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10 most popular professions in the Internet


With the advent of the Internet, people's life has changed dramatically. Now you can not go shopping and ordering products on the sites. In order to explore, not necessarily to go somewhere, just go to a Dating site. That is to say, even if you can work from the comfort of home. Recently freelancing has become very popular. On different sites and then publish an advertisement about the earnings in the Internet. Happy mommy in the decree, students, successful men work for an hour a day and earn more than the average office employee. Of course, it's impossible. But do not worry, you can make money online. Really have to work hard. And of course to working remotely is not enough of the Internet, you need to have some knowledge and skills. We present to your attention the 10 most popular professions in the Internet.

10. Mobile app developer

Many popular sites release mobile apps. Mainly it is online shopping, online banking, educational projects. So, they are developers of mobile applications. This profession emerged recently, it is quite new on the labour market, a promising and well-paid. The level of salary depends on the experience of specialist and his skills. For example, in the famous website HeadHunter, the minimum amount which is offered to developers 80 thousand rubles in Moscow. You can get officially and work at home many companies is in order. You can search for employers on the Internet, there is more than enough. But to work as a mobile developer, you need to get an education. Popular educational portal, where you can learn many online professions — GeekBrains.

9. Web designer

The duties of a web designer includes creating the appearance of a site. It needs to develop a unique design to figure out how the user will interact with the website. Web designer – a creative person, but without a good knowledge of the programmer is to do nothing. The man who decided to do web design, can count on a high salary. Again, if he is a good specialist. The approximate salary of a freelancer from 40 to 80 thousand rubles. These figures are rather conditional, it all depends on qualifications and skills. In order to work as a web designer remotely is not necessary to have specialized education. Some study all by yourself. On the Internet there are free courses, videos on YouTube. Of course, if you expect a high salary of this knowledge will not be enough. You can work on the exchanges work remotely.

8. Copywriter

A copywriter writes texts to order. And what is the quality of these texts depends on the level of income. Start working as a copywriter can be anyone: it is enough to register on the stock exchange of copywriting and you take your first order. But, if the person does not possess any outstanding knowledge, he is unlikely to earn a lot. Informational texts usually are inexpensive. Anyone who wants to earn really good money should be able to write selling texts. Texts for advertisements, slogans, proposals, newsletters. Accordingly, it is necessary to understand marketing. To learn all of this by yourself, online a free and paid courses. In addition, on copywriting written many useful books.

7. Web programmer

No web programmer can not work any site. He is engaged in creation and maintenance of sites. Web programmers not only develop software, but also accompany the resource. The website should conform to modern trends as they are constantly changing. The level of salaries varies greatly. But usually such experts get no less than 30 thousand rubles. To work as a web programmer still need specialized education, although the Internet has a lot of free educational courses and webinars. However, it will be hard to learn everything from scratch. The programmer should be aware of the many programs and be able to work with different tools.

6. Administrator of social networks

Now a very common profession administrator social networks. He is promoting the products or services the company attracts people, makes the group fills it. The administrator needs to communicate with people, answer questions of subscribers, to adjust disputes. The average wage ranges from 2 to 20 thousand rubles for the group. Of course, if is a high level specialist working in a large project, the salary will be much higher. Special education is not required. It is important to have an idea about marketing and have a minimum of knowledge about the social network in which it is going to work. To find work through advertisements in network, or to offer your services in social networks.

5. Translator

About this specialty does not need to tell, everyone knows what translator. It is necessary to translate texts from one language to another. Not only the English language is popular. On the contrary, if one knows the languages that can be called exotic, for it is a distinct advantage. Indeed, among the translators with knowledge of English high level of competition. Better if the freelancer knows several languages, then he won't be problems with employment. The remuneration of interpreters are very different. Some work for the company permanently, they are paid a monthly amount. Those who are not so lucky, looking for work on exchanges and websites freelance. Where payment is usually indicated for the completed work.

4. Videomanager

Movies for many are much preferable than the texts. That's why this widespread profession of the videomanager. The colorful commercials, video presentations, wedding and home videos – all this is the work of video editors. To obtain basic knowledge about the work of the training materials in the network. But to become successful in this business, it is very important to have special education. Beginners can count on the amount of thousands of rubles for the video. Professionals get a lot more depending on skill level.

3. Manager of Internet projects

To implement a new project on the Internet, one does not need a specialist, not even two. On a normal work employees need someone to manage. This is a Manager of Internet projects. His responsibilities include monitoring the work of specialists, compliance with the terms of the plan of work. Usually he gathers a team to work on another project. This work very heavy and responsible. He needs to understand the intricacies of all professionals to be able to negotiate, to be "universal". The list of responsibilities of the Manager the Internet-projects is impressive. In Russia there is no opportunity to get an education in this specialty. Higher education in the field of information technology would be sufficient. Wages have more than decent.

2. Architect

The architect deals with the design of buildings. In accordance with the requirement of the customer they set up a project, develop documentation. All this can be done remotely. This profession is very in demand, the Internet offers a lot. Naturally, without professional education to work as an architect is impossible. Wages are good professionals usually do not less than $ 500. You can register on the exchange and begin to search for customers.

1. Specialist in contextual advertising

He plans, runs and optimises the campaign contextual advertising. Everyone noticed that after searching some information on the Internet, on sites coming to light is exactly what I was looking for. If the company is small, the specialist prepares the ads that comes up with the banners. Specialist in contextual advertising attracts new customers to the customer. To work in this specialty enough to finish the training, you can even remotely. Salary – at least 30 thousand rubles per month, depending on experience and level of professionalism.

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