, and Audrey Hepburn deserve all the great love of his fans. The son of wealthy family, wealthy Larrabee in love with the daughter of their chauffeur Sabrina. The father understands that young people have no future, and sends the girl to the capital of France, so that she was distracted. After a few years returned to the city is completely different, with refined manners, the beautiful Sabrina. Seeing the girl in the new world the younger Larrabee falls in love with her. But he is already engaged and going to marry for money to increase family wealth.

5. The nun's story1959

Drama the nun's Story (1959) is one of the best films With Audrey Hepburn in the title role. Gabrielle van der Mal, the daughter of a doctor who wants to go to the Congo to treat local patients. She was tonsured a nun and chooses his new name is Luke, which marks the patron Saint of surgery. The nun has achieved success in their hard work and deserves everyone's respect. For nine years she spends in Africa, and then returned to his homeland during the Second World war. The nun should be treated as enemies, and countrymen. The character is an internal conflict with itself, as it cannot exercise a virtue for the opposition. She decides to abandon the monastic rank.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany's1961

Romantic Comedy Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), where Audrey Hepburn played the main role, was awarded two Oscars. The young lady Holly is incredibly attractive and charming. It is quite selfish and lives for pleasure. Her only goal is to find in the near future rich husband who could provide her a worry-free future. Every day, she wears new clothes and eats Breakfast every morning from Tiffany Co. It was a little worried about the opinions of others about her. But everything changes in the life of the heroine, when next to it settles the neighbor Floor. Acquaintance with the young man brings a new experience in the life of Holly.

3. The children's hour1961

The children's hour (1961) opens the three best films with Audrey Hepburn in the title role. Two girlfriends of the student of pedagogical faculty. Martha and Karen come to your city after graduation and decide to open my own private school. But soon teachers accused of non-traditional intimate relationships. Their school closes. While in search of justice, women lose everything. Offended Mar not withstand the shame and commits suicide. The picture shows how evil tongues can break human life. It was the first Hollywood film relating to the topic of homosexuality.

2. How to steal a million1966

Comedy How to steal a million (1966) is among the three best films with Audrey Hepburn. In the film the actress played the role of the daughter of a millionaire who illegally sells counterfeit works of art. She and her partner need to steal expensive exhibition copy from the Museum. She agrees to a risky adventure to save his father from exposure.

1. Roman holiday1959

Roman holiday (1959) tops the list of best feature films with Audrey Hepburn in the title role. In the film, the actress plays the role of a young Princess Anne, which makes the visit to Rome. The heroine yearns for freedom, do not interest her official visits to factories, interviews, she is still very young and just wants to run the streets. Anna dares to escape from the Palace. But walk plenty the Princess cannot, as the doctor just before perfect adventurous thing injected her with anesthetic, and a young monkey falls asleep on the bench. At this time back home, the journalist Joe Bradley and sees the sleeping girl. He has no idea that she is a Princess, Anna, to which the journalist needs to make a visit on the job of chief editor. The film brought the actress a great success and she became the winner of the Oscar for best actress.

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