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10 highest paid presidents in the world


People love to count other people's money. They are interested in the salary of relatives, colleagues, not to speak about the first persons of the country. Admit it, haven't you ever wondered what gets a President? Of course, the salary of the Russian President is different from the salaries of French officials or the head of state, Zimbabwe. People care about how their wage is calculated, who sets its size. In many States, the President alone has the right to raise his wages next decree. And now to specific figures and specific figures. If you are wondering how much are the heads of state, read our top 10 highest paid presidents in the world.

10. Matteo Renzi125 thousand $ per year

Rating opens Matteo Renzi, President of Italy. His wages amounted to 125 thousand dollars. He started to save the country's finances, namely, trying to reduce administrative costs in the state. Moreover, he undertook to control the salaries of officials. Such drastic measures are called people have a positive reaction, they began to respect Matteo. However, it later emerged that the costs of the President far exceed his income. He allowed himself an expensive vacation, on famous ski resorts in the southern countries. Apparently, Matteo Renzi cheated, he skimped on wages other, but he lived in a big way.

9. Vladimir Putin126 thousand $ per year

Salary of the President of the Russian Federation is 715 thousand rubles per month, which is about 126 thousand dollars annually. Fairly modest numbers, because before the salary of the President exceeded this figure several times. Vladimir Putin himself has lowered it when he came to power. However, the total amount of income nobody knows, because in addition to the salary paid to the President even entertainment expenses. In addition, for the head of state, there are a number of benefits. He provided a house in which there is a swimming pool, stables. Near the Church is built. All of this was designed by Vladimir Vladimirovich himself.

8. Francois Hollande194 thousand $ per year

Francois Hollande was President of France from 15 may 2012 to 14 may 2017. His wage – 194 thousand dollars. But it turned out that Francois is too much money. It was called the most unpopular of all the presidents in the history of France. Apparently the French President did not need the money, so wanted the citizens of the state is also easily treated money. First, he reduced the salary of Ministers by 30%, thus he was trying to save the budget. It was the presidential salary. As Francois Hollande has beaten all records of unpopularity, decided not to nominate his candidacy for a second term. But it is possible that the members of the new French government sometimes remember him saving a bad word, because it has hit their wallets too.

7. Recep Tayyip Erdogan197 thousand $ per year

Recep Tayyip Erdogan – President of Turkey. His wages amounted to 197 thousand dollars a year. He did a lot for Turkey and good and bad. During his reign was an attempted coup, the Clement almost killed. In 2015, he drew attention to the fact that increased his salary by 12.56%, while the rest of the Ministers-only 6%. Citizens were dissatisfied with his position, as in Turkey to 2016 planned budget deficit.

6. Shinzo Abe203 thousand $ per year

Shinzo Abe was the President of Japan. His wages amounted to 203 thousand dollars annually. As soon as he came to power, immediately began to change the economic policy prevailing at the time. He became the Creator of a system called "beeconomic". People were not delighted with new laws, but life in Japan was improving. Increased prices for some goods and services, businesses have become much more active in producing products, respectively, and average wages increased. The economy in Japan became effective on 56%. Shinzo has introduced social benefits for certain categories of citizens.

5. Theresa may215 thousand $ per year

She became the second woman to occupy the post of Prime Minister in its history. It receives 215 thousand dollars a year. This figure is still quite modest compared to the wages of some of her subordinates. The British were surprised when they learned that the salary of Theresa may is much less than the stars of the air force. Political views Teresa shared the ordinary citizens of the UK. Mae agreed to bring the country out of the Eurozone and establish relations with the Russian Federation. In the European Union Teresa was referred to as "corrupt woman." She is very passionate about the country and has repeatedly spoken about the fact that there is no place for a stranger.

4. Jacob Zuma220 thousand $ per year

Jacob Zuma was President of South Africa. He was very much loved by the citizens of this country, even called the "beloved President". Jacob is obsessed with the economy. He created many additional jobs, the country began a massive construction. However, all was not well as it seemed at first glance. The missing funds Jacob often took from the Treasury. Later he was nominated on 16 charges. He was accused of corruption and fraud. In addition, Zuma has been accused of misuse of budget funds. The police was announced in the amount of $ 23 million. This sum was spent on the renovation of the house owned by the President of South Africa. Of course, he denies everything.

3. Angela Merkel224 thousand $ per year

Angela Merkel has held the post of Chancellor in Germany. Her salary was equal to 224 thousands of dollars annually. Its policy has been open, she strongly supported the arriving in Germany of foreigners. As a result, the country has an influx of migrants. This significantly worsened the economic situation in Germany. The population expressed dissatisfaction, and the migrants behave immorally. Then angel realized that he had chosen the wrong policy. The Church also condemned the Chancellor. They talked about the fact that Merkel is using the Church in order to attract the attention of citizens in order to vote they have made a choice in its favor.

2. Justin Trudeau260 thousand $ per year

The Prime Minister of Canada. His wage was 260 thousand dollars a year, we can say that he has fulfilled it completely. The people were very happy with this ruler, because he did a lot for them. People began to live better, there are many jobs, including for migrants. Moreover, the Prime Minister was not a selfish man and did not try to use their position to the maximum. In the first year of his Premiership, he even returned to the budget amount that was spent on him and his family. This amount included expenses that were not supposed to the Prime Minister by law.

1. Barack Obama400 thousand $ per year

Barack Obama – President of the United States. He was 44 President, it is very loved by the people, for the country although he didn't do anything special. He was even awarded the Nobel prize for what was actively engaged in strengthening external relations. Opinion of him as a President was quite controversial, he was not involved in the internal problems of the country. Incidentally, Barack Obama has received a very good salary to 400 thousand dollars a year. Many said that for the money he could make more of an effort. It is noteworthy that the next President Donald trump has decided that he will not get a high salary and it would be enough for 1 dollar.

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