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10 highest paid musicians in the world


Hoffman said that music helps to Express what words cannot Express. Through radio, the Internet and digital media today can listen to music anywhere and anytime, the kind you want. People need her, she helps you through the tough times and to add colour to any joyous occasion. That's why the work of musicians so popular, and their shows with thousands of spectators. Artists receive huge fees and occupy positions in the ranking of Forbes.

10. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga stormed the charts in 2008 with the album "The Fame". Bright shocking image inspired by the monsters of the stage, for example, David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Madonna, quickly loved by the audience, and songs of the performer. They flowed from every radio, music videos gathered millions of views. Tour "The Monster Ball Tour" is considered one of the most successful and acclaimed in history. To date albums Lady Gaga sold 30 million copies. The singer was nominated for multiple awards, including Grammy awards, MTV Video Music Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards, and was named one of the most influential personalities in the music world.

9. "Fleetwood Mac"

Fleetwood Mac band formed in London by Peter green, the talented guitarist. Considered one of the most commercially successful and cash groups in music history, although the peak of their popularity came in the 60s and 70s years of the 20th century. The song "Albatross" in 1969, won first place in the UK charts and even inspired a group "The Beatles". Following a successful period began with the departure of Blues composition and transition to a stylish pop music with guitar riffs. The album "Rumours" in 1977 became the highest grossing. Just record Fleetwood Mac sold over 100 million copies.

8. Diddy

Diddy (also known as P. Diddy, Puff Diddy) is an American musician, performing rap and also a successful producer. His real name is Sean John Combs. In 2017, with revenues of more than $ 125 million, he topped the rating of Forbes among artists. Diddy not only released the popular hits, but also produces hip-hop artists, also has its restaurant chain and clothing line. Interest is heated and success in the music field, and criminal histories. First of all, they are associated with confrontation and reperskih street gangs, murder charges Diddy and arrests.

7. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake came to fame from the show "Mickey mouse Club", after which in 1996 became part of the boy band 'NSync. He smiled with posters in the rooms of girls around the world. When the band broke up, Justin only managed to build a solo career. It developed in different regions and is now the author and performer of songs, actor, producer, has her own record label and clothing line. His two solo albums, Timberlake has sold 18 million copies, his singles have topped charts in the United States, and the Justin is one of the most paid musicians.

6. Calvin Harris

The author and performer of music, a DJ and producer hailing from Scotland. Success came to him in 2012 with the release of the album "18 Months". He took the leading of the charts in the UK and all of the singles that were written in support of it, was in the first place. He is the producer of albums by other artists, as well as records of joint projects. For example, the song with Rihanna "We Found Love" became a # 1 hit in many charts and brought Harris global fame.

2013 Calvin every year Forbes as one of the most highly paid figures of music. It is also included in the list of the best DJs in the world. For the current year profit Harris is about 50 million dollars.

5. Eagles

The Los Angeles band the Eagles is among the most famous rock bands in history. It was formed in 1971. The musicians have experimented with the sound by adding Blues, folk and country motifs into his compositions. The album "Hotel California" was released in 1976. Thanks to the title track the band became known worldwide. Albums Eagles not once topped the charts for the top 100 and top 200. In the same year was issued the collection of the best songs Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, several publications called the best-selling at the time and remains the most popular in America.

4. Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison swift grew up in the United States, in Pennsylvania. She writes songs herself and performs them. Her first single was released in 2006 was called "Tim McGraw". He instantly took the top of the charts and brought Taylor's immense popularity. Her second album "Fearless" immediately settled on top of the us album charts, and glorified it for the whole world. He has sold over a million copies. Throughout my career, Taylor swift has sold on electronic platforms almost 35 million copies of her albums, making it the most popular digital performer. By 2018, its revenue amounts to 41 million dollars.

3. Garth Brooks

Troyal Garth Brooks is an American performer of country music. He became world-renowned for his experiments with the sound. He added a bit of rock in their songs, which helped them sound new, and the familiar notes of pop has brought his music to the masses. Brooks remains one of the most demanded musicians in the USA, his records have sold 69 million copies and continue to sell. His income according to Forbes made $ 90 million.


ONE DIRECTION boy band from England, who became internationally known in 2012 when they released their first album "Up All Night". The album became very successful and started on the first lines of world charts, including in the United States, what happened with the first album of the British group. World tours are breaking records in ticket sales and revenues with them. In addition to musical activities, the group participates in charity events and has contracts with a number of well-known brands. ONE DIRECTION this is a business that brought in $ 110 million.

1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a versatile girl. She is the author and performer of music, actress, goodwill Ambassador of the UN. Popularity came to her with the release of the album "One of the Boys" in 2008. Since then, the singles Katy Perry invariably take the top lines of the charts. 13 times she was nominated for a Grammy award, was recognized as woman of the year, her album broke records at the time that they occupied the leading positions in the charts. The singer is engaged in charity, has released its own line of fragrances and starred in the autobiographical tape. Forbes estimates her income last year of $ 135 million.

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