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10 ways to raise a low pressure of


Hypotonic condition – a scourge of modern society, in which the share of people dumped a lot of daily tests, ranging from chronic lack of sleep, unhealthy environment and harmful work, and finishing with the bad stress. The aggravation of the disease occurs during the autumn spleen when many people fall into the proverbial a depression, and close to the heart perceive unpleasant news, that causes pressure differences. The elderly are more susceptible to the disease, as with age, the heart muscle weakens and requires more time and effort for the run of blood in the circles, and the vessels wear out, become thinner and lose their tone.

As a result of disease many people have common issues, for example, is it possible to do therapy without chemical methods, and if the pills and help, what better.

Today we will discuss the TOP 10 effective ways that alone or in combination with each other give good results in the treatment of hypotension.

10. Infusion of cinnamon

Fragrant Oriental spice may be the most quick means which will greatly facilitate the state under reduced pressure. For surgical treatment, it is sufficient to dissolve half a teaspoon of dry spices in a Cup of boiling water, adding for sweetness, a tablespoon of honey. Allow to thoroughly infuse and cool to room temperature, after which take at the first sign of hypotension (weakness, dizziness, pallor, etc.). Also cinnamon can be added to coffee or tea to enhance the effect, to prepare on its basis the alcohol infusion.

9. Alcohol tinctures of herbs

Herbal teas have long been used in folk medicine to increase the pressure. And here it is important to understand medicinal plants, as many of them, on the contrary, have a hypertensive effect and can worsen the condition. To alleviate health recommend to combine 25 drops of tincture of lemongrass herbs with water and drink before meal. Lemongrass tones the blood vessels, stimulates the Central nervous system and improves heart function. Alcohol tincture of Siberian ginseng relieves fatigue, stimulates mental and physical activity. Tincture on the basis of the ginseng strengthens the vascular wall, allows for a faster recovery from neurosis, depression and insomnia, improving performance.

8. A Cup of sweet, strong coffee

One of the popular methods of hypotensive treatment coffee beverage. Caffeine provides a stimulating effect on the nervous system, stimulates blood circulation and gently dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow and taking the pressure off of the heart. Of course, for best results coffee should drink periodically to the body is not accustomed. Use only a true grain or ground coffee, but from version 3-in-1 and other instant good don't wait. By the way, don't forget to properly sweeten a drink, because glucose the well stabilizes pressure. A day for the treatment of hypotension enough about 500 ml of coffee of moderate strength.

7. A cold shower, breathing exercises and breathing exercises of yoga

Healthy lifestyle and physical activity is the panacea for many ills. Exercises and yoga improve circulation, strengthen blood vessels, train the heart muscle. Especially it promotes proper breathing techniques, which can learn from Eastern teachers. Many asanas designed specifically to strengthen the cardiovascular system and stabilizing the pressure in the arteries. A day is enough to devote to the gym at least 15 minutes. Add after class douche, which perfectly strengthens the immune system and allows blood rushing to the tissues and cells.

6. Cold sweet drinks, juice or lemonade

Children, adolescents, and pregnant women are not advisable in the treatment of hypotension coffee drinks and alcoholic solutions which can also have side effects. Gently increase the pressure will help natural freshly squeezed juices, berry and fruit fruit drinks, nectars with pulp, compote, and homemade lemonade. Especially lovers of folk methods praise of cranberry and pomegranate juice, and grape and juice. Don't forget to add in the drink is sugar or honey, which also have a beneficial effect on low pressure.

5. Acupressure some of the areas

To combine health drinks and other means necessary and with manual impact on the body. For example, it is known that on the body there are some points that are responsible for the work of the cardiovascular system. Can hold fingers down to the carotid artery, as if smoothing it. A little pressure with fingertips to the center of the back of his head. Massage your thumbs point at the base of the head, mash whiskey. Very pleasant and effective method to improve blood circulation and to combat hypotension is a massage of the shoulders and arms.

4. Brandy or tea with cognac

Lovers of alcohol can of course extract this advice out of context to justify their addiction. However, we recommend not to add no strict need alcohol in your medical diet. There are other more effective methods to raise the pressure without side effects and harm to the liver. However, some doctors believe that 50 ml of organic drink daily will help to expand blood vessels and improve the distillation of blood. However, they advise to drink cognac like in its pure form, and adding in tea, coffee, etc.

3. A pinch of salt on the tongue

It turns out that many herbs and spices in our cupboard are useful for hypotension. Glucose and sugar has not been canceled in the fight against the disease, but the good effect and simple rock salt. For therapeutic effects, we simply eat something salty (snacks, fat, marinades or preservation, dried fish, sausage, etc.) But this option you at the same time cluttering up the gastrointestinal tract of unnecessary chemical compounds, so you can go the more simple way is to put half a teaspoon of salt at the base of the tongue and to let her go away on its own.

2. Walks in the fresh air and physical activity

Above, we gave advice on gymnastics and yoga to increase pressure. However, not always the joints and physical flexibility allow you to perform the exercises. For people output also invented – walk often walk in the fresh air, actively working musculoskeletal disorders. Also you can a couple of times a week to go on an easy run that trains the cardiovascular system, triggers the brain eliminates feelings of chronic fatigue and dizziness. For the effectiveness of pay out Jogging for 20 minutes a day. Employed or poor people can go to the usual Hiking every day for 30-40 minutes, which will also slightly increase the pressure.

1. Medicines that increase the pressure

If the methods of psychosomatic medicine, massage, physical activity and traditional recipes were in the amount of ineffective, it's time to go to the "heavy artillery" - namely, to effective drugs to increase pressure. In your Arsenal should be analgesics and antispasmodics that enable to stop the dizziness, pain, spasm of the blood vessels of the brain or heart. Advanced have Aspirin to thin the blood and reduce the pressure on the blood vessels, as well as known drugs Gutron, Striatin, Papazol, Tsitramon, Mezaton and camphor. Medicines should not be taken without a doctor's prescription!

Hypotension responds well to treatment, including the methods of traditional medicine and other home remedies. Why waste time and energy on trips to the hospital, when to try a safe and affordable methods that have survived from our ancestors.

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