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10 most harmful beverages that we drink regularly


Today there are a large number of different drinks, and each of them affects the body in a certain way. Not many people know that the most popular ones are often very harmful to human health. Below are the most harmful drinks: many people consume them daily, not even knowing how they suffer from the body.

10. Diet and light beverages

These drinks are considered healthy, but they still are different chemical elements, caffeine, artificial sweeteners. If you drink them in too large quantities, can lead to various disorders, headaches, allergic reactions. People who want to lose weight, more suitable drinking products consisting of natural substances: they allow to achieve good results, but it does not have a negative impact on the human body.

9. Juice

Many people absolutely sure that these drinks are harmless, but it's not. Natural substances that create directly the juice in such drinks, about 50%, other components – sugar and regular water. In modern stores sell all natural juices, but they are quite expensive. It is recommended not to use the drinks packages regularly, otherwise in the future you may have a serious pathology (eg, gastritis, diabetes). Regularly you can drink only natural juices. If this is not possible, better give preference to fresh fruits and vegetables.

8. Water from the tap

If you are from time to time to drink untreated water from the tap, in a lifetime in your body will accumulate one nail of iron, and about two buckets of chlorine. Such water to drink in any case impossible. To maximize the safe side, use high-quality filters for water or try a boil. You can also purchase it in stores (diffuse large bottles).

7. Energy

These beverages are very popular: they are used by people of all ages. Energetic give a person energy, and does it very quickly, but it contributes to the appearance in the body of a large amount of adrenaline. When the drink ends, the person begins to feel devastated and wants to have more energy. This can be compared to drug addiction. If you regularly consume energy drinks, nervous and cardiovascular system of the person will be subjected to very large loads. To avoid this, it is better not to abuse energy drinks, and to establish a routine and good sleep.

6. Hot black tea or coffee

Coffee, black tea people use every day: many are very fond of such drinks. Note, however, that they cannot be called completely safe. Black tea, coffee, create in an artificial manner, also in their composition a caffeine. It should not be consumed in too large quantities. Eating about 10 cups of tea or coffee a day, you will exceed the daily intake of caffeine up to 10 times, with the result that it can have a negative impact on your body.

5. Cold milkshakes

Similar cocktails many people buy for their kids, completely unaware that it can lead to very negative consequences. Because of the cold shakes may be obese (of course, if consumed in large quantities). It's all in the ingredients that are used in the creation of such beverages. In milk shakes lots of sugar because they are made of sweet ice cream.

4. Sports drinks

Such beverages contain large amounts of carbohydrates, because they are designed to maintain body energy balance. Most often the person who goes in for sports and regularly consume these drinks, do not quite understand what they meant. Usually they need only professional athletes who expose your body to considerable stress. If you just used the treadmill for half an hour, to make energy not necessarily. Mesogenic calories will turn into excess fat.

3. Milk

At the present time many experts are in hot debate about how good or bad is milk. The infant who has just born, mother's milk is necessary. With its help the little person receives food, which is necessary for growth and development. When people grow up, they usually lose the ability to digest this product. Many are lactose intolerant.

It is also worth noting that the stores usually sold milk that has passed several stages of refinement. Most often, the person gets the drink that is absolutely devoid of useful properties. Because of the milk that is sold in modern stores, even can develop different pathologies: for example, stomach ulcer.

2. Alcoholic cocktails

The cocktails, created on the basis of alcohol, use a young people: many can't imagine without them, parties. These drinks often lead to very bad consequences. Everyone knows that alcohol is very harmful in itself. If it's mixed with other drinks, it can significantly exacerbate the negative effects on the body. This is especially true of alcohol mixed with energy drinks: these drinks in some cases be lethal. It is better not to mix with the usual sodas, juices, otherwise you may experience diseases of the stomach.

1. Sodas

These drinks are very bad effect on almost the entire body. They result in tooth decay, worsen the condition of tooth enamel and even cause of diabetes, because their composition contains a lot of sugar. Experts advise to completely abandon carbonated drinks. They can also cause diseases of the intestinal tract.

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