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10 tips for choosing a stroller for a newborn baby


Expectant mothers waiting for the firstborn feel their disorientation, because of the practical experience of caring for the child they have, and the knowledge of which accessories is better to choose. So, getting the baby store, the shopper is lost, especially contemplating the diversity and functional heterogeneity of products. Remember how before the child was one stroller and wooden playpen and fed it from an adult utensils teaspoon? Now children have their own personal line of accessories, including a wide selection of "vehicles".

Every mother wants to choose a convenient stroller that would easily "swallowed" modern roads, without problems got into the lift and was equipped with more comfort features.

Today we will give you 10 tips on what to look for when choosing a stroller for a newborn.

10. Wheel

One of the most important indicators of the stroller is its maneuverability, allowing you to easily manage, choose a new direction, rotate, etc. the Maneuverability depends on the number of wheels, type and overall. Tests show that the best indicators of stability and maneuverability was demonstrated by the large rubber wheels with inflated tires. But these products weight stroller and make it more bulky. If you expect to walk only on the paved road and in the parks, you can use any manageable wheel. As for sustainability, this characteristic can boast double wide wheel. But if you don't want to "waltz" on the ice with a newborn, prefer models with inflatable tires, which, by the way, you need to regularly pump and inspect for punctures.

9. Features shock absorption

The indicator is important for the baby and its comfort while walking. If you roll the stroller on the road, a baby can be very bumpy and rocking. The smooth ride ensures a sustainable dampers, the function of which is laid in two different systems. Spring allows you to provide the design of special springs, which are well dampen the shocks during the movement, make it easier to overcome road irregularities. The harness is the connection of the wheel base with a sleeper Department with the help of moving belts, which also provide a soft spring cushioning.

8. Materials

Modern moms should be for a healthy lifestyle and for natural, hypoallergenic materials in wheelchairs. Of course, leather goods, cotton and linen provide maximum comfort and protection to the baby, only the parents will cost "a pretty penny". The main purpose of the materials still is to protect the bed from rain, excessive humidity, and wind. Also it will be good if the internal elements and covers can be removed for cleaning and washing. To purchase summer stroller choose light colors that do not attract the sun's rays and do not create a "steam room" in the sleeping place. Also heat helps the leather isn't the best material for warm weather. But for winter the product from imitation leather and thick canvas fabric would be appropriate, especially if you do not have enough funds on natural materials.

7. The weight of the device

Of course, the easier it will be stroller, the easier it is to pack in the vehicle, raise the stairs, take a walk. Modern walking "canes" are suitable for babies from six months and can weigh from 4 kg. And that for infants the recommended minimum weight must be 10 kg, which provides the necessary security and stability. Weakened after childbirth the mother difficult to push a bulky and heavy stroller, so even with a younger baby, so choose the model with the future in mind. Try not to put in the product extra items: personal heavy bags, complete sets of change of clothes for baby, drinks and foods (easier one snack to buy at the store), etc.

6. Shopping cart

Of course, the mini-trunk in the children's transportation is very convenient, because now there is no need to carry a huge bag with diapers, water, change of clothes, extra blanket and body means. Now all this can be placed in a special basket, which is also used as a container for shopping in the supermarket. Now this thing is in almost each wheelchair, but in some of the European products is missing. Sometimes storage space for small items are placed directly on the steering wheel along with convenient Cup holders.

5. Features handle

It is very important that the height of the handles were adjustable and customizable to your size and gait. Too low a position of the handle forces you to bend over that overloads back and neck. High position increases the load on your shoulders and deltoid muscles, which is not the way for the newly birthed mother. By the way, there are fashionable models, which handle is adapted form, allowing to reduce the load on the brush. Also, the handle needs to change direction when rebuilding the stroller from the position "to itself" to another.

4. The ability to fold the stroller

One of the prerequisites, because people living in large cities should be able to bring the stroller into the housing, immersed in the transport or storing on a balcony. Also it is desirable that in the folded position the product fixed, instead of just turning back. Strollers that fold like a "cane", the most lightweight and takes up minimal space. "Books" is more heavy and dimensional, but is sustainable.

3. Dimensions

For a newborn the stroller choose overall, as it is characterized by remarkable shock absorption, security and stability. Size bassinet provides comfort to the baby and maintaining optimal climate inside the bed. Don't forget that in autumn and winter there also put voluminous blanket, and a thick garment, because the space inside should be sufficient. Stroller basically everything compact, so you can choose the model for the soul and physiological parameters of the baby.

2. Optional accessories

Modern parents will appreciate the convenient features and optional accessories that can be equipped with the selected carriage. Almost all the latest models contain wrap foot for baby, rain cover, mosquito net and bag for things. A bonus can be offered coupler on hand for winter walks, protective sun canopy, shopping cart for products under the seat. Very good when stroller convertible has car seat, which facilitates maintenance in the vehicles.

1. Seasonality

Before you purchase a stroller, decide whether it is the weather conditions of the area. For winter and autumn period necessary to take overall the stroller with thick walls, high sides, warm cloak on his feet and water-resistant material that will protect baby from bad weather. Also these products are equipped with large wheels stable on ice. For spring and summer choose lighter options strollers from natural materials. Well, if they are equipped with proper air circulation system that will allow you to maintain an optimum microclimate inside the bed in the summer heat.

These are simple but important tips for those who want to buy a reliable and quality product for years to come with the ability to pass "by inheritance".

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