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10 most horrific cases of illegal deprivation of freedom


Justice must prevail, and especially in court. But sometimes everything is done correctly. There are cases where people were appointed imprisonment for the criminal act of which they are innocent.

Our list includes 10 insane cases where justice would punish completely innocent. These people moved a large number of trials and hardship because of erroneous actions of the judicial system.

10. William Dillon

A gifted 21-year-old boy playing baseball, remained a couple of days to test himself in the role of pitcher in the game against the Detroit tigers in 1981, However, the dream was a crushing destroyed, he was arrested on murder charges in Florida.

William Dillon was convicted of what he did. He had proven an alibi, but he had seen on the beach near the dead body. Dillon was exonerated and released from custody after 27 years after the court decision. This was possible because of DNA testing and the efforts of the organization the Innocence Project.

Dillon was not sold and became a musician who played in a band with the same prisoners, who were later rehabilitated.

9. Anthony Porter

In 1982, the shots killed two young boys in the stands, which had a view of the pool in Washington Park. In a criminal act of an accused, convicted, and sentenced to death introduction the injection of Anthony porter.

Two days before execution by lethal injection porter was given a delay in the Supreme court of the state. The investigation revealed low intellectual ability of the convicted to understand what is happening.

The delay helped to continue the work of Anthony, which led to a change in the testimony of the main witness. In addition, the offender confessed to the murder on camera. Anthony was released from prison under a couple of days.

8. James Richardson

In 1967 James Richardson was illegally convicted and imprisoned for poisoning his 7 children, who subsequently died.

He spent in prison for 21 years for an uncommitted crime. It turned out that the authorities and prosecutors who handed down a guilty decision, it's done on purpose to get insurance money.

Over the years, babysitter, worked with the Richardsons, confessed to the crime. James was released from custody, and he came to his hometown of Arcadia, Florida.

7. Gerard Richardson

A small trail of bites resulted in the acquittal of Gerard Richardson and the abolition of the sentence in the murder of 19-year-old girl. Teenager found dead in the gutter Bernards-Township of new Jersey in 1994 And blamed the grisly murder of Gerard, after the Prosecutor evidence in the form of a trace of the bite.

With the help of DNA testing, in October 2013 the organization of the Innocence Project was able to prove in court that the bite marks were made by another man. After almost 20 years in prison Richardson was released.

6. Robert Dewey

In 1994, Robert Dewey was convicted and given a sentence of life imprisonment. He was released after 17 years when it was revealed that he was innocent. At this time there was a DNA examination, with her help, and met Dewey, who was convicted in the murder of 19-year-old girl in Palisade Colorado pieces.

Robert paid compensation for unlawful arrest, but he wasn't able to attend the funeral of his son. In addition, he could not be present at the birth of grandchildren – all of this happened because of incorrect actions of the judicial system.

5. Kirk Bloodsworth

Pick Bedsworth sentenced to death injection, released at the end of the DNA test. He was convicted of rape with the murder of 9-year-old girl in Baltimore Maryland, in 1985 He spent almost 9 years in prison, 2 years he was awaiting execution. But his lawyer failed to discover the evidence, they were tested using the DNA test. The result was the release of a pick and detection of the real culprit.

4. James Bain

James Bain was convicted sentence to life in prison for robbery, theft and rape in 1974

However, when I had a DNA test, it became clear that James was completely innocent and after 8 months he was released. 35 years was too long for the innocent and state the monetary compensation, the size of $ 1.7 million.

3. Larry Davis and Alan Northrop

After serving 18 years of a 20-year sentence on charges of violent sexual actions with a housekeeper, two boys, was released from prison. They were paid several million dollars each after the establishment of innocence, confirmed by DNA testing. Larry Davis and Alan Northrop served his sentence in prison in Washington, because back then there was no DNA testing.

When this test became available, the employees of the Innocence Project at the University of Washington, took up his duties, Northrop and Davis was acquitted in 2010

Staff were paid cash compensation by the amount of 5.2 million dollars each.

2. Daryl Burton

In the city of St. Louis Daryl illegally accused of murder at a gas station in 1984 He was given a life sentence in prison.

Though Burton and sentenced for life, but rehabilitated in 2008, Judge freed Darryl, given the concealment of exculpatory evidence from the jury in the trial.

1. Juan Rivera

The man wasn't a criminal, but the police had on him, the pressure in the process of interrogation, he was forced to admit what did not. He was given 20 years in prison, though he did not deserve.

Juan Rivera was subsequently acquitted in 2012, and was released. A man was cleared of responsibility for the rape and murder of 11-year-old boy in 1992 in Wakegan Illinois.

Rivera was convicted 3 times, the DNA test showed that the girl was raped the other. Later all convictions quashed.

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