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10 ways to use bushings from toilet paper


Bushings are often discarded after used toilet paper. Some can be removed by flushing in the toilet. However, cardboard is made from a dense cylinders, is a useful material. It is indispensable for the creation of DIY things. Besides, the shape of the cushion without a bottom allows you to tightly glue together the sleeve. If you make the finished design with the help of glue gun or decorative paper, you get a beautiful and useful item at low cost. The use of cardboard cylinders a lot. Here are 10 simple ways useful application of the bushings.

10. Toys

Sleeve can be the basis of any animal. You need to cut cardboard in the missing details. Then attach to the cylindrical body of the legs or the wings, head and tail. Paint the animal or bird you like after the bonding and before him. You can also glue feathers, wool or fabric, then the toy will be more realistic. The final step is to use your imagination. This way you can make a farm with pigs, cows, roosters and lambs.

For another variant of the tedious glue a few bushes between him. Then, attach additional details. Staring up the parameters of the resulting animal, you can sew a fabric skin, attach eyes and nose to indicate the mouth. This shell need to wear on the bushings from the frame. Plush toy is ready.

9. A bird feeder

To make a bird feeder, you need to stock up on peanut butter, sticky honey or thick molasses and cereals. You cover the entire surface of the bushing sticky mass and give it 1-2 minutes to stick well to the cardboard. Then you need a cushion to drive over cooked mixture. You can also feed for pet birds or create a mix from cereals alone. Then, the future feeder to put in half an hour in a dry place. When all of the granular substance good stick, you can thread the string through the sleeve and hang it on the street.

As ingredients suitable husked sunflower seeds, oats, millet, wheat, rice, dried berries, such as Rowan, hawthorn or viburnum. In any case, you cannot use salted or spicy products, fruits or roasted nuts. They cause digestive disorders in pigeons, and that will cause their death.

8. Containers for seedlings

Due to the fact that the cardboard decomposes, the sleeves can be an excellent pots for seedlings. When the time comes, the cylinder with the plant can be buried. Cellulose will decompose and the roots will be able to freely spread in the ground. In order to make easy the bottom, you need to make 4 identical cuts at the bottom of the sleeve. Then they bend to form 4 sides. Impose each of the parties one to another, and the last tuck. The mechanism is similar to how closed cardboard boxes for household appliances. It does not recommend the use of glue or tape. They will not be so well decomposed, as by oxidation in the ground will negatively affect the plants. When the bottom is ready, pour inside the ground and place the seed or sprout.

7. Stand for smartphone

For a start it is recommended to decorate the sleeve. Then measure the dimensions of the phone are: width and thickness. Scheduled for sleeve rectangle whose sides correspond to the measurements. Next, cut out a rectangle. Inside cylinder you can glue cotton wool, so you will see a large part of the phone. If the touch screen is no film, you can make the slits a little wider and cover it with a cloth or braid. So that the sleeve is firmly held, it put 4 legs. They may be small clove, stationery games, or not fully unwound pins.

6. Box for gift

If you add somewhere small items or candy and to give people, it is not necessary to spend money on cardboard boxes. You need to take the Bush and decorate it with decorative paper or adhesive. Then it is necessary to slightly flatten the cylinder on both sides. One of the empty sides of the bottom tuck to make 2 faces. Strongly to press a finger on either side of the empty bottom, then formed two lobes. Then they need to be fasten together. Inside is placed a gift. The second floor likewise bends. We get a small and cheap package.

5. Organizer

To create an organiser for the office worker on a hundred, you need to take 4-10 sleeves. Alternately they need to be decorated with decorative tape, cloth or colored paper. Alternatively, you can use a can of spray paint. Then take a thick piece of cardboard or thin plywood. On it are arranged the bushings. Cylinder you can create a geometric pattern or just place the letter "P". then all the bushings glued to the base using glue gun. The organizer is ready!

4. Christmas toy

To create a Christmas lantern, enough to decorate the sleeve. Then you need to cut a wide long strip of colored paper and cut into strips of the lower part, leaving the top intact. This paper fringe attached to the bottom of the flashlight. To the top attach the rope or a piece of ribbon. Flashlight ready!

Pasting the details on the cylinder, it is possible to make paper animals, birds, Santa Claus and snow maiden. In the upper part also attach the rope with which the toy will stay.

3. A garage for toy cars

First you need to find a box the right size. If machines a lot, and the box needs to be large, but if to 10, and a box of shoes. Then you need to take a few bushings. Putting the box on the bottom, put in the sleeve. It is necessary to understand how best to place the cylinders and how much they will need. Then the sleeve is glued to the box. You need to put her on her side and start to stick to 1 side of the bushing. Then when first layer is ready, in a checkerboard pattern attached to each other 2, 3 layer and so on until the top. Each cell is a separate garage for cars.

2. An alternative curler

Cheap and simple way to curl big curls — curls attached to the sleeve. To do this, use Bobby pins or other hair clips. For Curling will take at least 7-10 hours, so this option will be night. If you want the Express installation, you can use a hair straightener. Also need to fix the cylinders on the hair and press it a few times with hot iron. If the hair is damp, use a Hairdryer. Need in a few minutes to dry the hair attached to them hubs.

1. Pencil case

For case need 2 bushings. The end of one cylinder is glued with the beginning of another. It turns out the long tube. Then cut 3-4 cm from the top. Sew special fabric cover, suitable for the size of the sleeve. From the top of the case sew the zipper to the top zipper left 3-4 cm, and bottom — size glued together sleeves. The bottom stitch over a thick cloth or glued back circle of felt. On top put sliced from the cylinder of the broad ring, and the inside of the blank from the bushings. Due to the fact that the bottom was sealed, sharp pencils and pens will not pierce the fabric. To decorate a pencil case, you can stick to it rhinestones or shaped beads to attach the braid in place of the stitching of the zipper and fabric.

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