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10 most mysterious celebrity deaths


To avoid death, no one has yet succeeded. No matter ordinary people or famous around the world. Although the stars have the opportunity to extend his life as long as possible. They available the best doctors, expensive drugs. However, celebrities along with ordinary people die in car accidents, become victims of natural disasters, have intractable health problems. Sometimes they take such cases, when the cause of death could not install neither the police nor medical professionals, nor even private detectives. Below is a compilation of the most mysterious deaths of celebrities.

10. Richie Edwards

The rhythm guitarist of a famous rock band. He was the author of many songs that had political and intellectual orientation. The musician has become a cult idol to many, he was a very colourful figure, is widely known for its extraordinary views. 1 February 1995, Edwards disappeared. This happened before the upcoming departure of the team in the United States. There was to be held promotur. About the disappearance of a musician saying different things. Richie had problems with drugs and alcohol, was prone to depression. Was version about suicide. Also there were witnesses who saw Edwards alive. He attributed different location: Goa, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. None of the versions has not been proven by investigators, and in 2008, the musician was officially pronounced dead.

9. Robin Williams

August 11, 2014 the famous actor was found dead. He was hung up on own belt, his wrists had cuts, nearby lay a knife. Robin had a number of health problems: Parkinson's, paranoia. Previously, he was fond of alcohol and drugs, but the examination did not reveal in his blood these substances. But it contained antidepressant drugs prescribed by your doctor. Among the secondary features similar medicines unusual to find a suicidal mood. A few hours before death, the actor took to his friend for safekeeping the watch which he had hidden in a sock. It was a strange thing to do. His relatives claim that he did not want to live inferior lives of critically ill and believe it is a brave thing to do.

8. Natalie Wood

In late November 1981, the actress went missing during a walk on a yacht. She was later found dead, she was dressed in a nightgown, was floating near the boat. Her death was ruled an accident. Talked about the fact that the actress decided stronger to bind the boat that hit the boat and prevented the rest. But she failed, and she fell into the water. However, after 20 years, the investigation resumed. The result found out that Natalie had an argument with her husband, scandals were accompanied by feasts with plenty of alcohol. Wood was flirting with a friend in front of husband. In 2013, the cause of her death was changed from accident drowning. The death of Natalie accused her husband.

7. Bob Marley

Bob Marley died at the age of 36 years. He was the most famous musician in the style of reggae. Bob had a tumor on the toe. The doctors told him to amputate it, but the singer did not agree to amputation for two reasons. He was afraid that they will lose their pliability, can't dance, play sports. The second reason was of a religious nature, he did not want to lose a body part, because the principles of faith it should not be crippled. Bob was undergoing cancer treatment in Germany, he even had a course of chemotherapy. He lived a former life, gave concerts. When he became very ill to feel accepted the decision to return Home. But there he was, Bob had to stay in the hospital of Miami. There he died.

6. Heath Ledger

In 2008, the popular actor was found dead in his apartment. He was only 28 years old. After the autopsy, causes of death Hit not found, was therefore carried out additional expertise. Though without it you can guess about the cause of the death of Ledger. In the room where he died, everywhere was scattered by the packing of medicines. The actor drank a painkiller along with antidepressants, but they are incompatible. He probably didn't know that. Hit often suffered from insomnia and took sleeping pills. The experts found that the actor tried to commit suicide. He just had incompatible medication and miscalculated the dose.

5. Brittany Murphy

In 2009, the actress was found on the floor in the bathroom of her daughter. Arriving rescue workers were unable to save her, the woman died of a heart attack. Around her death goes a lot of legends. Actress long and unsuccessfully fought with pneumonia, they call it the main cause of death. Overdose, anemia – the consequences of this struggle. Later, when he killed the husband of actress, has put forward the version of infection at home the fungus. Brittany's mother first denied those rumors, and then agreed with them. Were carried out Toxicological examination, which revealed heavy metal poisoning.

4. Marilyn Monroe

Death by Hollywood stars for a long time remained a mystery to all. The lifeless body was discovered by a housekeeper. The autopsy established that death was due to overdose of drugs. Marilyn often used sleeping pills. Versions of her death very much. Official is suicide. The investigation considered other possible versions: accident and even murder. Monroe was involved with the Kennedy brothers, she was privy to many of their business and were a threat. On her death said much of the debate continues to this day.

3. Paul Walker

This cute blonde, star of "Forsazh", died in a car accident. This happened in November 2013 in Santa CLARITA. Paul was riding with his friend, who was driving. The car "Porsche" in which they moved was designed for racing and not for everyday life. Besides, a friend of Walker's has greatly exceeded the speed. A car crashed into a pole. The actor had no chance to get out of the car almost immediately caught fire. Paul Walker died from injuries and burns at the scene. The reason for the death of friends called speeding. But two years later the daughter of the actor has filed a lawsuit against the company "Porsche". She claimed that the car has defects. Experts have denied this information.

2. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson died in his rented house. First, the singer lost consciousness, his doctor tried to help, but to no avail. He called emergency services but they were unable to revive Michael. Assumptions from what singer died were many. The autopsy found that he died from an overdose of potent drugs. In his death accused the doctor. He got 4 years in prison for manslaughter. There is a version that the singer was killed over money. Some people assume that Michael is alive and his death was staged. Jackson had a lot of debt, therefore, there was such a version.

1. Princess Diana

In 1997, Princess Diana crashed in the car. For a long time blamed the paparazzi who chased the car and caused the accident. Then there are other assumptions. Some said that the accident is guilty of an unknown car, which at that time was in the tunnel. But the search yielded nothing. There is even a version about the use of laser weapons. Disseminated information about the assassination of Diana the British secret services. According to the latest data it is known that the accident was the fault of the driver who was speeding because he was drunk.

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