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10 ways to help your child with colic


Colic is a common cause of crying little children. With such a problem faced almost by all the parents. Colic usually arise from the fact that the body of a newborn baby with difficulties adapted to independent feeding. In this difficult period to alleviate the condition of the baby, you need to follow some recommendations of experts. Consider the most effective ways of getting rid of the cramps, gained a large amount of positive feedback from mums of toddlers.

10. Tummy to tummy

During feeding the baby, try to warm his belly with the heat of your body. After that unpleasant feeling often disappear. When you feed the baby, lie on your side, and also kid carefully turn on his side. After that it will need to press your tummy to your stomach: the body must touch pretty tight. Note that the torso and neck of the baby should be at the same level.

9. Mom's diet

During the period of feeding the baby his mother with the utmost seriousness to approach the preparation of their menu. If a baby is colic, diet nursing women should be pretty tough. Even if the mother baby already revised the menu after pregnancy, she will have to make quite a few other changes. From the diet will need to exclude all products that contribute to flatulence in the abdomen of the child. It is recommended to give preference to yogurt products. With regard to vegetables and meat it is better not to fry, boil or bake.

8. Riding on a fitball

Fitball ball made of rubber, which is usually quite large. It is very convenient to perform various gymnastic exercises with a small child. Carefully place baby on the ball: his tummy should be at the bottom. If the child was born recently, will need to lay on the ball with a clean towel or diaper.

Put on the child's foot with one hand, and on the back of the second. Gently take hold of the baby, start to waggle it left and right, back and forth and then in circles. So you will be able to achieve relaxation of the abdominal muscles of the baby and to remove the discomfort. This exercise will also help to develop the vestibular apparatus.

7. The correct attachment

The child should take the breast in a certain way. If he will do this incorrectly, you may capture the extra air. So, the baby's mouth should be open widely enough. The nipple should be sent to heaven baby. A lower lip baby should be turned out. With proper feeding the child grasps the mouth area around the nipple.

If during feeding you will experiencing pain, it will be a sign that it is wrong. You can try to learn to feed the baby yourself or contact a counselor: he will tell you about all the nuances that should be considered by a nursing mother.

6. Lay on the tummy

If the child will often lie on his stomach, his abdominal muscles will become stronger. Reupload on the tummy will greatly facilitate the discharge of gases. So it's recommended to put the baby several times a day: better to do it before each meal. A lot of kids to lie on your stomach really do not like what they're quite loud misleading. A baby to be distracted, you can gently talk to him or give him a favorite toy: it should be stroking the baby on the back from top to bottom.

5. Massage

You can just stroke the baby's belly, warm hands and not much to lean on him. Move in a circle, without affecting the area under the right rib (where the liver is). You can stroke obliques: from the back to the belly. Will be quite a few of such movements.

4. Legs and tummy

Many moms really like this exercise, as the pinning of the legs of the infant to his stomach: it is a simple and very effective. You will need to take the child for shins, bend the legs of the baby and pressed them to his tummy. Wait half a minute, relax your legs and repeat the exercise. To press the abdomen should not be very much. You can alternately bend left, then right leg. Exercise "Bike" should run at a moderate pace.

3. A warm bath

After a warm bath the baby calms down, and the unpleasant feeling in his stomach disappear quickly. It is recommended to take it before sleep because the baby will be much easier to fall asleep. Fill the tub with warm water, add a little lavender oil, put the child there. You can gently massage the baby's stomach while he is in the tub. After a few minutes, remove the baby from the water, wrap it in a warm towel. It is not recommended to take such bath immediately after a meal or immediately before it: better to do it at least one hour before feeding or two hours after.

2. Warmer

When there are attacks of colic, you need to ensure that the belly of the baby was warm. Immediately after a feeding or in the process warm it with a bottle of warm water, diaper. Warm the diaper with a pre-heated iron and place it on the baby's belly. Note, however, that it should not be very hot, otherwise the delicate skin of a baby can get burned.

You can make a hot water bottle with cherry pits. This will need to stitch a small pouch and keep it in the microwave about a minute. A water bottle should be put in the bed of the little one to her fell asleep.

1. Droplets from gases

"Beunos" of the droplet is composed of natural ingredients: coriander seeds, chamomile, fennel. They are used for colic, flatulence, pain and cramps in the stomach. Pills are very effective remedy with simethicone. It can be given the children, aged from one month. This means accept and adults with overeating, constipation. "Cough syrup" helps to cope with colic, reduces flatulence. This medication does not violate the digestive system, it is completely eliminated through the intestines.

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