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10 most of the great predictors of the world


People always wanted to know what awaits them in the future. Even now, many still blindly believe in predictions. Perhaps that is why always a huge popular psychics, witch, grandmother. Most predict only the events of his personal life and only for a fee. None of them can say what future awaits the country, the more the whole world. But still we cannot deny the existence of people with rare abilities. They are predicting a high-profile event and the future of many States. At least, before these people were. Everyone has heard of Vanga, Nostradamus and other predictors. Them before also considered charlatans, no one believed them. Only much later, when their prophecies came true, people would remember them. We present to your attention the top 10 most of the great predictors of the world.

10. Sheikh Sharif

Sheikh Sharif was born in an ordinary African family. The press wrote that the first cry of a baby sounded like the worship of Allah. His mother is impressed, she lost consciousness and then died. The boy was a true Prodigy, he possessed remarkable abilities. Spoke many languages, including European, knew the Koran. At the age of 5 he became an orphan, his father died. The boy took care of uncle. They traveled the world. The boy preached Islam and helped people in difficult situations, predicted the future. Spoke with him many famous people he visited in America. But Sharif returned back to Africa. When he spoke before a huge crowd in Dakar, people began to push, was affected. Sheikh could touch your hands to heal the wounded. Soon, the boy disappeared. His uncle was not able to clarify the situation. People said that the boy flew to heaven.

9. Wang

No man in the world who has not heard about Vanga. She was born in 1911 in Macedonia. 12 years old girl became blind. It was the aftermath of a hurricane in which she hit. Many years later began to spread rumors about the abilities of girls. Wang was seriously ill, but was able to overcome the disease. People began to come to her with their troubles and problems. She was able to make a diagnosis, advise who to seek treatment, predicted fate. Said Wang during their sessions talking with the dead, they help her to correctly guess the event. She predicted many things: the beginning of the Second World war, the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, not all believe the prophet, many say that it was a successful commercial project. Wang left the predictions to the year 3797. Those who doubt her abilities, can check, it will come true if her prophecies.

8. Grigory Rasputin

Historians still argue about it. Some accuse him of quackery, while others believe that he had exceptional abilities. Rasputin born into a peasant family, lived all. Married, he had children. But soon it began to be accused of "heresy". Rasputin treated people. Representatives of the Church were unhappy with this, they showed Gregory accusations of false doctrine. It was called the doctor is an impostor. After some time, Rasputin went to the capital. By chance, he had to treat the king's son, the disease of which nobody could win. Rasputin was able to do it. Since then, he became the physician of the Royal family, became friendly with the king. He became his closest adviser, after all, Gregory could predict the future. He predicted the death of the Romanov family, education and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia's victory in World war II, terrorism in the twenty-first century.

7. Nostradamus

The seer was born in a small town in the South of France. In his family paid much attention to education, the boy was taught by parents and grandparents. Later he entered the medical University. Nostradamus began to heal people at a time dominated by the plague. Someone managed to save someone there. In 1555, the physician wrote his first book "Prophecy". But his predictions were obscure, didn't have the exact dates and events. Usually people would understand what was going on, only when the prophecy came true. He foretold the death of kings, the changing of the Romanov dynasty, and other events.

6. Baked

The first predictor, which was the book of prophecies. Nothing is known about him. But historians say that he lived in Ancient Greece, and the ability to predict Baked explained with a visit to the beautiful nymphs. They came to him and talked about the future. One of the fulfilled predictions it was the Greek-Persian war, particularly the campaign of the Persians in Hellas. The name of Baked soon became a household name, so started calling all of the prophets and soothsayers.

5. Monk Abel

He was born in Tula province in 1757, into a peasant family. The young man wanted to leave the monastery, but parents forbade him. They married Basil, but still, he fulfilled his dream. At the age of 28 years male accepted tonsure in the Valaam monastery. Soon he began to have visions. He predicted that reigning in the time of Catherine II will soon die. In these prophecies he wanted to be executed, but the Queen pardoned him. The prophecy came true. The monk predicted the death of Paul III, the war with Napoleon, Civil war, World war.

4. Wolf Messing

Born in Warsaw province in 1899. Worked in the circus, was a good illusionist. Soon began to "read minds". Entertainer could tell you what he thinks a particular audience. He knew Stalin, only one belonged to a fortune teller seriously. Wolff predicted the crash of the plane that was to fly the chief's son. Stalin asked my son to come by train, the plane crashed and the son of Stalin was still alive. Messing did not consider himself a magician, he tried to explain from the point of view of science. Many of his predictions have come true. He pinpointed the date of Stalin's death and the date of his death.

3. Cassandra

Prophetess in Greek mythology. Apollo fell in love with a beautiful girl, but she didn't return his feelings. Then he gave her the gift of foresight and made it so nobody believed her words. Information about it quite contradictory. It is known that she predicted the Trojan war, the fall of Troy. She called the cause of the war, even tried to prevent her but to no avail, they didn't believe a single word girl. Were these prophecies or is it just fiction? Now no one will answer this question. Information about Cassandra a lot, but they are completely different and implausible.

2. Vasily Nemchin

The prophet lived in the XIV century, but the first time it heard from Pavel Globa. He found the book of predictions, all in the first archive. Reliable information on the Nemchin is missing, nobody saw this book, she disappeared. Some sources said that Basil was engaged in astrology and was a court of Basil III. In others, that he was Vasily III. According to Paul's predictions, was in poetic form. The book was very voluminous. Basil had predicted all the events that are predicted by other prophets. It is a victory in the Second World war, the Foundation of the Soviet Union, its collapse, the flight of Gagarin into space.

1. Edgar Cayce

The "sleeping prophet" of the so-called American prophet because of a prediction he made in trance. Edgar was born in Kentucky. At 9 years old boy was heavily disciplined by his father because of problems in school. When he first heard voices. After a few years with him has been an accident. The young man lost his voice. Then with the help of a hypnotist, he was able to recover. In the trance state, Edgar said that happened to him, and how to overcome this disease. After this incident, Casey has been treating people, and also began to predict the future. Not all his prophecies come true. But he was able to predict the creation of the laser, the military conflicts in several countries. Russia, he predicted a happy future. One can only hope that the predictions of Edgar will come true.

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