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10 most bizarre psychological disorders


Mental balance is very delicate and difficult arranged matter. Despite the abundance of scientific discoveries in this field, the human physiology still holds a lot of mystery. Therefore, it sometimes happens that certain faults within this mechanism that are very unusual, bewildering not only the average layman, but the eminent psychiatrists. About 10 of the most incredible mental disorders, are not fully understood by science, will be discussed further.

10. Syndrome Of Adele

A similar complex of pathological characteristics can be described as an obsessive state in which the person is covered by a strong amorous desire, with painful symptoms. Psychiatrists not so long ago agreed that the Adele syndrome is a serious mental disorder that is really threatening the health and life of the patient.

Pathological symptoms similar to depression, and sometimes significantly more dangerous than the last: the obsession with the object of his passion leads to the fact that mentally ill people are satisfied with spying on her lover, begins to entertain unrealistic dreams, shows an unhealthy self-sacrifice, not listening to the exhortations of family and loses all interest in other aspects of life. Sometimes this obsession can push the patient to aggressive actions in relation to her lover/Oh.

9. Capgras Syndrome

In this case, the patient is convinced that someone from his family or he himself was replaced by a double. The patient is convinced that not-so-good things that blamed others, he didn't commit, and someone who copies his appearance and purposely trying to discredit his good name. A similar syndrome is often accompanied by the clinical picture of schizophrenia.

8. The syndrome of Alice in Wonderland

This syndrome is characterized by violation of the correct perception of surrounding objects, that is, people may think that they are much smaller or larger than it really is. In addition, for similar disorders characterized by a disturbance of spatial perception, that is, the patient can not accurately determine how far away certain objects.

The most severe occurrence of this disease is the condition in which the patient evaluates his distorted body.

7. Erotomania

People suffering from this disorder believe that they are the object of desire of any person. Usually it is someone who occupies a much higher position in society, for example, actor, athlete or star of show business. The erotomaniac is convinced that his fan shows his love using the secret signals or encrypted messages in the press.

In this case, to convince the patient that the alleged admirer does not feel warm feelings for him almost impossible. And even if the object of passion will tell you what does not feel love for him, suffering from erotomania people think that their loved one just so it adheres to the rules of conspiracy.

6. Paraphrenic syndrome

This pathological condition can be described as a synthesis of fantastic delusions and delusions of grandeur. This clinical picture is accompanied by hallucinations, resulting in false memories. Patients with paraphrenic syndrome seriously think that they have unprecedented power and might, and or are the creators of the great scientific discoveries or famous works of art. Such patients become very arrogant look that really distinguishes them among patients with other diseases.

5. Syndrome Quasimodo

In clinical psychiatry syndrome Quasimodo is also called dysmorphia. This mental disorder can carry a greater threat for the patient. People with the syndrome Quasimodo torturing himself Intrusive thoughts about any physical flaw. At the same time, the aesthetic damage from this defect may be greatly exaggerated or might even be a figment of the imagination. However, to convince any obvious cause for concern, the patient is almost impossible. Because of this, people suffering from this mental disorder have problems with interpersonal skills.

4. OCD

This disorder more commonly known as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Patients with this disorder arise Intrusive disturbing (at times passing in a panic) thoughts, from which it is almost impossible to get rid of. Also this disease is characterized by a certain ritual, a man from day to day performs a procedure, completing it can feel comfy. In most cases, the patient clearly realizes the depth of his mental disorders, but it has nothing to do with it.

3. Cryptomnesia

Cryptomnesia is one of the types of violations of remembering, in which a sick person can't remember a time when a certain event occurred. Besides, he can't be sure it wasn't a dream. Simply put, the patient loses memories about the source of particular information.

2. Syndrome Fregoli

Suffering from this syndrome, the person is sure that under the mask every day he encounters people actually hiding someone you know who keeps changing his appearance to prosecute.

1. Split personality

Split personality is a rare disease that in one body there could be several parallel different personalities, sometimes unaware of the existence of each other. They can be different gender, age and have different level of intelligence and even to suffer from different diseases. The reasons that encourage the development of such disorders, experts call severe trauma occurred in childhood: a person perceives the incident as if from the outside, so his mind is protected from excessive overloads.

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