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10 ways to improve eyesight without surgery


We all know that visual organs riddled with muscle, so their training provides adequate visual acuity. Unfortunately, in modern life, constant work at the screens, watching videos, reading e-articles, etc. leads to atrophy of the muscle fibers. The muscle tension contributes to poor lighting, absence of interruptions with the computer, inflammation and eye fatigue. As a result, we put on glasses or insert contact lenses, which further reduces the work of the muscular apparatus of the eye, making it "lazy". Progressive myopia is the scourge of our time, with which to fight by any means. While surgery is an extreme way to restore your vision, so to use it we are not in a hurry.

Today we present to you the TOP 10 ways to improve vision without having laser or surgical correction. All of these tips are available to everyone at any time, they also don't spend a lot of your time and money.

10. Carrot juice

Love to chew on raw carrots? This is fine as you produce a powerful prevention of vision loss in the future. Vitamin a (beta-carotene) is responsible for the functioning of the visual organs, and he in a shock dose is contained in carrot juice. Of course, therapy is only good fresh juice which you must drink as soon as possible, as the vitamins tend to deteriorate. Keep in mind that beta-carotene is a fat-soluble vitamin that is absorbed only in the simultaneous use of lipids. Add to the juice a teaspoon of olive or other vegetable oil. This drink can and should drink daily.

9. Washing

It would seem like water treatments can help to improve eyesight. However, rinsing the eye with warm water relieves their tension and relaxes, which is important for the prevention of degradation of vision. But if you are going to wash their eyes with herbal infusions of eyebright, Lily or water lilies, we will make quality prevention of muscle tension, as well as a number of eye diseases and inflammatory processes. Very well removes puffiness and relaxes muscles blueberry water and green tea, on which you can make application for the eyes is the water treatment.

8. A break from screens two hours before sleep

This advice, of course, it seems unthinkable in today's world, where before bedtime we all check the mail, updating social media pages, finish a Chapter in your favorite book on your tablet, completing the passage of toys to "check-point". However, a simple time-out shortly before bedtime will help to restore the eye muscles and improve the blood circulation in them and make the prevention of myopia. What to replace are the usual computer and TV screens? For example, you can walk on the street, switching vision between near and far objects alternately. Or occupy themselves with cooking. Can perform a beautiful evening of yoga, which also have a beneficial effect on blood circulation. And if you replaced the screens with a sheet of paper and decided to read, keep a book on your chest or lap, vary her distance to the eyes every 10-15 minutes, and do not read lying down.

7. Aloe Vera juice from fatigue

A versatile herb, used in "grandmother's" recipes, again to protect our health. If the eyes are inflamed or tired, then just drip into the corners of the mixed with water and aloe Vera juice. It will remove redness, constrict blood vessels and relieve tension that will be beneficial for muscular system organs of vision. Consult an ophthalmologist, as the extract can cause allergic reaction and severe swelling of the mucous membranes.

6. Exercise Trataka

The Indians know a lot about folk medicine, so their eye exercises can become for you a real "lifesaver". Light a candle and take a comfortable seated position in front of her. Focus your mind and attention, trying not to blink. Trembling candle flame trains the muscles of the eye, and the image is clearly projected in memory and brain. As soon as the eyes get tired, cover them and focus on the eyebrows, visualizing the image in front of your eyes closed. Do practice for 10 minutes daily. The goal of gymnastics is to see a clear image before fuzzy (with eyes closed) before accumulated muscle fatigue.

5. Massage

Massage your closed eyes with the pads of your fingers (index and middle) in a circular motion. Lightly press the apples to get a feel for their pulsation (intraocular pressure). This will promote local metabolism and strengthen muscles. Can also heat the palm and put their Foundation on the closed eyelids, hold in this position for about a minute. Hand warmth will relax the optic nerve, eliminate stress, improve blood flow in the area. Massage the eyelids and eyebrows can, toe joints. You can also put pressure on external and internal corners (so called "points of beauty"). Don't forget to pay attention to the sides of the nose to the base area of the eye that will reduce stress region.

4. Camping

Strolling in the Park or relaxing at a picnic, move your eyes from close to far subjects, strengthening eye muscles. Don't forget to look at the greenery that, according to some doctors, also contributes to the strengthening of view. To stimulate the retina can reducing photophobia eye. For a few seconds put under direct sunlight closed eyes, trying to relax their muscles. While slowly turning your head from side to side, as if spreading the sunlight evenly. Then put his hands forever until the glare disappears. Open your eyes and look at the illuminated patch of sky, looking a bit closer to the sun. Repeat this exercise daily for 2-3 times.

3. A minute of peace

To restore vision to prevent the surge eye. In the process of working at the computer, watching TV or reading take breaks every 10-15 minutes, glancing at the distant objects for 1-2 minutes. Also every couple of hours behind the monitor cover your eyes, relax your muscles and can perform the above acupressure massage, allowing to recover, in the blood circulation and relieve stress.

2. Complexes of exercises for the eyes

There are many programs that allow you to train the eye muscles and improve visual acuity. Among them the simplest is the following: describe the eyes of the circumference in one or the other side, draw the infinity sign, describe the wings of a butterfly, translate vision with distant objects in the next. Use index fingers, concentrating on them. Breed them to the side of the nose, making sure each eye with the same finger, and then driving back.

1. The rest of the points

Alternate between wearing contact lenses and glasses, allowing the eye muscles to exercise will prevent atrophy of the lens. And sometimes, despite the discomfort, remove all fixtures to improve visual acuity and just rest your eyes. At this point, try to do massage or exercises listed above.

Healthy vision accessible to everyone, especially if to prevent its deterioration, and not to deal with the consequences.

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