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10 ways to start from scratch in a new city


Sometimes the fatigue from the usual unproductive life is accumulated, and the walls of his native city start to press together with the baggage obtained in this emotion. So walk on familiar streets and know what you hurt the other, but stole a bag, and in this University, you don't do, etc. Yes, there are good emotions, but the negative power always outweigh.

If indeed there is such a "black stripe", and nothing keeping you in the city, it's time for a change of scenery and to start from scratch in a new place. Decide it is easy, because it is necessary to inform all friends, throw a sad farewell party, pack your things and think about moving. And in a new city in advance to arrange accommodation and work.

In this article we offer you 10 effective ways that will help you to get into a new city and start a new happy life.

10. Let your dog "walk" you

It's time to have her first friend-neighbor in a new city. It can be any pet, but the best puppy who will gladly arrange a "tour" of the new district. Yes, far from the dog will not go away, but nearby are shops, beauty salons, hospitals and markets you will see. And, most importantly, you will be able to enjoy the city with the best hand, since dogs love to walk on the spacious grounds and in parks. Perhaps, while the dogs will happily roll around in the grass, you will be able to simultaneously make first acquaintances in the city, and maybe promising "guides". The way back home if you sampletest, to help find a Navigator, so don't recharge your mobile phone.

9. Choose a favorite place

Explored the town, try as quickly as possible to determine the cozy and pleasant place, where you receive positive emotions. This will be your escape where you can escape to think or to relax from the Madding crowd. Before you choose a place check with local people who can give you the idea. Next, take a moment to peruse the selected place to choose for himself the most comfortable zone. If this is the "output" place like a cafe, it is a good idea to define the soul for a drink and a tasty dish, to get acquainted with the staff. Feeling comfortable and calm, you can move on to communication, because thanks to other people you will learn much faster new city, estimate the specificity of culture and morals.

8. Feel like a tourist

Before the walk in the city read essays hikers and passers, which are very adequate and close to reality will give you a brief characterization of interesting and useful places. Thanks to the specially compiled programmes for guides can explore the most visited cultural and historical centers of the city. With this familiarity it is advisable to start with the infrastructure, major shopping centres, public transport and social facilities. In second place just leaving landscapes and parks that allow you to quickly memorize the parts of the city. In the last instance it is logical to explore the sights and museums – that is to say, an idle pastime.

7. To look for new friends

No new friends anywhere. Believe me – they are around you, the visitor, will begin to appear like magic. In the shop we talked, the way he asked, the bag helped bring, consulted on the product and acquire at first a useful link. Also in the circle of acquaintances included neighbors from new housing, work colleagues and staff favorite shops and cafes.

6. Choose a place where there are a lot of different institutions

Moving to the city, it is important to choose a place of residence with a developed network of subway (or other public transport), as well as good infrastructure. Believe me, hide at first, for the town surrounded by forests and nature is not an option. Even for the search of the office where the scheduled appointment, or shop for filling the refrigerator may require long hours of senseless time, so try the first housing to choose in a well populated area. Pay attention to the green area near the future home after work and busy day should be a place where you can enjoy nature, breathe fresh air and to think.

5. Go shopping for decorating a new apartment

These pleasant chores will help not only to quickly fill housing necessary things and products, but also to quickly get acquainted with the nearest infrastructure. At first behave like "the crow", paying attention to the prices of different groups of food and household goods, clothing and household equipment in each store. This will help you to quickly decide where the best range, quality and comfortable prices. Also housing, offers the usual amenities and aesthetic perception of things, will help you to feel more relaxed and confident, to save from doubt and desire to return home.

4. To contact social networks

Many modern cities have their own pages in social networks and messengers that will allow you to find the answers to your questions, meet social, cultural, legal and commercial properties, find realtors, to make new friends. Sometimes such groups can be found in the Diaspora (useful if you are a tourist from a completely different country). In these urban groups, the participants often exchange lifehacks suggest the most interesting places, tell where will be the fresh event as well as publish the actual job.

3. To try a new hobby

Here you broke out of the usual routine of life – it's time to become yourself, to understand that you have been fascinated all my life that I was afraid to try what always dreamed of. A when you move to another town start to look for themselves, to form new beliefs, finding passions and Hobbies. Until you find work, you will have plenty of free time to visit friends, art, sport, walks. Especially in a new place you can find like-minded people with the same interests, which will help you to quickly adapt to a new life.

2. Find a roommate

Choosing a house in a new city, don't forget to pay attention to the neighbors, because it will be the first people from your environment. If you plan to live with a neighbor, as is often the case in Metropolitan areas, choose a man your age and with similar interests. Thanks to the talented and kind people you will be able to quickly gain a foothold and settle in the city, and two heads are better than one. To move one is always harder – looming fear of the unknown, insecurity in their abilities. Of course, well, if you are now staying with friends and will be able to show the city. In other cases, will have to look for the satellite independently.

1. Sports

To clear your head of fears and other negative extraneous thoughts will help occupational therapy. Of course, gardens in the new town are not expected, but take your muscles a work in the nearest gym. Group exercise, yoga or intense soulful rocking chair will quickly make new friends, learn about interesting events and to find out where you can buy sports clothing, equipment, dietary products, etc. Many people prefer to enroll in a dance where you can get acquainted with the artistic elite of the city, to touch the culture and folklore of the people.

Relocating to a new place, the main thing – to believe in themselves and to cut all the way back. Ahead you will find an interesting city, new friends and connections, the opportunity to rethink your life and finally find yourself.

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