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10 most stressful professions


When choosing a profession of great importance people pay the level of wages, career opportunities, prestige. But few think about the fact that a particular work is associated with difficult tasks. And every day people who have made this choice, you find yourself in a stressful situation. Of course, there are those who like to overcome difficulties. They just found themselves in the profession they love, and no load they are not afraid. They command respect from others, and daily stress has become commonplace. But some people, by contrast, can't always be in tension. Them when choosing a specialty should pay special attention and find out what professions are the most stressful.

10. Miner

This profession is very heavy. No wonder they say that she only pick real men. They work very hard physically. To extract minerals from under the ground – not the easiest task. Causes great damage to health. Occupational disease of miners, disease of the lungs and upper respiratory tract. Despite the fact that this job is physically demanding, it is not the its main disadvantage. Shakhtar work very hard, and from a moral point of view. People don't know if they would return home in the evening. Often happen in the mines collapses, dies a lot of people. Very hard when colleagues and friends do not return from the slaughter. But the next day the miner again, you need to go to work, regardless of any difficulties.

9. Airport Manager

Air traffic controller manages the movement of aircraft. Yes, he is on the Ground, and his life threatens nothing, but stressful situations is more than enough. A big responsibility, constant voltage. Air traffic controller is responsible for people's lives, it depends on whether they will stay alive and reach it to your destination. Simultaneously, the airport Manager can manage 20 aircraft. Therefore the most important quality, which is evaluated when the job is stress. They get pretty high salary and retire early. But working in a constant state of tension.

8. Doctors

Doctors are responsible for the health of their patients. They must correctly identify the disorder, to prescribe the necessary medication. Separately it is necessary to say about the doctors who have to operate, often in difficult conditions of modern hospitals. And now let say that many hospitals are well equipped, but in most small towns and villages there is not even the basic necessities. The doctors never know how to end one or the other operation, sometimes there are deaths. In addition, many patients are not adequate. Adds stress and low wages. If a person has no calling, he is unlikely to linger long in this profession. Many people who have finished medical institutions are unable to cope with daily stress and go to work in other areas.

7. Manager at "fast"

The dispatcher on the emergency needs answer calls and coordinate the work of ambulance crews. At first glance, it seems that nothing is easy here. But actually he has to pass through the problems of many people. Most of them are in terrible condition, nothing really can not explain. Therefore, the Manager must be able to psychologically influence people. Manager is responsible for the lives of many, and on his actions depends, whether will manage to help the person. When you receive many calls you need to determine who needs help first and who can wait. The salary of a Manager in an ambulance is also not a plus in this profession, but rather a minus.

6. Public transport driver

A public transport driver, of course, does not risk his life so clearly, like a miner. But in his profession stressful situations, perhaps, not less. It is a day behind the wheel of the vehicle and situation on the road happen different. In this case you have to answer for the lives of many people. That's just these people don't experience a to drivers big thanks. Many, on the contrary, rude, shout, complain. Some passengers hard to explain that to stop the bus where they need not. On the road very often there are conflicts, accidents. Therefore, as a rule, drivers of public transport do not work more than 5-10 years.

5. COP

COP every day risks his life to apprehend criminals, communicating with different people. Particularly impressionable is not the place to police. Not everyone will be able to deal with dead bodies and armed criminals. Domestic showdown, drunk scandals, you have to work with people of different contingent. No wonder when applying for a job need to undergo many psychological tests. According to statistics, a family of cops break up more often than others. No wonder, because they have irregular schedule. The level of stress on such work rolls. Therefore, many police officers do not stay in the bodies, and find yourself a more peaceful place.

4. Teacher

Few people know that the teacher's job is everyday stress. Previously, teachers were respected, considered always right. Now, many parents run to understand because of the two your child, scandals, questioned the competence of the teacher. To find an approach to children and their parents is very difficult, but this is not the main difficulty of the profession. Teachers are calling can handle it fine. But constant testing, training, endless paperwork adds to the stress. Teacher's salary is also small. The only plus – long vacation.

3. Social worker

Social workers help people. The majority of them are lonely elderly people, disabled people, people suffering from addictions. Do not know how to meet him on the threshold of a home. Sometimes social workers are threatened and even used against them physical force. Besides, it is very hard mentally to see every day, lonely people who they can help. However, this does not the help they need. Yes, they can clean up and go to the store, but could get down to a patient they are not. It is very difficult, every day to work in such an atmosphere. The salary of social workers is negligible. There are people who can give their help without asking anything in return.

2. Fire

The family of the fire, watching it at work, does not know whether he will return back. This profession is very hard and dangerous. Firefighters not only extinguish fires, they help to get people out of burning buildings. How many of them died during execution of their professional duties. Every day, they see grief, death, distraught people. Choosing a profession, you need to be prepared for the discipline and also to the fact that career growth is not expected. Only a few can become a squad leader, the rest will have to retirement to put out fires and rescue people. The salary of a small fire. The only benefit of having free time. Schedule their make up so that firefighters managed to relax.

1. Civil aviation pilot

The civil aviation pilots undergo regular medical examinations and psychological tests. This is done on purpose in order to identify health problems. After all, every pilot is responsible for the lives of passengers. It is a huge responsibility. Weather conditions, terrorist attacks, the news of the crashed aircraft. Not every man can withstand such stress. The pilots never know what to expect. Plus this profession one it pays well.

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