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10 ways to relax at work


The word "work" it incorporates a piece of "slave". It is expected that you spend time, effort and energy in exchange for a vital resource – money. Accordingly, the work does not have to obtain pleasure, the opportunity to do desired things to come and go as you please. We only need to optimize the time spent in the office, to minimize the loss of energy and vitality and, of course, to learn to enjoy what we do, enjoying the end results of labor.

For the implementation of effective, interesting, and healthy from the point of view of physiology of activity, we need to be able to control the process, to unload itself, and even the rest regardless of the occurrence of the situation of the break.

We offer you 10 effective ways to make working life more calm and pleasant, not to count the days until the coveted Friday and not to suffer on Sunday evening, "looking forward" Monday.

10. Get rid of clutter

Enough extra time, effort and attention takes away the "creative" mess that you have managed to write in the workplace. First, it makes you as a professional, less organized and thorough. Second, chaos on the table psychologically, pressing, creating internal stress. Thirdly, you spend a lot of time to find the right thing or lost document, panicking, nervous and irritable. The more comfortable and expedites the matter of things on the table, the better the work goes well. Do not forget that the chaos should be eliminated on your desktop computer. Many of the downloaded files, unnecessary documents and links scattered around the program shortcuts also complicate and lengthen the search of information, forcing you to aimlessly "surf" on the subfolders.

9. Wear headphones

Recently gain in popularity the offices of "open space" in the Western manner. As a result of people literally "rammed" as in any nursery, making it impossible to have a private space for quiet reflection. This work is not only inefficient, but also tiring, creates unnecessary background noise in your head, affecting your productivity. The result is a feeling of fatigue and energy depletion daily. Learn to wear headphones in the office that will allow you to ignore the ambient noise and to devote himself to business or relax. Do not have to listen to the music – it is important to suppress the external noise. And others will see that in the moment you're busy, better don't distract.

8. Come to work early

It may seem strange that the Council, as all tend to spend at work as soon as possible and hurry to escape later. The fact that a quick revival, a full Breakfast and a leisurely trip in a car will allow you to save a lot of energy. You calmly without haste arrive at work, organize the working place and relax with a Cup of coffee. Morning chaos that begins with the collection and ends with the tubes, much wears out the nervous system. By the way, the productivity of the morning allows you to promptly complete assigned tasks and in the end to get home on time without overtime loadings.

7. Take a NAP

People slept has much more productivity, creativity and optimism, than a sleepy and ithacany. If you have had a heavy night, or for some other reason you are recovered during sleep, during lunch pricerite for an hour, make yourself a "Siesta". Can take a NAP in the office on the couch, in your car or a comfortable Desk chair, especially if the Cabinet is isolated. Just remember to set the alarm on my phone, so as not to remain asleep while you are being wanted by the user. After a NAP, drink a Cup of coffee and feel refreshed.

6. Order yourself a new comfortable office chair

A well distributed load of the body, taking into account your anatomy, height and weight, will allow much easier to bear sitting position during the day. The chair should be convenient and comfortable, adjustable. In addition, you can buy a case with massage effect or an orthopedic pillow under the buttocks, allowing to properly distribute weight and remove the axial load of the spine and musculoskeletal system to relax muscles. In this chair you can always lean back for a couple of minutes, close your eyes and relax.

5. Use put an hour lunch break entirely

Many workaholics are actively working in the lunch hour, because you worry that will not make it to the end of the day and will remain overtime. And, to cope with Affairs early forced to mimic violent activity. Do not ignore the law, put a break – he coined in order for the body to fully rested and up for power. At this time, based on walks in the fresh air, good meal, exercises for the eyes and body, an easy warm-up. No need to sit near the monitor aimlessly hover the mouse over the social networks or news sites. Not utilities in ebooks, phones and other gadgets. Break – time communication or intimacy, strenuous walks or sleep in the chair, a full snack or coffee indulgence. The main thing that you really rested.

4. Start to meditate

Experiments show that the ability to abstract, to meditate and breathe properly are helping people not only focus on their performance, but also to relieve the mind from unproductive thoughts parasites. While meditation is not necessarily to spread a yoga Mat or wear sport clothes, and even into the Lotus to sit down not necessary. Just close your eyes, imagine yourself in a tranquil and beautiful place in nature and start to breathe correctly, controlling the depth and the duration of each inhalation and exhalation.

3. Laugh

It is no secret that unbridled joy and positive mood prolong youth of the nerve cells, promote the secretion of dopamine and other neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of pleasure. If the mood is gloomy, then you can quickly go to the web-sites with funny cartoons, daily jokes or short funny video. Fortunately, the famous YouTube provides a lot of opportunities to laugh over the funny people and animals, and sometimes over their working environment. Laughter relieves tension, relaxes facial muscles and gives you a good productivity.

2. Listen to the music

Properly chosen music enables you to tune in to a productive wave, to relax and calm down. It is advisable to listen to it with headphones to background noise and other conversations made their way into your world of Nirvana. Experiments have shown that classical relaxing music and sounds of nature and animals soothe our psyche, can get rid of accumulated fatigue and irritation, nervousness. Can combine the previous paragraph about meditation with listening to the mantras of yoga that have a special sound waves, providing a journey "within".

1. Disable automatic check mail

Permanent working posts and parasitic newsletter add irritation to an already routine activities. You can, first, remove the annoying sounds and pop-UPS which again allude to the work correspondence. And second of all, disable automatic updates. Make it a rule to check emails a couple times a day in a manual mode alone. Let the same applies to working messengers like Viber, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, etc. This will allow you to save time that was previously spent on pointless update social networks and email, as well as focus on more productive activities, their thoughts.

To work was not a burden to organize the space and climatic factors so that it was cozy, like home. Let you are surrounded by familiar things, sounds, smells and temperature. Planning daily tasks, you will definitely be able to find time to relax even in the middle of the day.

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