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10 ways to become responsible


Responsibility is one of the most important qualities that you need to develop each person. Hardly anyone wants to contact the person who can not be trusted. All the people are looking for stability, which can only be expected from a responsible person. Responsibility is a quality that distinguishes adults from children. And the sooner parents begin to teach a child responsibility, the easier it will be in adult life. The irresponsible person is worse than a child. These people are infantile Outlook on life and prefer to seek those people who will take responsibility for their lives themselves. But even if parents are not educated in your sense of responsibility, there are 10 ways to do it yourself.

10. Plan your day

All business and successful people are always pre-plan your day. No business person will act erratically. To achieve success and education in responsibility need to plan ahead your day. The basics of time management must be mastered by everyone. Planning your day allows you to quickly deal with planned matters, while not overloading myself. Get yourself a diary and each evening write down what and at what time you need to do. Planning your day greatly simplifies life and allows you to control it.

9. Me

If you want to become a responsible human being, will inevitably change. Standing in one place better you become. Have to constantly improve. First and foremost, you will have to learn to control their actions. To organize your day, not to postpone things for later, when they will be impossible to clean up. Many people are used to doing everything at the last minute, first indulging in laziness. But in order to become a responsible person, such behaviour should be forgotten. In addition, you will have to stop to shift responsibility to other people.

8. Train your memory

A good memory in all circumstances is the key to success. Memory tends to deteriorate, especially with age. In order to avoid this, it must constantly train. Learn to pay attention not only to the situation in General, but in detail. First it will be hard. In fact, many people do not attach importance to trifles. But in fact, it details and develops the overall picture. Over time, you will cease to forget that you need to do if you turned off the stove and closed the door. There are a large number of exercises that allows you to train your memory. And don't think that if young okay with memory, it always will be. The main reason why older people are so inconsiderate and forget everything – the lack of brain activity in such volumes as it was in his youth.

7. Find a kindred spirit

When you are surrounded by people who are not happy about the thought of responsibility, and you will be hard to accustom oneself to this quality. Of course, you should not refuse from their environment just because of this. But to review its relationship with the friends still have. If your friends do wish you only good things, they will not pull you down. And to exercise your responsibility easier, find a kindred spirit. Or, in the extreme case, a man who by example will show you how to be a responsible person.

6. Write down your plans and tasks

One of the simple but effective ways to become responsible – to begin to write down all your plans and tasks. In a diary, where you will plan your day, you need to write down goals and plans. So all your targets are before my eyes, and you will be able to comply with them. If you regularly make a to-do list, you will never have the situation that you forgot to do something. Writing on paper all the plans and tasks easier to distribute them evenly to not overload yourself. The list can even hang in a prominent place, so he was always in front of your eyes.

5. Don't invent reasons why I didn't do something or other

Irresponsible people always look for excuses for why they did things. And there is always some very important "excuse" why they had to move all of their business. For such people it is difficult to rely on. If you don't want to let people down, say at once that will not be able to help them or fulfill their request. And if you have already agreed, try to fulfill the promise instead of having to come up with reasons why you are unable to do it. Most often, irresponsible people come up with excuses not due to the fact that the request is beyond their strength, but because of laziness. It is difficult to deny, and to implement laziness. So we have to come up with reasons why the request does not complete it.

4. Don't expect praise

A responsible person understands that all his actions must produce results and lead up to something. This person is simply doing what is within the scope of his duties. What can be said about irresponsible people. Such person if and perform some instructions, only to praise them. And if not praise, then do something makes no sense. Motivation to perform their duties must not be praise, but the result. Praise does not create the incentive necessary to achieve their goals. And responsible person understands this.

3. Do not throw words to the wind

As a rule, serious and responsible person gives reticence. These people do not boast of their achievements, abilities and capabilities. They don't need to prove something to others. And even more, a responsible person will not throw words to the wind. To cultivate responsibility, you need to stop making promises to people if you are not able to comply with them. Better to speak up than to create the image of an all-powerful hero, able to cope with any request. Although in reality it is not so. Throwing words to the wind, you create a bad reputation in the eyes of other people.

2. Always act

In any difficult situation a responsible person tries to take things into their own hands, because he always acts, not trying. Even in the most difficult situation these people take themselves in hand and try to change the situation. Such persons do not give up before the first failure and not giving up. And go to the very end. Looking at such a person might seem that he had the perfect life. But this is not so. Just responsible people do not shift their problems on others and prefers to act independently.

1. More practice in organizational work

Responsibility implies not only the ability to control their actions, but the actions of others. Naturally, it can do not all the responsible people and not all need it. But if necessary they can. You can start small. Picnic or family holiday parties at school, the child or activities at the University (if you are a student). The more you try to organize any events on their own, the easier it is to learn to control their own lives.

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