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10 tips to get rid of excessive modesty


No matter what anyone said, but modesty adorns the person. On the contrary, hinder. Excessive modesty prevents a person to Express their opinion, to do what he wants and succeed. In the modern world, to succeed in life and build a career – you need to be punching a man. As a classic said, modesty is not a Vice. But he did not live in the 21st century, when shyness becomes an obstacle to achieving the goals. Of course, not to say that modesty is a negative quality. But not in all situations it is acceptable. Everything is good in moderation. But excessive modesty is better to get rid of as quickly as possible. Most often, such a strong shyness only complicates the man's life.

10. Stop worrying about what people think about you other people

Most parents raise their children "and what will aunt Lucy from next door from my grandmother's yard." Although this conditional aunt Lucy people may even never know. Every time a person wants to do something, he first thought is not about their desires, about what people think. But as practice shows that people do, there will always be those who will condemn any action. To deal with this stereotype difficult, but you need to be happy. To make decisions based on their desires and not worry about what other people think.

9. Do not demand from ourselves perfection, be yourself

Shy people often doubt their abilities and all their actions are criticized. In the pursuit of perfection, such people lose a lot of strength. Shyness makes a person think about every action and every word. Before an important conversation such people can spend hours to scroll through the dialogue, bringing it to perfection. And in the end, so wound up that just look silly. Don't try to make yourself perfect. Because each person is entitled to a little weakness. And if you are too shy admit it in the first place itself. Remove all doubt and be yourself.

8. Rate other people honestly

Shy people often create a wrong first impression. At the first introduction many people think that such a person is arrogant and vicious. And chat it is not very desirable. Shy so people have to get out and by all means to show that the other person he likes to flatter and put it in the best light. Although in reality this may be far from the case. Therefore, in order not to create a wrong opinion, to judge people the way they deserve. If you don't like the person, not necessarily trying to build a good relationship with him.

7. Be more sociable and smile

Easy to say but hard to do. Shy people are not always sociable. They just find it difficult to communicate with strangers or in public. In a circle of close friends he can be the soul of the company. Try to imagine in a foreign company, there are a couple of your closest friends and try to communicate more. Well, if you chat hard to start at least smile a bit more. So you will create a good first impression and you will not be applies to an arrogant and boring person.

6. Don't be afraid to joke

Shy people often think they have no sense of humor. Even if the head and there is some kind of joke, a man would prefer her not to voice. If you find it difficult to think of a joke yourself, learn a few funny phrases in advance and fulfill them. Sense of humor need to be developed. Of course, you do not have to aspire to the title of master comedian. Moreover, not all people have that ability. But if you came up with a joke, don't be afraid to tell her. Gradually, you will train yourself to speak in unknown companies, and even jokes a lot. The main thing not to go out of your way to humor in the company, if your heart is not.

5. Set a realistic goal

If you are a shy person, but still the same introvert, in any case, you will be hard to stay long in a foreign company. And that's fine. No need to try to pick up the slack. If you want to learn how to communicate, set realistic goals. You will not be able at once to become a sociable person and soul of the company. This needs to work. Quite a bit every day to overcome his shyness and not try to jump into the pool with his head. So you'll only hurt yourself.

4. Get ready in advance for the big event

If ahead you will find an important event, like an exam or job interview and you don't find a place for himself, suffering from nervousness, you should make a tentative plan of action. Of course, to bring their monologues and actions to perfection is not worth it. So you just make more perenervnichala. But to make a rough plan of your behavior will not be superfluous. The main thing to consider several options. No one can guarantee that everything will be as you expect. Perhaps even should rehearse the plan with your loved one. This will help you to relax and be more confident.

3. Master the basics of oratory

The main problem all shy people is the inability to Express their thoughts. Especially in a large company among strangers. When a person comes to a foreign company, most of the time he spends in silence, afraid to say. From the looks it's not pretty. Do not have to learn to be the soul of the company, just need to be able to hold a conversation. Don't be afraid to insert extra word in the conversation. At first it will be hard. But it will have to do. The most important thing is not to think about every word and try to relax, to behave as natural as possible.

2. Look at your reflection in the mirror and mentally describe all of its advantages

In the fight against shyness is to start with yourself. Many shy people are embarrassed to do something in front of the mirror, even if no one apart from them. Therefore, to get rid of the problem, you need to do one exercise. Look at yourself carefully in the mirror and describe yourself. Your appearance, demeanor, habits. But you need to describe only the good side. Shy people often suffer from low self-esteem, and this exercise will help to improve it. You need to make sure that you have a lot of positive qualities, but shyness many people don't notice it.

1. Talk to yourself about yourself, like about the other person

Record your speech on video or to start on a recorder. But the video will still record yourself to look at their behavior from the outside. You need to not only record video, but watch it. Try to fool around before the camera, singing or dancing. Another way to overcome shyness is to talk with yourself about yourself. But you need to talk as if you are discussing another person, not yourself. For the shy person even this will be difficult. But with the help of this method, gradually you will overcome shyness.

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