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10 ways of manipulating public consciousness through the media


Noam Chomsky is a very popular political analyst, writer, social activist and linguist from the United States of America. This distinguished scholar, whose works have been recognized in the community of scholars and teachers. He presented a list of ways in which the government is manipulating the human consciousness through the media.

10. To divert attention

This method of control by citizens can be considered as one of the main. The government often distracts people's attention from the real problems in the country, offering not just a very important message. This is done in order not to give people interested in the real problems in the country, which is relevant to all, and to develop, to learn something new in the fields of art, science and so on. The government is beneficial, when people don't think about serious things, and doing something minor, because they are much easier to manage.

9. To create problems and then solve them

Creates a particular situation, the problem that people will have to react in a certain way. To deal with her need measures that are needed by the government. This, for example, the organization of violent terrorist attacks, promotion of violence in large and small cities. As a result, people require to have a policy that infringes on civil liberties: in such situations, citizens want the government to strengthen security measures.

8. Enforce laws gradually

To implement a law, not very popular, you can do it gradually: for example, in a few years. In the last century, the new socio-economic conditions were imposed on people that way. In the late 80's and early 90-ies Russia was plunged into massive unemployment, and instability: the result was that people ceased to have confidence in the future. Wages ceased to provide a decent standard of living. Many people still remember this difficult time with a shudder.

7. Postponement of execution

You can imagine the solution as vital. Usually this is done so that after some time, the citizens in something agreed with the government. The sacrifice easier to accept not in the present and in the future. Most people still hope that then the victims will avoid that "tomorrow will be better". If you give them time to mentally prepare for the change, they always perceive them much easier: the government uses this very often.

6. To communicate with people as with young children

Very often the authorities communicate with citizens like humans have problems with intelligence or serious delay of development. They select appropriate words, arguments, a certain tone, as if talking to innocent children. Infantile it is very well to introduce listeners people astray, to manipulate them. If contact with the man like he is a child, it is very likely that his side will not be critical evaluation: this is typical for immature personalities.

5. To focus not primarily on thoughts, logic and emotions

This technique can be called a classic. The government often uses it in order not to allow citizens to rationally analyze what is happening and to subject it to critical reflection. It is also worth noting that the impact on people's emotions is a wonderful way of implementation in their subconscious sustainable patterns of behavior, fears, desires, and necessary thoughts.

4. Cultivate mediocrity, making people ignorant

One of the main goals of the authorities is to make sure that the citizens don't even recognize the ways that are used to manipulate and control people. That is why the government is not profitable, so they were smart. The quality of education available to most people, leaves much to be desired. Members of the lower classes just do not have the ability to overcome ignorance and to increase their social level: most people don't have the money for it. Many people don't even want to evolve, and why – are described in the following paragraph.

3. To do so, so that people admired.

The government aims to ensure that people are not eager to develop. For anybody not a secret that such citizens easier to manage. That is why people strive to stupefied: the company actively implement appropriate movies, books, and so on. Many films, for example, is permeated with vulgarity, stupidity and bad manners. People get used to living in this atmosphere of stupidity, and gradually even begin to lose their human form, becoming more like primitive animals.

2. Do citizens blame for all problems

People are forced to believe that the fault for their problems lies with them. Citizens are told that they lack the efforts, talents, mental capabilities. In the end, it turns out that people do not notice the manipulation of the government and focus solely on their own cons, immersed in the gloom and soul-searching. The oppressed citizens do nothing to change the situation around himself, because they believe that all the ills from them. In such cases, there can be no question of revolutionary sentiment, which is very beneficial to the government.

1. To know more about citizens than they know about themselves

Over the past half century scientists have achieved great successes in various fields. However, all the important information is simply inaccessible to ordinary people: possess only representatives of the upper classes. The "system" manages the knowledge from the field of applied psychology, neurobiology and so on, to best affect the ordinary people. For this reason, citizens often do not even suspect that they are run with the help of latest techniques.

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