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10 fairy tale characters that there was in fact


Children often bring your imagination, favorite characters from fairy tales, and in some cases, they even become great friends. This is not only a good imagination of the kids, but the talent of the storyteller. However, some writers create fairy tale characters based on the character and appearance of the real people. In this article we will talk about the 10 prototypes famous fairy tale characters.

10. Snow white

In the EIGHTEENTH century the Baroness Maria Eva von Bettendorf and judge Philip von Artale had a daughter Maria: she was their fifth child. After a few years the girl's mother died giving birth to the tenth baby in the family. The husband of the Baroness quickly recovered and soon found himself a new wife, a rich widow.

Mary was a very beautiful girl, and her stepmother strongly disliked. The woman was already 36 years old, and her beauty inevitably faded, and Maria over the years, just bloomed. Stepmother decided to kill his stepdaughter, and the girl found out about it. She ran away from home and found refuge in the home of miners. When the stepmother died, Mary returned home and lived there until his death. Married, she never visited.

9. Alice in Wonderland

Alice liddel has a couple of sisters. Lewis Carroll was a friend of the Liddell family and loved to play with girls, he often photographed. Carroll would often tell the sisters the tale of the girl who was in the midst of various adventures. The girls were in awe of his stories and constantly wanted more. After a while had accumulated a series of adventures, and the author decided to write these stories. The book was handed to Alice. When she grew up, books had to sell, to be able to pay the bills.

8. Shrek

William Steig, who wrote about the monster Shrek with a terrible appearance and a good heart, have written off the character with a wrestler Maurice, Tie. He was born in the Urals, a French family. After the revolution that occurred in 1917, his parents decided to return back to France. Future wrestler was about 14 years old.

When Maurice was young, his appearance called angelic, but then she abruptly began to change for the worse. At the age of 19, TIA discovered acromegaly: due to this disease his bones were thick and actively growing (especially in the facial Department). Serious illness did not prevent Maurice to achieve great success in the sport, but then he still had to stop to go to the ring. Like Shrek, Tie was very good-natured and pleasant to talk to.

7. Robin Hood

Versions of the origin stories of Robin hood a few, are the most reliable of them. Future rogue was born in the village of Locksley, in the TWELFTH century. He was a free peasant. Robin gathered a small gang when he was young. He was involved in a robbery in Sherwood forest. However, the real Robin hood was not so noble, as deducted from his character: he just took money from people, and not only the rich and the poor, they did not give up.

6. Pinocchio

The man which has written off this character, of course, was not carved out of wood. He wasn't even a child. Pinocchio Sanchez was a war hero, this man differed little in growth. After battles, he became a cripple; he had no legs and nose. However, the doctor Carlo Bertoldi made him a prosthesis, and even an insert for the nose, made of wood. "Wooden man" learned how to perform various tricks and started performing at fairs, but one day he fell from height and died. If not for the tale of Carl Collodi, today, the history of Pinocchio hardly anyone remembered.

5. Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh

Alan Milne was the son of Christopher: one of the main characters of his book the author has written off from it. The boy was quiet, shy and a toy bear Edward was his only friend. The boy's name Alan Milne did not change, but bear a different name: in honor of Winnipeg, the bear from a zoo in London. She was very calm and even allowed the kids to pet and feed condensed milk.

4. Baron Munchausen

This man lived in the XVIII century. He was born in the German town of Bodenwerder. Myunghauzen moved to Russia, I fell in love with a Russian woman. After moving, he began to serve as an officer in the army. When the nobleman did return to Germany, he began to tell his friends about the various adventures that supposedly happened to him in the Russian lands. Fantasy Munchhausen was very stormy, and every time his story was supplemented with new interesting details.

3. Carlson

A prototype of Carlson – not just real people. Astrid Lindgren has written off this character with Hermann Goering, the military, state and political figure of Nazi Germany. Astrid is very sympathetic to the Swedish far-right party and was familiar with Goering personally. He was the pilot ACE, suggests that the propeller behind Carlson. Externally, this character is also very similar to Hermann Goering. Many say that this man, who was very influential in Nazi Germany, was very charismatic and had very good appetite.

2. Duremar

Surely all the people who read the story "the Golden key", remember the seller leeches duremara. The man who became the prototype of this character, Boleman, a doctor from Moscow. Its origin was French. Specialist services that were very popular among the rich people. He has successfully treated patients with leeches. The doctor often wore long, thick hoodie that provides protection from mosquitoes when fishing leeches. Next to this unusual specialist constantly hanging around children who teased Boulemane, mispronouncing his name: "Duremar".

1. Peter Pan

Michael Davis, who inspired James Barrie to create a book about the boy Peter pan who never grew old, was the son of friends of the writer. This kid always made up different stories, he was gregarious, mischievous and inquisitive. As Peter, Michael was afraid of old age. In nightmares the boy had often seen the evil pirates and the scary captain Hook. James Barry was very attached to this gifted and cheerful child.

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