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The 10 most lucky horoscope signs of the zodiac


We all, of course, want to catch a blue bird of luck by the tail and to live life in her glow. Or dream of winning the jackpot in the lottery. Or catch a "freebie" on the exam. Or to execute the necessary documents without bureaucratic delays. Any little miracle that can make life happier and more enjoyable. But, it turns out, you just need luck to be born under the appropriate sign of the zodiac. We offer to your attention TOP 10 zodiacal of the lucky ones.

10. Gemini

Negative leader in the rating are Twins. They, of course, luck. Well as luck. In a lottery they will win. Most useless. The exam will get a gun. For 100 percent attendance. In everyday life, smoothly and quietly. Only hard work and effort get any achievements. But they easily get out of critical situation, with a good bit of luck. Really kind of force them adjusts the wiles and traps that hard has to overcome – is unknown. Maybe it's not the supernatural elements, and they themselves?

9. Scorpio

The zodiacal sign Scorpio is the sign of intuition. You should pay special attention to dreams, they contain answers to many questions of the representatives of this sign. In their lives you can not talk about luck in the full sense of the word, and the ability to feel dangerous and to avoid them, as well as to predict the most easy ways to solve problems. What is that if not luck? To avoid any additional difficulties and manage to provide a cushion at the right time – a feature people under the sign of Scorpio. However, the stars do not recommend this zodiac sign to use intuition in roulette or any other gambling. Go around the gambling establishment party.

8. Sagittarius

Luck for archers of some kind. It depends on the strength of the desire to achieve accomplishment. For them an effective visualization of desires. Is wanted – and plans will be on a silver platter. It is difficult to understand how deep and hard you must dive into the world of dreams or how much you need to put in the effort to produce the desired – here, the stars will not give unique recipes. Sure you can say one thing: dream and go for it – luck is on your side! However, do not forget that a rolling stone gathers no moss.

7. Fish

The vulnerability of the Fish, their fragility and emotion seems to be irrelevant to success. Not at all. I want them very much to regret, to heat and... to help. Fully this the luck part feel the Fish in his student years, when easy and just give the most difficult tests and exams, at the time which even the harshest teachers filed a lifeline drowning Fish. And colleagues at work, and severe official from the passport, and even gloomy traffic police officer are all trying to help to solve the urgent problems of the zodiacal sign. What is that if not luck? Fish – manipulators. Maybe it's the quality not quite means good luck, but get pleasure from the fact that the Earth revolve around their persons, even in their own family – a bit of luck in this.

6. Aries

Minions of Fortune can be called Rams. Solutions to complex issues appear as if by magic, and if not, you the course of action will be required. Next will be those people who can really help, or the correct amount of money to appear at precisely the moment when it really becomes necessary. And generally, this sign should carefully follow the prompts destiny, like stars hinting at a major fortune in the lottery. However, still not worth it to become a gambler, it is better to count on luck in sports or intellectual games.

5. Aquarius

Luck is attracted to people bold, extraordinary, who are willing to take risks. After all, who doesn't risk doesn't drink champagne! Full advantage of all it refers to Aquarius. They boldly go only to them one clear purpose, taking a sometimes unexpected, innovative solutions. And fate becomes just wonder who is so brave, she with a big smile and turns to face them and already favors all the way. So, just by their actions Aquarians attract luck and not let her go. They are lucky in gambling and lotteries, but makes the game itself, the excitement, the adrenaline rush. Winning is not an end in itself.

4. Leo

Leo zodiac minion, pet. The stars aligned so that not to admire this sign of the zodiac is simply impossible. And the representatives of this sign knows his worth. Especially fortunate in the works and if Leo is talented, the fate will give the chance to reach their potential. The representatives of this sign are very lucky to have people with whom they go through life. For example, job-search lion you only run word of mouth, as in speed he would choose the place of work to make happy their sun-like personality. There is only one thing, and very significant. By nature, Lions are very lazy, so even the luck that they slept the stars with a vengeance, can't use it to the full.

3. Libra

Libra is charismatic and adorable, easily in a position to afford any person. Unlike Fish, they do not want to help to prevent from trouble, they want to create the most pleasant to have on cute face Weights is passed over a frown or sadness. They are difficult exams, excruciating interviews and squabbles in the workplace. Everyone is trying to please them, not to upset, as well as make life easier. The fate of Libra is quite fortunate because of the surrounding catch them smile or any other sign of encouragement. However, we should not forget that representatives of this sign problem of choice that plagues their existence is therefore, once again standing in front of two bowls of scales, they can just ignore your luck. Agree that having a choice is also luck.

2. Taurus

Taurus lucky quite a bit. Literally a little. Just throughout life, they have been lucky in love. It tried Venus, the patron of the zodiacal sign Taurus. Yes, still they are lucky in money. And that's all. So a little bit. And in the end they are loved and the love is mutual. And this is the Foundation of family life, in which there are no domestic problems. Why? Yes, because they have no problem with money and all the necessary changes, sold, repaired and updated. It is such an idyll. And a lot of luck or a little – to solve to Taurus.

1. Virgin

On top of the rating is Virgo. Not all horoscopes will agree with this statement. Stars has awarded the representatives of this sign of intelligence and dedication, but without this gift of Fortune is unlikely to be Virgo reached heights. Luck goes with the Virgins under the arm, guiding and assisting in your endeavors. Does not deviate from the right path, is surrounded by colleagues and loyal friends. Even if the virgin herself seems deeply unhappy, it is only necessary to turn and look around. Who else can boast such a strong position in society? Who else has this unshakable authority? Who else has a truly encyclopedic knowledge, and is a sought-after expert in your field? Who have such an established way of life and a quiet peaceful family haven? And when in the morning with joy in my heart to go to work and evening, with a sinking heart with happiness hurry home – isn't this great luck and happiness?

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