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10 secrets to the perfect beach pictures


Any girls in the album there's a picture she did not like her. How sad when the photo came out bad, especially if it's a photo in a bathing suit. If a girl is confident in her attractiveness and beauty, it is not always the pictures are perfect. Sure to emerge in them a flaw. It is quite normal situation, because even professional models have pictures where they didn't work out as we would like.

To beach photos turned out beautiful and quality it is necessary to follow a few simple secrets.

1. Use accessories

Beach accessories includes everything that can be useful on holiday by the sea. This year is considered to be very fashionable to mix pieces of swimwear. If you like to experiment, don't be afraid to wear a top from one bikini and the bottom from another. Various combinations to emphasize not only your style but also personality. Points are considered an integral part of a beach holiday. To emphasize your originality, or take on your holidays bright massive points. Another essential accessory is the bag. Prefer straw instances. This season it straw bags are the most fashionable and attractive.

2. Smile correctly

Beautiful smile only decorates the photo and helps to hide many flaws. Correct and fascinating of smiles, you can easily learn. Remember a few happy moments, try to feel happy emotions. Smile, radiating happiness and joy, itself appears on the face. Smile should be natural and not stretched. Slightly open lips will make it attractive and give a more friendly look to your face. When taking a photo, never say "cheese" to smile was beautiful, that will only emphasize its artificiality and tension. Better practice in front of a mirror and say the word "Panda", you'll immediately notice the difference, your smile will be easy and attractive.

3. High-speed shooting

To take good pictures at high speed shooting — the beach is a great place. Photos where the girls splashing in the water, look very impressive. Consider which movements will be interesting. For example, the game of beach volleyball is great fun, during the game you will look natural and beautiful. A great idea for high-speed photography is the running of water. Water droplets will envelop your legs, making them sexier and more attractive. For high-speed photography the main rule is — natural movements. To achieve them, and the photos did not look staged, enough to forget about photography and enjoy the process.

4. Shooting from the back

Come beach pictures from the back. Look beautiful these photos at sunrise or sunset. The girl standing face-to-sunset in a swimsuit looks just adorable. Below these photos turned out good, you need to remember about your posture. Below the photo was perfect, imagine that you have a neck and the lumbar spine stretched thread, which will not allow your back to slouch. The head should be slightly raised, show yourself, show your beauty. Making a photo from the back, don't forget to turn a little the head towards the photographer. These photos will convey not only the beautiful shape of your body, but also emphasize the cute facial features.

5. Involvement of the hands

Making photos on the beach, don't forget to involve your lovely hands in the shot. Look great pictures if you hold something in his hands. This can be a glass of wine, fruit or seashells. Do not hesitate to be photographed with your hands, this will increase you height and make it more slender. Play with hands, let the pictures become alive. Very nice pictures, when a girl as if accidentally touches his or her luxurious hair. It is possible to lift them slightly with your hand, start them in the hand or just correct at the time of the photography. You can come up with many variants of the game of hands, but it's about natural movement.

6. Posing on her knees

In this position you can make a lot of great photos. Changing the position of the hands, head and angle, it's fairly easy to dozens of high-quality pictures on the beach. The photo on the knees in the water is a great option for a beach photo. These pictures emphasize your strengths. Photos where the girl is sitting on her knees on the sand, look amazing at sunset or surf. Play with the background, write something on the sand, sitting on his knees. Play fruit or hands. Feel like a goddess, and don't forget about the natural charming smile.

7. Right time shooting

It is better not to take photographs in the gloomy weather. In these days turn grey photos that need processing. If you decide to do shooting at dawn, it should start 5 minutes before sunrise. While sunlight appeared above the horizon need to get everything ready for shooting. After sunrise you have left only about 40 minutes. After a time the sun will be bright and the photos will not see the beauty of the dawn. Photography at sunset should start one hour before sunset. The sunset will make your photo warmer. Don't forget before shooting to know the exact time of sunset or sunrise. Daily this time is slightly different. In daylight never stand to face the sun, it will blind you and make the photo blurry.

8. Shooting on a sun lounger

Great option for beach shots will be photos on the sun lounger. If you take a photo on the daybed in a sitting position, don't forget to keep your back straight and your head slightly up. When you pose lying on a sun lounger no need to fall apart, remember you posing for the best photos. Gather, lift up slightly on one arm, covering the stomach or thigh with the other hand. Legs should be slightly bent at the knees. They should be kept together. This posture will hide all figure flaws, if any, and will make photos more attractive and lively. Great idea to shoot on the chaise lounge will be a glass of cocktail in hand. It will give zest to your photos and will show all the charm of your vacation.

9. Posing for lying

When taking pictures, lying down it is best to avoid shoulder portrait, if the photography is done right. From this perspective the in full growth will be unsuccessful. This survey will increase the legs and thighs, the face will become very small. Photos better to make the top point and keep the camera on yourself. The lying position allows you to emphasize the beauty and charm of the female body. Better posture to pick up such to harmoniously fit into the surrounding environment. Very attractive and sexy look beach pictures, lying on her stomach, slightly raising the torso. On the back it is better not to be photographed, as there is a chance it is wrong to choose the shooting angle, and spoil the shot.

10. Maintain posture

Learn how to always keep good posture. This will help not only during shooting, but also in everyday life to look attractive. Camera lens notice even a slight slouch and will give this deficiency to your photo. Feel yourself like a Queen, this will help keep your back straight. The stomach should be retracted, and shoulders back. With her head held high and a straight back are more appealing images. Don't forget about the thread, which was tied from the neck to the waist. Only when a correct and beautiful posture will be able to get good photos. Otherwise, photos only accentuate your flaws.

The key to a good photo is a naturalness and confidence. Nice shots to you!

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