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10 most scary places in the world


There are a huge number of beautiful places that would like to visit every person, but along with them there are very creepy and scary places that are also popular with tourists. Presenting your attention the 10 most scary places in the world.

10. Chernobyl, Ukraine

Chernobyl in Ukraine gives top ten most dangerous places on the planet. Today, visitors can travel to the abandoned city Pripyat and to see the exclusion zone. Thousands of people have fled their homes after the disaster at the Chernobyl reactor. Toys thrown in kindergartens, and Newspapers left on the dining table, appear look. The territory of the disaster is now officially allowed for visits — the radiation level is no longer a danger. Bus tours start in London, then a visit to the nuclear reactor, see the sarcophagus and head to the abandoned city Pripyat.

9. The Abbey Of Thelema, Silicon

Aleister Crowley is probably the most famous occultist in the world. This is a terrible place, full of dark pagan frescoes was intended to become the world capital of satanic orgies. Crowley appeared on the cover of the album the Beatles the lonely hearts Club of Sergeant Paper. He founded the Abbey of Thelema, which became a community of free love. The Director Kenneth anger, a follower of Crowley, made a film about the Abbey, but later, the film mysteriously disappeared. Now the Abbey is almost completely destroyed.

8. Impasse Mary King, Edinburgh

In the medieval part of the Old town in Edinburgh there are several streets with the disgusting and dark past. It's a horrible place where he was to die victim of the plague in the seventeenth century, became known through poltergeist. Tourists who visit this supernatural place, claim that something invisible touches their hands and feet. Locals say that it is the soul girls Annie that her parents left there in 1645, the year. One hundred years later, in the dead end was built a large building. For tourists, the impasse was opened in 2003.

7. The Winchester mystery house in San Jose, CA

Around this colossal structure, there are many myths and prejudices. One day a fortune-teller predicted the Armory heiress Sarah Winchester that the ghosts will haunt her life, so she needed to leave Connecticut and go to the West and there to start building a huge house that must continue all her life. Construction began in 1884 and did not end until Sarah died in 1938 year. Now the house is inhabited by ghosts of her madness: the stairs, pressed against the ceiling, the door at the height of the middle of the wall, chandeliers and hooks. And even those who do not believe in ghosts, claim to have seen or heard something inexplicable in this house. This house takes the seventh place in our ranking of the top 10 most scary places on the planet.

6. The Catacombs Of Paris

The Paris catacombs were awarded sixth place in our list of worst places on earth. All the walls of the long corridor of the catacombs are laid out as tiles bones and skulls. Very dry air protects them from even the hint of decay. Getting into these catacombs under Paris, you begin to understand why Anne rice and Victor Hugo wrote his famous novels about these dungeons. Stretch for about 187 kilometers along the entire city, and only a small part of them available to the public. The claim was made that the legendary underground police keeps order in the catacombs, although the legions of vampires and zombies would suit this place more.

5. Manchak Swamp, Louisiana

It's a scary place known as the swamp Ghost. It is located near New Orleans. Legend has it that it was cursed Voodoo Queen when she was serving his sentence in 1920-ies. Three small villages nearby was razed to the ground in 1915.

4. Easter Island, Chile

Perhaps this place is one of the most mysterious places in the world. This island has become world famous thanks to the giant stone statues, staring at the sky, as if beseeching him for mercy. And only the stone of these statues know who were their creators. No one on the island are not familiar with the art of sculpture. No one can imagine how it was possible to make statues twenty meters tall and weighing ninety tons. In addition, statues have been delivered twenty kilometers from the quarry where the ancient sculptors worked.

3. Bazaar black magic in Sonora, Mexico

Opens three of the most creepy places in the world Bazaar black magic in Sonora. Many witches sit in tiny booths and offer to rid you from poverty and adultery for ten dollars. Every day the market receives a variety of Mexican and foreign tourists, wishing to learn something about your future. There you can buy mysterious potions, snake blood and dried hummingbirds for taming the luck.

2. Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

The main part of the Japanese naval fleet now lies at the bottom of this lagoon, in the South-East of the Hawaiian Islands. The bottom of this lagoon, studied by Jacques-Yves Cousteau in 1971 and studded with fragments of warships, scuttled in 1944. It's a scary place attracts many divers, although many fear the ships, who remained at their battle stations. Fighter jets and aircraft carriers have become coral reefs and many divers down to explore the reefs, never returned from their underwater travel.

1. Museum of the history of medicine mutter

Museum of the history of medicine mutter ranked first in our ranking of the worst places on the planet. This Museum was founded for the training of future doctors human anatomy and anomalies of the human body. It presents various pathologies, ancient medical tools and biological oddities. First and foremost, the Museum is known for the vast collection of skulls. It has unique exhibits such as the dead woman's body turned into a grave in the soap. You can also see the Siamese twins, sharing a liver for two, a skeleton-headed boy, and other terrible things.

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