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10 ways to do something useful, if you have only 10 free minutes


For the development of some skills is enough 10 minutes. Of course, during this time, it is impossible to learn something very complex but here is a simple and useful lifehacks – is quite real. The main thing – the desire and care. Look at the 10 skills that can be mastered in just 10 minutes.

10. To learn various techniques useful in communication

Learn techniques which will help in the future to communicate with people, not never hurt. Try to calmly talk, even during fights: it causes the sides confidence and encourages them to reduce the degree of tension. Don't forget to address people by name, as this also inspires confidence. However, it is important not to overdo it: too often to call the person by their name should not be. There are a number of other techniques that are useful in communicating that you can learn in a few minutes. Give it time and you will see the results very soon: the sides will be a very comfortable feel in your presence.

9. Sticky on the services from Google

Google is not only a few uninteresting and services directly to the search engine. Some apps are very interesting, and the people in them spend a lot of time. It may be noted, for example, PAC-MAN is a game that has already become legendary. Arts Culture – the perfect app for art lovers, Google Sky, for people interested in the space that surrounds our planet. There is also a service, which presents a variety of interesting fonts. It's called Google Fonts.

8. Watch an interesting lecture

TED.com website which presents a large number of lectures: inspiring, interesting, funny and so on. You can choose a suitable time (e.g., 15, 10, 5 minutes) and see the lectures, which will offer the system. The base video is updated regularly, so you can refresh the page again and again. The language in which the published lectures is English, but you can find a video with Russian subtitles. Classes online are not only online TED.com: a lot of options. Select the one that seems most useful to you.

7. Learn quickly how to tie shoelaces

First, tie the laces the way you used to. Then put their free ends on the fingers – one on the right, the other on the left. Then pass the lace over the left thumb and index finger of the left hand, and under the right – thumb and index fingers of the right hand. You have two loops. The free end of one of them will be in the front, one out back. Further back the right cord (the free end), doing this using the middle finger. To hinge cranked through the right cord, rotate the left hand.

6. Learn how to determine ripe fruit

Should choose the grapefruit and oranges, which are the most severe among all the others: they will be more juicy. As for watermelon, it's the opposite: buy the most easy of them. Strawberries have a very pleasant smell and not just to look beautiful. If this berry is not fragrant, it is almost always a sign that it is tasteless.

5. To study geography

You can learn geography and to test yourself using a variety of textbooks, special sites. One of these sites https://online.seterra.com/. You will be able to guess the desert, oceans, countries and so on. Of course, to explore all the features you'll need much more than 10 minutes. However, you just need to devote a little time each day and very soon you will notice great progress. Do one of your Hobbies. By using this website you are able to spend time with benefit and learn not only geography, but also English.

4. Write yourself into the future

www.futureme.org – a very interesting site where you can write a letter to yourself. The message can be sent in a few years, in a year when you want. Write yourself into the future about what plans you build all of your worries and desires. To these letters interesting, but at the same time quite exciting. You will be able to understand what purpose in life has been achieved and what not. Perhaps in the future some of them will not be as important as it seemed before.

3. Remember how to give first aid

Such skills are very useful because they save people from death. Epilepsy is a disease that is very common, so we have to consider how to help people during such attacks. First, look at the clock and remember exactly when the attack began. Then remove from the patient all objects, place it on a horizontal surface and put under his head, something soft. Note that the patient's head to tilt impossible. Not hold his tongue, he does not do this with your jaw, do not put anything in your mouth.

After some time, look at the clock. An ambulance must be called if a seizure lasts more than 5 minutes. After the disappearance of the seizure, lay the person so that it is convenient, and then check if he's breathing. Sit with the patient for as long as he gets better.

2. To understand the Pareto principle

80% of the result you get when you exert 20% effort. The remaining 20% of the results come from 80% of the effort. Understand the Pareto principle, more attention should be paid to the ratio of the number. Determine what things delight you to 80%, comprising 20% of the time. Remember, what matters, takes a lot of time is useless, because little or no results. Try to understand what are the 20% things bring you closer together with your spouse by 80%.

1. Learn how to breathe

Breathe better stomach, diaphragm: so you will be able to normalize the heartbeat, blood pressure. Place one hand on your stomach and one on chest. Inhale and inflate the abdomen, while not lifting the chest. The body will receive a large amount of oxygen. Breathing the diaphragm is very useful, but it should avoid people with hypertension.

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