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10 shocking methods of education of boys in Sparta


There is a perception that in Spartan society were some of the most severe methods of education. With Spartan all spoke politely and with respect, soldier of Sparta was afraid of. The population of Sparta did not build city walls because the people believed that the soldiers of Sparta to kill all attacks. Even the great king Alexander the great tried to bring his army to Sparta.

The soldiers became so courageous because of my upbringing, the methods which in modern society is simply shocking. We made a rating of the most severe methods of education of boys in Sparta.

10. Have weak children never had a chance at survival

If the child was born weak, from disease, birthing injuries, he was thrown to his death, which occurred constantly. After the baby was born, the fathers took the babies to the elders in the city.

They examined the child on the disease with deformities. When something was discovered, gave the order to abandon the boy in a special pit, in it he was starving. When children survived, they were promised free land, but the chance to survive was minimal. More than half of babies born in Sparta, died.

9. The boys lived in the barracks with seven years

Mother for a long time were not allowed to take care of your baby. When a child is 7 years old, they were ripe to recognize the method of Spartan education. They were selected from families and placed in barracks, where boys lived under the supervision of the guards.

Life in these conditions was difficult. Boys are often encouraged to engage in the struggle and arranged a special provocation for this. The barracks was not a school, then the guards were on hand to whip out when someone was unhappy, then he is immediately knocked out.

8. Theft as a way of survival

In the process of preparing the children were allowed to have the most necessary things. Shoes are considered a luxury item of clothing because the boys were running around barefoot. Clothes they only had the cloak. The food they were given in small portions to young men not died from hunger. The guards encouraged them to steal food.

7. The battle of hungry boys

From Spartan society was unusual leisure. Was annually held a ritual feast, during which the altar of the goddess Artemis to give cheese in small pieces. Starving children then gathered and fought over the food. And, as long as they fought, the elderly to primatene beat them with a whip, sometimes to the death. The gathering of the people all liked. The crowds laughed over how children fought violently among themselves.

6. Spartan food was terrible

What food to eat in Sparta, in modern society, would not have thought would be garbage. The stories of Italian traveler, once dined in the camp of the Spartans: I began to understand why the warriors of Sparta are not afraid to die. He told of one black broth, a dish prepared from the meat of blood, salt and vinegar. The soldiers were taking food from the same pot together, and was considered the main dish with the black broth. The meat pieces were almost gone, the young men fall in one small piece.

Another type of extraction greater amount of meat was hunting. When on the hunt, killed the beast that killed him was supposed to share the loot with everyone. But an additional advantage of the hunter was that he was allowed to take the extra pie to his house.

5. Beating during quizzes

After the end of the meal in the evening podruchnik guards sat near the boys and asked them questions. Such surveys was a trick question, like who is the best fighter in the squad?. The answers the guys had to be expertly balanced. Otherwise, the children were beaten with sticks on his hands. But the situation of available supervisors was also not very good. After the quiz, the podruchnik went to the chiefs that, if the assistants were too strict or very good, and beat them.

4. Education banned

The young Spartan in the first place was a soldier, not someone else. Spartan boys were taught the battles, brutality, and sometimes reading. Other types of education was strictly prohibited.

The student was not in his free time is learning addition and subtraction. The soldier had to obey orders given without delay, because almost all types of education was considered a weakness.

3. Public beating

In Spartan society were held annual fierce festival called Diamastigosis. During this event the children were exposed to a bunch of people and beat until they ceased to be. This ceremony was considered a great honor for a warrior of Sparta. They are allowed to beat themselves to prove that they are stronger than other ordinary people.

This ceremonial occasion was very strange to other Nations, even the Romans were often in a ritual feast for monitoring publicly voluntary torture. By 300 ad, the inhabitants of Sparta managed to create a theater for this ritual and to sell tickets in Diamastigosis for profit with the Roman Empire.


The inhabitants of Sparta were slaves, called helots, and the boys were very scared to deal with them. Among a large number of bullying, was the ritual called Krypteia lies in their brutal killings and the training of boys a real battle. The boy was given a knife and small quantity of food, and then he sent in an ambush along roads or fields where the slaves worked.

Such killings gave the boys a real easy practice battles and remind slaves of their place in Sparta.

1. Spartan tombstones

When the Spartan warrior was dying due to a large number of years, he was not entitled to awards. He was buried in unmarked graves, in fact, because of the shame that he had lived a full life. The only method of obtaining personal gravestones were death in battle. When a warrior died in battle, with his honour buried in the same place where he fell. Girls who did not participate in the battle, received a headstone if they died in childbirth.

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