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10 cases of animals saving people


On the Internet you can find many stories about how people saved animals. They create a charitable organization that treated cats and dogs, some just get it from the world. Do not become exception and the wild animals that got into a difficult situation. But not everyone knows that animals have the ability to repay it. They certainly don't get owners from a burning house and not call the emergency services but their help is invaluable. Because some people have a life of your fluffy pet, or beast, which generally have no relationship. Below is a list of cases where animals have saved people from imminent death.

10. It's the Bunny master, lapsed into a coma

This story happened in Cambridge. Simon Steggal suffered from diabetes since childhood. He sat on the couch and watched TV. At some point he became ill, Simon lost consciousness. His wife did not attach any importance to this, the woman thought he was asleep. But the rabbit sensed something was wrong. He climbed on the chest of the host and began to jump. The rabbit weighed about 10 pounds, but the man did not Wake up. Then Vicky realized that her husband was a trouble. She called the doctor, Simon was saved. A rabbit Dori became world-famous thanks to his heroic deed.

9. The elephant prevented the death of girls during the tsunami

In 2004, amber along with her mother were vacationing in Phuket. Travelers offered elephant rides along the coast. The girl was delighted with them. She even had a pet baby elephant Ning Nong. She fed him bananas and rode on it. That day was quite ordinary, only the mother was restless, she tried to get away from the beach. And then suddenly ran into the jungle. It turned out that sea tsunami is coming. The mother moved the girl to a safe place. Thanks to her, amber was still alive. A few days later the girl returned home, and moved to elephant camp in Kanchanaburi. There she grew up, but still very friendly to tourists.

8. A parrot saved a girl from choking

The mistress of birds worked as a nanny for two girls. In the morning she made Breakfast, sat child at the table, and she went to the bathroom. The baby choked and started to suffocate. Noticed the parrot Willie, he screamed "Mama baby". The nanny came out of the bathroom and rushed the girl to help. Using the Heimlich maneuver she had saved the child. Parrot Willie received from the red cross award for saving a human life. Awarded bird in Denver, attended the event, even the mayor and the Governor of the state.

7. Beavers saved the boy from death

This case occurred in Canada. Family from Ontario decided to spend a weekend in nature. Dad, mom and boy Rial Guindon rested by the river. The parents went to catch fish, and the child was left on the shore. Unable to cope with too rapid current, the adults drowned. The child saw everything, he decided to go to the nearest town and call for help. But as soon as it became dark, the boy was frightened, he did not dare to go in the forest at night. He had to spend the night under the open sky. When he lay down on the ground, felt that his side had someone warm and fuzzy. Rial took the animal for a dog, but in the morning he saw that his saviors were the beavers. Three animal warmed him all night and saved him from hypothermia.

6. The cat helped the host to stay alive during a fire

Once Craig Jeeves from Australia took a cat from a shelter. He called her Sally. Did Craig that she will save his life? Two years later, in the house of Jeeves fire occurred. It happened at night, and the man slept soundly. The cat sensing danger, ran to the master's room and started yelling hysterically. The owner woke up, got out of the house. He survived, thanks to its fluffy darling. This is not an isolated case of rescue. The media regularly reported about cats that inform their owners of danger, and thus help them survive.

5. The dog was defending his family from armed bandits

In 2014 at Atlanta dog rescued the hosts from death. They passed the shopping centre by car. Suddenly the shooting started. As it turned out, shot the enraged man. German shepherd Noah jumped out of the car window. The dog tried to pursue the assailant, but fell in the alley. He saved his masters, but he died. Last moments of Noah was sealed with exterior video surveillance system. Noah made a truly heroic act.

4. Cat prevent gas poisoning

This story took place in Newcastle, Indiana. And again the Savior was a cat. Cat owners, Eric and Kathy Kiesling asleep when there was a failure of the pump with a gasoline engine. The gas spread throughout the house. The cat noticed it and ran to Wake the owners. She was screaming, and although Katie had wanted to stay she still had. Cat not only screamed, but pushed her in the ear. Katie still got out of bed, she immediately realized that the house something happened. The woman was very sick, nauseous, and dizzy. She was able to call emergency services. The family was saved. But if not for the furry animal, the consequences would be very tragic.

3. The Dolphin pulled out of the water drowning teenager

In August 2000, the heroic deeds carried out Dolphin Filippo. It happened in Manfredonia, Italy. 14-year-old was swimming with his father on the boat. David sesi does not possess the skills of swimming, fell off the boat and began to sink. To help him come to the same Dolphin, he began to push David to the boat. Then the boy saw the father. He pulled it out. Filippo is familiar to many local residents, he has long lived in the Gulf, they came up with a name for him. Dolphins are considered the most intelligent animals on the planet. They regularly do things to help people. Very often they save people from drowning, or from an angry shark. Filippo was no exception and proved once again how generous are animals.

2. Dog saved from death 92 sailors

Dogs, too, often commit heroic deeds. The dog saved the Tang 92 of human life. It happened in 1919. Tan belonged to the breed of Newfoundland. He lived on the ship, bore the proud title of the ship's dog. Once the ship crashed into the rocks and was unable to sail further. It just ran aground. The ship was 93 people. One sailor tried to get to earth, but it swept into the sea. The rest didn't know what to do. Their lives were in danger. Then someone thought to send for help the dog. The dog was given the rope and sent ashore. Surprisingly, the Tang reached the shore, holding the rope between his teeth. He brought help, 92 people were rescued. Later, Tang received a medal for bravery.

1. The whale saved from death athlete

In China there were competitions in freediving. This is a special kind of diving, plunging under the water athletes hold their breath. 26-year-old participant Yang Yun took part in them. The girl dove into the pool, waited the required time, but then her leg got cramp. The girl already said goodbye to life: the air supply was exhausted, and to rise to the surface of the water, it was not. In the pool, which the competitions, live belugas. One rushed to help the athlete. Beluga whale Mila had dived under Yang, cautiously squeezed the girl's leg in its mouth. She pushed the girl out of the water. The athlete was rescued.

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