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10 ways to become an attractive guy for girls


This material will be useful to read not only men who are in active search of my second half but also those who have decided it does not want to lose attractiveness in the eyes of his ladylove. Of course, it's hard to argue with the fact that every fair sex has its own unique characteristics and preferences in choosing a life partner. However, despite this, there is a list of some of the male qualities that most girls are assessed as very attractive. Therefore, young people with a shortage of female attention, will be helpful to know what are the 10 qualities necessary for a man to enjoy success with women.

10. Pay attention to the girls from "your League"

No wonder folk wisdom says that the tree needs to be cut by itself. Scientists say, the vast majority of cases men and women get acquainted with a potential partner subconsciously correlating the degree of its attractiveness from its. Of course, girls do not differ a spectacular appearance, attract handsome men, but rarely they show any initiative to win. Usually people prefer to choose a companion someone to match itself. This feature is due to an unconscious fear of rejection.

9. Take care of your body

There is a perception that women love with their ears, and eyes of men. According to the results of numerous studies, this dictum does not reflect the whole truth. In fact, most women also love eyes, only the criteria of visual appeal in women. Besides, you should understand that women are more prone to the herd instinct, even in the appearance of a future partner. Now all media is propaganda beautiful body, so the subconscious of many girls is perceived as a necessary criterion in the selection of cavalier.

Of course, to create a beautiful figure you have to sweat in the gym, especially if you have not had the inclination to sports. But believe me your efforts will be compensated when girls will fight each other for the opportunity to insure you on the bench.

8. Make a girl laugh

They say that if you could make a woman laugh, it means that you have almost won. Sense of humor is a very strong trump card in the hands of men. Thanks to him, can win the battle for the heart of his girlfriend, even the rich and beautiful rivals. Remember, the most well-known comedians (Charlie Chaplin, Louis de Funes, Danny DeVito), in spite of their unsightly appearance and small stature, always had many fans.

In addition, sense of humor, tells about the presence of a person of acute intelligence, and it indicates that the guy knows how to place and time to let go of a funny joke is a very promising potential fiance. But such is always the price.

7. Do good music

If at the time you are graduated from music school, you have the opportunity to enroll in accelerated courses to play the guitar. Only in this case you will have to put a lot of effort to succeed in this business.

Most of the girls are very susceptible to young people who own this art. If going on the street to the unfamiliar girl, you ask her the phone, and you'll have a guitar, then nine chances out of ten that she will not be denied.

6. Please

If the communication with the girl that you want to achieve a special location to reveal this quality, your chances of success will increase significantly. First, next to a good man, a woman will feel calmer. Secondly, if you show affection towards children and animals, the girl will realize that you can become a good father, and this is very important for the vast majority of the fair sex.

Also, if the girl understand that you have a kind soul, she decides that you will be able to forgive her if in the future she will make a blunder.

5. You look a little older

Psychology think girls are often chosen as his partner a man older than themselves. Mainly, it concerns ladies who have reached a certain financial or social status.

Scientists who have studied this question, came to the conclusion that the reason for this behavior lies in the relatively short reproductive period in women. After all, men can become fathers at any age, while in women these opportunities are restricted by physiological limits.

4. Don't forget about scented deodorant

This is not due to the fact that girls really like the smell of perfume. Just when you are sure that wearing a t-shirt or shirt exude a specific fragrance, your behavior will be more confident. Besides, if on a first date the girl will feel bad, that she can make a hasty conclusion about your untidiness, and this may be the reason that the second date just will not happen.

3. Walk with the dog

When a woman sees a man leading on the leash four-legged friend, she subconsciously begins to perceive him as a responsible, loyal and caring person. And that's even before Dating! But if she's already made up about you is a positive opinion, then all of your subsequent words and actions will fall on very fertile ground. Just need to keep in mind that in this way, at the sight of a young man with a dog, talk girls seeking serious relationship. If you're not set on a long-term perspective, and want an easy, no encumbering relationships, then this scenario is you will not do.

2. Sign up to volunteer

Men with the psychology of the altruist, ready at any moment to rush to the aid of strangers, without demanding remuneration in return, are very popular among women. Volunteers are selfless people, able to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of a common cause. These qualities suggests that their owner in the future can be a good family man, so the girls wanted to build a strong marriage, not cheated their attention such a young man.

1. Practice mindfulness

If you show the girl that remember the little things associated with it, for example, what kind of ice cream she likes, what her favorite movie, in what cafe she likes to go etc., then she'll know she means a lot to you. In addition, information on the preferences of the ladies of the heart can be very useful to you during your courtship of her, because in this way you will always get into the top ten, making her gifts, or inviting out on dates.

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