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10 tips that will help you survive the autumn Blues


Many people do not like autumn in cloudy weather, rain, slush, wet, wind and cold. When the window is, I want to wrap myself in a warm blanket and not to leave the house. Mood every day it becomes worse and worse. If, usually to raise morale enough to go outside, take a walk with friends in the autumn it is not always possible. So people sit at home, looking out the window or into the phone. Sad thoughts more and more, the mood is getting worse. And before depression nearby. Begin to deal with the autumn Blues. After all, if you live in Russia, this weather lasts long enough. You are going to spend that time mourning the fate and complaining about life? Better spend these days at really good classes. You will be able to beat the autumn Blues, but at the same time will open itself in a new way.

10. Get personal diary

First of all keep a diary. Write back your thoughts and feelings, experienced emotions, innermost desires. In General, everything that is dear to your heart. If this idea seems stupid and childish, it is not so. The diary will help you to find the real you, because often in the pursuit of prosperity, people forget who they really are. The life of modern man is so rich that he was very rarely alone. Keeping a journal will allow you to conduct a deep introspection. You will know if the life you wanted or, maybe it's time to change something. In addition, in the diary you can Express aggression, other negative emotions, to write on paper everything that had accumulated. You will be much easier.

9. Spend less time online and in front of the TV

People are so used to the TV and the phone that can't hold without them and hour. Let your brain rest. Think, after all this time you could spend with benefit for body and soul. It is unlikely that you watch on TV smart programs about the world, and the Internet read classics and encyclopedias. Likely to prefer soap operas, talk shows and social networks. If you can't give that up, at least temporarily, then you have an addiction. Begin to deal with her right now. Limit the time spent at screens. Not see the transfer, acting on the nerves, as well as horror movies and thrillers. And communication networks replace real meetings with friends.

8. Properly and fully relax

If you're wrong from time to take energy and good mood? Be sure to get enough sleep, sleep at least 8 hours a day. But remember that the most useful sleep up to 24 hours. You constantly go to bed after 12 at night, and then feel overwhelmed? Nothing surprising in this. Let all business wait, no need to try at night to do what did not have time during the day. Again, don't need bedtime to get involved with television, especially action programs or movies. Better read a good book, benefit from it will be more.

7. Find a new hobby

The surest way out of boredom is a favorite pastime. If you don't, rather, engaged in its search. Do what you like. Knit, sew, go fishing, help homeless animals, draw a picture by numbers, go dancing or sports. If you are alone, create a club, invite friends and acquaintances. Together will be much happier. Don't try to do what you don't like, or because it is fashionable. Soon you will throw these lessons, the mood will deteriorate further. You will think that anything not capable of.

6. Take creativity

Even if you've never done this, try to be creative. Not for nothing do they say: "Autumn inspiration". You might find yourself in a new area. Draw fall pictures, if you have the ability to draw. Even if not, try it. Recall the "Black square" by Malevich, because this painting has a lot of fans, it is perhaps the most well-known and discussed. Enjoy a photo. Take photos of family members, autumn nature. If you have children, make crafts from natural materials. Collect leaves, create autumn herbarium. You will have a great time, get energized and will be able to make contact.

5. Don't lose hope

At such a time people feel deeply unhappy. It seems that ahead is only impenetrable darkness. This is not so. Autumn will pass, winter will come, Christmas, then comes spring, summer. Life goes on. If your mood is poor, allow yourself to relax and dream about the future. No matter what, you'll dream, but let it be not new jeans or the phone. Maybe you want to visit some country or change profession. Desire, the universe will hear you, and your dreams will come true.

4. Chat with friends

Do not linger at home, be sure to talk on the phone with friends, socialize with them. If the weather permits, go for a walk. Leave town, arrange barbecues, attend concerts or other events. You will get new emotions, you will have something to discuss. Even if you have small children, you still should not deny yourself in communication. You have friends with children, invite them to visit or go to them ourselves. Children are interested to play together, and you talk to those who have not seen. Don't forget about the family, visit parents, meet with brothers and sisters. Family ties will be strengthened and sincere conversations will lift your spirits.

3. Give yourself more love, caring and understanding

People often feel sad because the summer is like a celebration. All look forward to it, but just as quickly it passes. You have to go back to the grindstone. At this time it is very important to take care of yourself, love yourself, understand. But of course, you do not. Surely, you criticize yourself, try loading cases that there was no time to grieve. Give yourself permission to relax, indulge in your attention. Treat yourself to a day off, do what you want. Don't beat yourself up for failures and mistakes.

2. Drink hot drinks

In the result of the study revealed that if a person is to give up the mug with a hot beverage, it will be kinder and friendlier. It is unclear what is the reason, but it's true. Drink those drinks you like: coffee, cocoa, tea. Very tasty and healthy herbal teas, especially pleasant to drink, if you collect the grass with his own hands. This drink can soothe or cheer, depending on its ingredients. Aroma of herbs fill your home with comfort and warmth. Besides, a Cup of hot drink is a good occasion to gather with friends.

1. Make new healthy habits

Instead of a habit to lie down in the evening on the couch, take dancing or sports. Try to meditate, drink more water, pamper yourself with masks and baths. Take care of your appearance or self-development. Get such habits which will help you to achieve perfection. You will not have a minute to the autumn Blues. And once you see the first results, you will want to give yourself even more time. If you are a woman, I can make a calendar to care for themselves. Will be autumn and for the Christmas season you will be beautiful. Good habits will last a lifetime, and you learn to deal with the autumn Blues.

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