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10 ways to use old pantyhose


Over time, every thing becomes unusable and there comes a time when you need to throw it. But not necessarily in a hurry to do it. Even our grandmothers used for a handout. For example, old nylon stockings despite the fact that they have become very old and to wear them anymore, can find a second life in the household. There are 10 ways to use old pantyhose with benefits and not throw them out as soon as they lose its good looks.

10. Storing onions

Many people spend the summer in the country, growing fruits and vegetables. And, of course, everyone at the cottage there is a garden with onions, and maybe not even one. Here's the handy old nylon pantyhose. The easiest way to use old pantyhose – storage onions. The advantage of this method of storing onions is that all sides to the onion the open access of oxygen, and this prevents the debate and rotting of bulbs. Store onions in pantyhose in limbo away from open sunlight. The room in which will be stored onions should be well ventilated. Then we will be able to save the bulbs for a long time after harvest.

9. Vases

For the manufacture of vases and tights will take old pantyhose, white glue, bottle, deep dish, paint over graffiti, scissors, glue and rhinestones to decorate. To cut the tights up and down, leaving the part which fits over the ankle. Pour PVA in a bowl and soak in the tights about 5 minutes. To wear tights on the bottle. The ends of the fabric to fill in the neck of the bottle. As decor on the tights make the folds. Leave the bottle with tights until until the glue is completely dry. After the fabric is dry, paint it with spray paint. Wait until the paint is dry. Then decorate the bottle with rhinestones. A piece of fabric that was tucked into the bottle, carefully trim.

8. Artificial flowers

For making flowers out of nylon will need colored nylon or paint, wire, thread. Of wire to make petals. Then wrap a nylon frame and secure the bottom wire thread in the colour of the nylon. The remaining part can be cut off. Then painted the petals with paint and leave to dry nylon. The same principle is made the greens for the flowers. To make the pistil and stamen wire top decorated with beads. Then collect all the petals in one flower Bud, attaching the greenery, and staple all the parts of the flower together. According to this principle, it is possible to produce any flowers. From different colors, made of nylon, make up beautiful bouquets.

7. Eggs for Easter

There are many ways to dye eggs for Easter. In the store you can buy dyes, special paint, jewelry, stickers and more. But the easiest and proven method, which was used for many years, our grandmother – to paint eggs with nylon stockings and onion skins. In the pan to fill up onion peel, fill it with water and boil until, until the water becomes a rich red-brown shade. Then you need to cut the nylon pantyhose into several parts. Eggs impose different leaves or flowers and wearing a nylon stocking. Place eggs in a pot with onion skins and boil them until tender. After the eggs are boiled, the nylon removed and the shell remains the imprint of the leaf and a beautiful shade.

6. The net

Old nylon stockings can be manufactured even net, suitable for catching fish, blasting swimming pools, and more. To do, the net will need a long smooth stick and thick wire. Stick if necessary to pare down and Polish, not it was not splinters. Wire twist ring and attach it to the stick. The ring put on the stocking, sew it to bottom of ring. Importantly, the stocking was firmly attached to the ring. It is particularly convenient to use such a device for catching fish in small ponds, where the fish swims in the main shoals. In this simple way you can give your old tights a second life.

5. Rugs, crocheted

To link mats of the tights need to trim the top and bottom part of the tights, then cut them into strips 2 cm wide. the Strips extend so that they took the form of yarn for knitting. After that, all strips connect. Importantly, the knots were not too major and not too noticeable, but strong. Then use the knit hook rug. Doing loops around the circle. For mating of Mat of nylon is best to use the colored tights that it won't be too dark and gloomy.

4. Toys pantyhose

For the manufacture of toys of nylon will need a synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, nylon tights, thin wire, rhinestones and ribbon for embellishment, needle and thread. To cut off the stocking part of the tights. Then make wire frame for toy snakes. Wrap the frame with foam. In the place where should be the head of the snake, the foam should be more. Then pull the pantyhose and place head sew them to make a mouth. Eyes can be drawn by using acrylic paint or sew on buttons. In the seam on the back of the snake to sew the ribbons and rhinestones so that it is not noticeable. For decoration you can use all that you allow to come up with your imagination. These toys can be sew together with children to spend fun time and take the child.

3. On the vacuum cleaner nozzle

Another unusual use for old pantyhose is to use them as a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. If you have lost a small earring or other small but very necessary subject, and to find it it is impossible, help the cleaner. The brush from the vacuum cleaner need to be removed to wear nylon stockings and walk on the floor. As the nozzle needs a very small piece of nylon. Nylon will not allow the vacuum cleaner to suck a small object, and you will quickly be able to find it on the floor. That's the simple way you can reduce the search for the lost things on the floor.

2. Polishing of the furniture

When tights are inoperable, you can use them as rags for polishing furniture. Tights are sewn from a fabric that is well polished wardrobes, shelves and other furniture items. To give Shine to the cabinets and shelves pantyhose dipped in a special facility for polished and then carefully pass through the surface of the furniture. Also the tights are suitable for washing of glasses. Dripping first sprayed with detergent, then traversed the usual cloth. At the end wash the Windows of their polished nylon pantyhose. After the glass is perfectly clean and shiny. And most importantly, no need to spend money on towels for cleaning, because every woman will find a pair of unwanted tights.

1. Wash

In the wardrobe of almost every woman features a delicate, Lacy things to wash in the machine very carefully. Otherwise you can just ruin the thing. If a special mesh for washing things was not, come to the aid of old tights. From pantyhose hosiery need to cut off the part to place things and tie stockings node. To put in the machine and turn on the desired mode streaky. This simple way you can keep delicate items during washing in the washing machine.

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