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10 of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac who hate change


Every mentally healthy person likes to be independent in their judgments and choice. These people are clearly planning your life, don't believe in "programmed" fate, choosing yourself the right way.

Some people are born to sweat these or other Signs of the Zodiac, especially hate change and surprises, which increase the obstacles on the way. We can't call them conservatives or reactionaries, but still, they are guided by well-established phrase "why change what works". To alter such people and impose that unnecessary, unprofitable and uninteresting does not work.

Consider the TOP 10 signs of the Horoscope that is most like "the beaten" track with no surprises.

10. Aries

Aries are well-known for his stubbornness and tenacity. Who-who, and they just got used to a strict schedule and life plans, set goals which most certainly aspire. Various squabbles and pitfalls on the way and people with their "remarks" they hated and can cause the most severe reactions. Representatives of the sign will protect your rights in any way and will not succumb to any manipulation, including from life itself.

The creed of the Arians "or my way, or no way", so any life circumstances that force us to change plans and positions, will be either ignored, or proekspluatirovat them.

9. Leo

Proud lion also belongs to the fire element, so well, can not afford to control external factors. Change he really hates, like a Lion should always be a stable reason to cause admiration and pride in others, and new information can always affect this opportunity.

Despite the apparent generosity, optimism and friendliness, lion is always aware of who stands before him. If the person is the source of something new and change, it is automatically transferred to the category of enemies. As it is, the great and wise Lion who will dare to change or to turn up with unsolicited advice! If the representative of the sign had a goal, no one and nothing will make him cheat on her.

8. Capricorn

No wonder the sign of the constellation is crowned with horns – any enemy they make not afraid. And the enemy for Capricorn one, who can somehow intervene in his fate. Welcome the representatives of the sign will only say to those people or events that have a positive impact on lifestyle and motivation. But the cruel "lessons" Capricorn to perceive categorically does not want, deny all the "bumps" and "rake", so often, again they comes.

Surrounding call Capricorn is a little weird and his mind, probably because the latter less dependent on the opinion of the public and try to do what is beneficial to them.

7. Libra

Calm, wise, balanced and fair sign can't love any change. People of this sign will think 100 times before you act precisely because they do not like unexpected turns and incidents. They are trying to rationalize and weigh in order not to make mistakes in the future. Any changes and external interference again knock the sign out of the usual balance that causes irritation and even depression.

Intelligent Scales often have the gift to predict the course of certain events, so in fact they are difficult to surprise. Representatives of the sign with amazing regularity dodging life's squabbles and provocative situations, and rarely adapt to someone else's expectations.

6. Aquarius

An Aquarius is unlikely to get forced to change their way of life. This sign is used to manipulate, but to be himself the object of control is alien to him. Any changes and circumstances he perceives as attempts to subordinate his will "tame", that freedom-loving Aquarius is totally unacceptable.

That representatives of the sign make good revolutionaries they are willing to amend themselves (know their price), but the changes relative to itself, will not be tolerated. They believe that forced "the world to bend to them", and not Vice versa.

5. Virgin

Modest, introverted and shy Virgo may seem outwardly perfect object for manipulation. She bends under any circumstances, but a child is subject to the will of parents, friends, entourage. Yes, a lot of Virgo – always be a man for another man. But this does not mean that outwardly calm and a good sign isn't boiling from the inside. He sensitively understands where and how of it is managed (whether human or external factors) and hates being torn apart by the warring parties. Yes, and the fate of the virgin often has been criticized, because she sends uniformly to all people life lessons and changes, in which representatives of the sign stubbornly refused to harden.

4. Taurus

Opinionated, but restrained Taurus loves peace and stability, sequence, structure, clearly drawn plans. They make good tactics, but even more wonderful strategy, because Taurus manages to plan your life or work that no external factors and changes could not greatly influence it. We can say that the representatives of the sign predict possible events in advance and include them in your plan, so any change for them is not a surprise.

If the object changes in the life of Taurus will serve as another person, then he would get into trouble, it would Wake up the vaunted "stubbornness" sign and a desire to engage in pointless argument with the assertion of his opinions.

3. Scorpio

Most "poisonous" sign is impossible to tame. Anyone brought into his life changes, will immediately be "stung" and a hundred times regret the unnecessary initiative. Scorpio does not allow itself to be manipulated nor relatives, no friends, no loved one or even yourself. Especially he hates it when a sudden "thunderstorms" it punishes and teaches life. Scorpio that will threaten the fist to the sky and complain about the unfairness of fate, instead of briskly to adapt to the changes and begin to live by new rules.

In order to avoid unexpected twists Scorpio is often kept at a safe distance from others.

2. Sagittarius

The title of this Zodiac sign it is said that this man clearly outlines the goal and always keep it. Of course, he just can not like events that force us to deviate from an intended course, to find workarounds, to overcome dead ends. On the other hand, Sagittarius is not one of those who are looking for easy ways to achieve life plans, so always consider that "righteous anger" can catch. And to him the enterprising representatives of the sign are also trying to be prepared. The changes are not surprises.

1. Fish

Fish do not insist on your opinion and are perfectly adapted to the stranger as well as external events. But to say that they are happy to meet the changes and surprises it would be wrong. Rather, they were forced to maneuver and slide, starting from the new circumstances, trying to find new comfortable "hole in the underwater surface". And, by the way, it is successfully given. Fish should learn perseverance, because despite the hatred of change and "kicks" of fate, they are the most correctly and adequately perceive them. In addition, representatives of the sign, after adaptation to the new conditions of life and events, will be happy to share experiences and help others find a new path.

Of course, each character will react differently depending on the degree of change, frequency of occurrences and strength of the life lesson. You should always remember, something that enraged the stubborn Taurus may be marginal for balanced Weights etc.

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