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10 ways to freshen clothes without washing machine


Modern scientific developments and technologies allow people to save valuable resources – their energy, time and effort. For example, thanks to the washing machine we have the opportunity to receive well-washed and dried clothes without the need of involving the owner in this process, as it was previously. Especially as a loyal helper to cope with this task faster and better.

We are so unaccustomed to having to do your own Laundry, that kind of stress damage to the machine or need extra freshen things lead us into a stupor. Yes, and a full wash with detergent, rinse and spin sooner or later leads to leaching of pigments, fraying of fibers, deterioration of its performance properties.

If you like summer once wearing a t-shirt, and she was merely absorbed the smell of sweat and city smog, but not yet soiled, you can refresh it by using special hacking. Observant people have come up with 10 amazing ways to quickly and effectively refresh things without the need of washing.

10. Soda

It is a chemical agent widely used in everyday life for purification of various types and degrees of contamination. It will help in this case, acts as an adsorbent for small stains, bacteria and odors. It is advisable to use baking soda, not technical, as it is less aggressive to tissue products and the mucosa of the respiratory organs. How to refresh with it thing? Yes, just sprinkle the 'problem areas' (often this is the area of the armpits) of dry baking soda and leave for several hours, preferably overnight. The adsorbent will absorb excess moisture together with odor, then you will simply shake clothes the rest of the powder. I do not advise to apply this method for dark things.

9. Hot shower

Heard of steam cleaners that efficiently using the heated air to freshen the surface of things, remove minor blemishes, and additionally and even small folds and creases? Of course, the steamers are far from each host, so we will do the usual hot shower. Combine pleasant with useful – when you go to the bathroom, take a "stale" thing on the hanger and secure in a region where steam goes up to the hood. Hot air with a light condensate will remove the staleness in the underarms and the bonus will help to straighten the folds. This method has no effect if the clothes have absorbed the smell of "fire", "perfume" or other pronounced flavors.

8. Newspapers

Very cheap and very quick way to freshen up clothes when time to do the Laundry is not at all. Crumple newspaper and form "balls", putting them in sleeves, paying attention to the underarm area. They can also be placed at the end of the leg, where the pants are usually stained with street dirt. Paper absorbs moisture well and helps to refresh the surface thing. But still more effectively the tool for shoes. Before the release of the tamp a few newspaper balls in sneakers or shoes that will allow you to effortlessly and harm to products to remove residual moisture.

7. Freezer

Don't know who originally thought to use the freezer, but this man was clearly enterprising, thank him for that. Low temperature effectively fight various pathogens and bacteria that multiply in the ground and provoke an unpleasant smell from clothing. You can just wrap a stale product in a paper or bag and put a few hours in the freezer. As practice shows, this life hack is a lifesaver for denim, wool and delicate garments, frequent washing which strongly influences not appearance and tissue structure.

6. The filler for the cat tray

At first glance such an idea seems shocking that so few risks to implement it actually, but in vain. If you have cats, then this option is very effective, efficient and economical. If the filler is able to absorb moisture and hold odors of cat waste of life, then it is staleness clothing will eliminate at times. Just buy the filler, pour in a small open container (e.g. a bowl) and set it in the wardrobe and stale clothing. For operational freshen underarms can pour tool from the package directly into the scope and then remove and shake off the remnants.

5. Fresh air and sunshine

Our great grandmother hand washed in rivers clothes and hung in the sun where UV rays and fresh air did its job – killing bacteria and refreshing thing. Wash the product is now not necessarily just for a few hours before the release of hang the clothes outside (e.g. on the balcony). Due to ventilation and sunlight, the bacteria cease to proliferate, due to what disappear the peculiar smell of second-hand clothes. Be careful only to exposed to the sun's rays faded print or paint on clothing.

4. Dryer washing machine

If the house has a washing machine, but the time for a full cycle and especially drying clothes no, you can only use one of its functions to freshen the product. Set the mode of drying, placing the highest temperature, and after 15 minutes you will get neutral smelling things that you can shamelessly wear again.

3. Wipes for drying clothes

Manufacturers have come up with quick and original method to prepare clothes for the exit without washing. Wipes eliminates odors and even have a beneficial effect on the textile fibres. The day before the event put the necessary things, placing them between a cloth for drying. Especially the advice is applicable in case of journeys and holidays, when nobody wants to engage in routine household matters, but to walk in the fresh, normal smelling clothes like.

2. Vodka

Instead of taking this chemical is a colorless liquid inside, better use it to good use. Place the vodka in a bottle of spray and spray on clothes, the freshness of which you want to return. Ethyl alcohol works on a molecular level, destroying bacteria and other sources of unpleasant odors. After the procedure, hang out clothes in the fresh air (balcony). Of course, if vodka gets with the flavors, or before an important meeting it is a minimum of time, it is better not to risk to apply this method, otherwise you'll have to awkwardly explain to the person where you managed to "gain" in broad daylight.

1. Coffee

More fragrant and expedient way to get rid of the staleness of your clothes. Coffee beans and even pellets are excellent filters that absorb unpleasant odors, leaving a delicate and pleasant aroma of coffee. To freshen things just pour more beans in a separate container, and the product hang on top of the trempel so that it does not touch the coffee. If you accidentally stain the clothes, it is unlikely to be able to wear it on the same day, as coffee is bad dirt.

Here are simple tips give the modern housewife for busy people who may not have enough time for a full wash. It is noteworthy that most of these "helpers" is always present at home, so do not put aside your favorite thing only because of the not-so-fresh smell.

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