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10 secrets to cleaning your house


Cleaning is not a very pleasant experience. Few people like to clean, but to afford to put this important matter on the shoulders of professionals. If you can't pay a maid service, and the order of the house, despite all your efforts you see only in dreams, then you are doing something wrong. In life there are many things that are much more interesting than washing the floor and wiping dust. Not to spend all my free time cleaning, you need to change attitude. Have you ever wondered about whether you clean the house? Most likely, you do on it you never thought of. But clean the house, it is only important to organize the process.

10. Make a cleaning schedule

Most women are very tired during the week, and the maximum that they can do around the house after work – sweep the floor in the kitchen. But at the weekend they can "unburden" wipe the dust, wash floors, clean closets, put things in order in the kitchen and in the bathroom. For chores they do not see as coming to an end the long-awaited day off. Such a situation is not repeated every week, just make a cleaning schedule. Monday you wipe the dust on Tuesday washed kitchen space, Wednesday wash dirty clothes and clean them. Make a plan to harvesting on their own, depending on your load and size of the apartment. It remains the most difficult to stick to the plan. Do not let yourself slack and you don't have to clean all weekend.

9. Have tools ready

Usually all the attachments for cleaning are stored in different places. Very often some of them have to look for, or do you find that over a cleanser or a rag fell into disrepair. Audits are among the tools for tidy, look what you are missing, and armed with a list, go to the store. Buy a beautiful basket, put in all the fixtures for cleaning. Next time you won't waste time looking for them. In addition, you will save time when cleaning, you do not have to run to the bathroom first for a rag and a means for Windows, and then for brush and broom.

8. Clean top to bottom, left to right

It is very important to restore the cleaning top to bottom, left to right. Often, when people are wiping the dust, they do not think about the correctness of their actions. But, if you wipe down the table, standing at the window, and then choose to wipe Windows, dust the table again. The same situation obtained when dusting the lower shelves first, and then the top. To start, clean the top, gradually descending lower and lower. Cleaning from left to right will allow you to save some time, you will not be running around the room from one piece of furniture to another.

7. Use the microfiber cloth for cleaning dust

Not the last place in the cleaning process is a fixture for cleaning, in particular rags for wiping dust. Do not take the money and buy a high quality microfiber cloth. It collects dust, will not leave streaks on smooth surfaces. However, if you don't have that rags do not despair you can always replace it with what is at hand. Use old clothes, just be sure to check the composition. It must be 100% cotton. Rag of synthetic materials not suitable for such purposes, from dust will be even greater.

6. Defeat mineral deposits

Especially suffer from mineral deposits bathroom. Tarnished plumbing, sink in the lime coating, tile in divorce will spoil the appearance of any apartment, even if in other places will be in perfect order. Do not try to scrub the patina with a stiff brush, so you can leave scratches on the smooth surface. Get yourself a special tool, the choice is not limited to any taste and purse. You can also use "grandma's" method. Take the lemon juice or vinegar, apply on a rag or paper towel, wipe the contaminated surface.

5. Regularly speed cleaning

Dedicate yourself 20 minutes a day cleaning up the living room or bedroom. During this time, it is possible to clean. First, you want to quickly collect garbage, read Newspapers and magazines, junk documents, remove unnecessary items left clothes, dishes. Then you should wipe the dust on visible surfaces, to vacuum. You will not believe, but you will have little time even to sweep the floor. If you still doubt, remember how fast you move the order to the arrival of uninvited guests. Do not be tempted to stretch "pleasure", or high-speed cleaning become ordinary and you devote your entire evening.

4. Vacuum series

From childhood, people get used to vacuum the far corner of the room. But it is better to start vacuuming from the entrance to the room, than try to vacuum series. Divide the room into imaginary strips, vacuum first one, then the second. So you can be sure he will not leave the uncleared area. It is usually notice them after I removed the cleaner. Then you have to either try to sweep away the debris with a brush, or again to get a technique to spend not only time but also your nerves. You will feel the irritation, the mood will be spoiled.

3. The bathroom should be removed last

Always clean bathroom last, otherwise all your efforts will be useless. You will come back to pour water to rinse the brush, remove the fixture for cleaning. Just washed the bowl you will pour the dirty water that washed the floor. Bath too dirty when you rinse rags, mops, wash buckets. To clean the mats you dragged the garbage and be forced to repeat the cleaning again. Don't waste your time, get in the bathroom when all the rooms and kitchen clean.

2. Use vinegar for cleaning

Optional for cleaning use expensive tools. They are expensive and contain harmful substances. A great helper in the struggle for purity will become a regular vinegar. This tool can be cleaned limescale from bathroom fixtures. Vinegar will do a great job with the mold. Can be cleaned with a vinegar solution countertop, it will kill germs and odor. You can use for cleaning your refrigerator, especially if there is present mold or smell. The vinegar will replace the most expensive means for washing the floor. Tablespoon to three liters of water and your floors will Shine no worse than after a publicized means. Suitable for ceramic, tile flooring and even parquet.

1. Use a toothbrush for cleaning hard to reach places

Old toothbrushes, discarded mistresses without regret. Meanwhile, they are very well clean the most inaccessible places: mounting on the toilet and in the shower between the sink and the countertop, the seams between the tiles in the bathroom and on the floor. Get yourself a few brushes, this is much easier than scrubbing the dirt with a cloth or poking a toothpick. But don't get too carried away, hard to reach places in the apartment very much, and not all of them can be cleaned with a brush.

Now that you know how to quickly restore order in the house. Listen to these tips and remember that the most important thing in cleaning is regularity. It is much easier to allocate one hour a day than to do the cleaning all weekend. But do not make a cleaning obsession, sometimes allow yourself to relax.

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