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10 tips for those who eat and can't stop


If people only ate when they felt hungry, they would never have to worry about extra pounds. But often the reason for a snack or a full meal becomes a natural need of the body, and the desire to calm the nerves, to fight the boredom. Very often people confuse thirst with hunger, getting excess calories, although could do with a glass of water. So day after day, they consume large amounts of calories, which are then deposited pleats on the sides, on the belly. And that figure is already far from perfect. Only if people used all the time, so he needs a special method of weight loss. On diets to sit it can not, permanent restrictions will lead to a breakdown. However, there are little tricks that will help gradually to start eating healthy food.

10. Eat more fiber

Fiber called vegetable fibers. The human body is unable to digest them, so it seems that the fibre is no good. In fact, it removes toxins and other harmful substances, among which are the fats. In addition, foods rich in fiber are very beneficial to the body. They normalize a chair, lower cholesterol, slow the absorption of sugar. The greatest amount of fiber contained in vegetables, fruits. Her rich sprouts of any kind, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli. The record is corn. Among fruit lots of dietary fiber contain oranges, pears, avocado. If you want something hearty, eat beans, wholegrain bread. Daily rate is calculated simply on 1000 calories – 14 grams of fiber.

9. Add more protein

Use the protein to create new cells. It is called building blocks of the body. But protein has another feature if you use it easier to control appetite. At Breakfast if you choose foods rich in protein, then to lunch won't think about snacking. Proteins can be both vegetable and animal origin. For this reason the world is still tense debate. Nutritionists and the adherents of a healthy lifestyle cannot come to a consensus, what proteins are healthier. And still faster to digest all dairy products and eggs. On the second place – meat birds and some species of fish. The third place is occupied by legumes and cereals. Combine different types of proteins in one meal, then you will be able to control your appetite. But do not overdo it, excess protein is no good will not result.

8. Eat alone (no TV, etc.)

According to statistics, the person eating in good company, eats a lot more than alone. In conversation he does not control the amount of food, and the body sends a signal about the saturation too late. Better to dine alone, unless of course you have the opportunity. Just don't turn on the TV and not take up the phone so you will eat more. To the process of saturation went faster, it's not only the amount of food. Nice presentation, smell, taste – you have to enjoy food and not just throw it in the stomach. Enjoy and a slice of cake, not necessarily eat the whole thing. But if you're not focused on the process, nothing happens, you will want to eat more and more.

7. Understand what is the reason for overeating

Most people eat to cope with boredom or stress. So you should perform your diet and to understand, whether happens at you such situations. If you notice that you eat more when you suffer from boredom, find a hobby. Get out of the house, go for a walk in the Park, shopping. When you get positive emotions, the desire to eat something tasty will weaken. If overeating due to stress, you need to find another source of serenity. Next time try to be distracted, call a friend, turn up the music. If overeating is not related to psychological problems or boredom, hand over analyzes on hormones. Causes of overeating can become health problems, and banal lack of sleep.

6. Don't eat out of the factory packaging

If you buy large packages, then at least you shall not eat of them. Ice cream, chips, cookies, candy, all these foods contain a lot of calories. If I decided to treat myself, first see how many calories contain 100 grams of this delicacy. Look, for what period of time you will be able to burn those calories. Now you can take a small plate and put as much product, how much will your conscience. It will be enough and one candy or 100 grams of ice cream, but if you will have the whole package, you still eat more than I wanted.

5. Do not refuse immediately from all your favorite food

Most people, who decided to embark on the "path of correction" abandon favorite foods. They do not allow themselves the usual sweets, macaroni and cheese, ice cream and yogurt. Only a few days later, a break. This is because people can not live, limiting myself in everything constantly. He wants to please herself. People like good food, there is nothing wrong. Allow yourself a little weakness, but the rest of the time eat right. Then a slice of pizza or half a chocolate bar will not add you extra pounds.

4. Consider your weaknesses

We all have different tastes, so you need to determine what for you is the biggest weakness. Someone crazy about sweets, someone can not live without snacks and some burgers. Pick a worthy alternative to your favorite products. If you have a sweet tooth, eat dried fruit or do the "right" candy. If you love food from "McDonalds" will have to make do with homemade sandwiches from whole wheat bread, chicken and vegetables. Not house hold products, against which you will not be able to resist. If the desire is irresistible, buy one, don't buy the products in store.

3. Replace sugary drinks for water

Sweet, carbonated drinks are very harmful. It is known to all, however they are still in great demand. Replace them with plain water. You will immediately notice that your appetite has diminished. Besides, going to the water, you will greatly reduce the amount of calories consumed in soda, a lot of them. If you do not like plain water, experiment. Add lemon, mint leaves. This water contains no calories, but very tasty.

2. Choose foods with a low glycemic index

Foods with a high glycemic index increase blood sugar levels. Increased risk of overeating. Everyone probably tried to give up sweets. It usually happens like this: people a few days not allowing myself sweets, then breaks down, eats up a big chocolate bar. But he feels no satisfaction, he feels that chocolate want more. Pastries, sweet potatoes have a high glycemic index. No need to completely abandon carbohydrates. Simply choose foods with a low glycemic index.

1. Replace bad habits to useful

If your habits related to food, reconsider them. For example, you like to drink tea with sweets in the company of friends or to eat ice cream in front of the TV. No need to give up harmful habits, you can replace them useful. Replace tea with sweets, delicious green or herbal. Of course, no candy. Ice cream substitute, fruit ice, it is not so high in calories. Instead of beer and chips and order yourself a glass of good wine. Thanks to the new habits, the number of calories consumed will decrease. You will not notice how to get rid of extra pounds.

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