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10 secrets how to dress a budget and look very stylish


Every woman wants to dress stylish and fashionable. But not everyone has the money. At least so say many unfortunate girls who cannot afford to visit expensive salons and boutiques. But it's just a prejudice, not necessarily spending massive amounts of money on branded clothes. But if you look like your clothes are all bought in the nearest market, it is time to reconsider the principles of formation of your wardrobe. Look stylish with minimal costs. You have to master it if you use only 10 secrets.

10. Choose light colors

Clothes in bright colours, always looks amazing. It suits any type of appearance. Everyone knows that white clothes look fat, but it is a prejudice. Such clothing looks great, it is only right to choose her type of figure. The white color looks expensive and stylish. And muted pastel colors not only make the look expensive and stylish but also refresh it. In addition, these things combined with many other colors, and they easily fit into any wardrobe. But there is a very important condition is that the clothes should be impeccable, clean, ironed. This particularly applies to white things. If they faded, and the white color is more like grey, to part with this thing, you with it along the way.

9. Give preference to classical style.

Classic style is, first and foremost elegance. These things never go out of fashion. They are not cheap, but are not purchased at one time. So when they are buying heavily is not worth saving. Quality classic item will last you one season, it looks expensive and stylish. In the wardrobe of any woman must own a little black dress, white shirt, turtleneck, cashmere sweater, pencil skirt, court shoes. A little imagination, and you will have finished several ensembles. You don't have to search through all the wardrobe in search of suitable each other things. Classic style is suitable to all without exception.

8. Strive for minimalism

Minimalism does not mean that your wardrobe has to be a minimum of things. This direction characterizes the lack of spare parts, as well as the visual quality of the wardrobe. It is based on basic things. It is advisable not to combine more than 3 colors. Often clothing items either the same color or monochrome. Main features of minimalist: no prints, simple cut, natural materials, low accessories, a clear and straight silhouette. This style never goes out of fashion. It is suitable for both young girls and adult ladies.

7. Suede things

Things suede did not lose its relevance for many years. This fabric is soft, natural, products keep their shape well. Suede can be not only jackets and bags, but dresses, skirts and even sundresses. The main thing – to choose the simple things simply fit. Very stylish look skirt with suede, they can be of any length. But if you want to look expensive, it is best to choose muted colors. Dresses suede diversify your closet, they look fresh and new, this outfit is still not fed up with it fashionistas. Jackets and pants – it's versatile stuff. A very interesting piece of clothing – suede vest, it will bring flavor to any image.

6. Choose shoes bright colors

Shoes bright colors can the most calm and neutral way to make bright and stylish. Of course, most of this applies to summer shoes and shoes. Bright pumps, bought in the mass market will look no worse branded. But the shoes should be as simple as possible, without unnecessary vivid details, rhinestones and other decorations. If you choose bright shoes, other garments should not "shout". The perfect combination – white shirt, blue jeans and bright shoes or sandals.

5. The jewelry is not worth saving

All women are crazy about jewelry. They can transform any look, make it harmonious and complete. It is often tempting to save money on accessories, the benefit in stores a huge selection for every budget. Don't do this! Cheap jewelry is often made of substandard materials. Not only that it is unlikely to look stylish, so also can cause an allergic reaction. Stick to the principle: less is more. May you have a couple of decent quality jewelry, than a dozen cheap made of harmful materials.

4. Replace buttons

The clothes looked classy and expensive you can use very simple way to replace the buttons. For cheap clothes they are usually plastic, often pretentious. They make the clothes and look ridiculous, though the thing itself looks quite decent. Feel free to buy it! Replacing the buttons, you will get a new thing, besides the second such you will not meet. Buttons choose a quality and effective. Don't let it be plastic, metal, bone or mother of pearl. You can take the buttons from old clothing that is not the case. In this case, you don't even have to spend money.

3. When buying, check the fabric composition on the label

Some customers do not look at the composition. But it is worth paying attention to. Thing synthetic will quickly lose an attractive appearance and will look cheap. But even someone who reads labels can fall for the tricks of sellers. See the composition not on the price tag, and inside on the label. If a thing is worth a penny, especially to check its composition. Unfortunately clothing made of natural materials is unlikely to be cheap, but you will wear it more than one season. Often to learn the real structure of a fabric can be difficult. The buyer trusts the seller, the seller – supplier, supplier – manufacturer. Failure can occur at any stage. Therefore it is better to buy clothes here.

2. Watch your clothes

Not enough to buy a beautiful and stylish things, it is necessary to carefully monitor their appearance. Clothes must be washed, ironed. If it stains, they need to display. If not, the thing better to throw it away without regret. Do not wear it, do not expect that "this is the little spot" on the sleeve no one will notice. In the extreme case, if the thing you value contact dry cleaning. In good company may also be able to help, they will zadekorirovat spot or offer another solution to the problem. Do not spare money on quality cleaning products. So the white stuff will stay white, and black black. There are tools for color brightness. With good care things will last a long time.

1. Choose the bag hard form.

Bag trapeze rigid form always relevant. This thing is elegant, never goes out of fashion because it is classic. It makes the image of a strict and focused, elegant and stylish. A bag for every day, choose neutral colors. Don't worry about what it will look boring. Animate the image to make it sparkle a pretty color. Very unusual look light pink shades, and basically all pastel colors. On the bag should not be cheap jewelry, spikes, rhinestones. Material let it be natural. Don't buy the cheap bag. Buy better one, but expensive!

Now you know all the secrets of stylish and affordable wardrobe. Look wonderful you will now be much easier.

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