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10 ways to get a man to chase you


For a long time that the man sought the woman. He fought for it, paid the ransom, have made romantic gestures, tried to like it. The fairer sex at this time sat and waited for Mr. right, to show the initiative they were forbidden. It was a sign of bad taste. Now the world is all arranged differently, but if a woman begins to have signs attention to the man, the society still did not understand. That left the poor girls to wait when someone will be interested in them. So it is possible an old maid to stay. So if your Prince was lost in transit, go hunting and act. Attention men attract women tricks. Below is a list of ways to make a man to chase you.

10. Smile

Smiling girl looks is always attractive, even if not very beautiful. And generally people who smile are perceived as more friendly with them want to meet you, to talk to. If you are always dissatisfied with life, angry or sad, the man did not dare to approach you. Will not help any stunning dress or a great figure or beautiful face. You must have met couples where the girl is quite ordinary appearance, and some man – hunk on the cover of the magazine. Now, when she smiles, her face resembles the sun, is so sincere her smile. The man is so comfortable with her that he didn't need another. You still think that he loved her?

9. Watch your gait

Are you sure that man does not attach importance to the walk. And here and there. Men love to look at women, especially at the rear. "Nice dress, high heels, but ... what's with her why she walks so weird, maybe your leg hurts?" — those thoughts you have men, if he sees a girl wearing these shoes that I can hardly move in them. She did it to be beautiful, to draw attention to themselves. If you are one of them, do not worry, attention will be enough. However not such as you would like. After you will turn around, smile and even talk to their friends. Remember, men love ease. Don't wear heels if they do not know how to walk nicely. Not wag his back, it's vulgar. Doubt the beauty of its gait? See how go models, practice in front of a mirror and go!

8. Value yourself

If a woman doesn't value herself, no one will value. You rush to the first comer, or run for a loved one, impose themselves. All of that I'm afraid to be alone. Such methods will not bring success. On the contrary you'll scare the man will push them away. Show your partner that you value yourself. Do not allow disrespect and believe me, a woman who knows her worth will never be alone.

7. Be well-groomed

Not to say about the wonderful inner world, but in the first place a man pays attention to the appearance of women. Don't let yourself to go outside, especially on a date, casually dressed, unkempt, without basic makeup. Others will hate to see untidy girl. And what is your man? Instead of envy, it will catch sympathizers, and in about half an hour and it'll be gone. If you have no men, you like this just one does not find. Dress up, do styling, makeup. You will see how your mood changes. You will immediately feel a woman will have a desire to smile and flirt.

6. Do not pretend that they don't need men

You build from a unapproachable Queen, but the man instead to get you left to another. Do not pretend that it is indifferent if it is not. You can show that you not only win, but do not overdo it. Not try on the image of the ardent feminists, do not play the woman-flint, who have achieved everything in life herself, and will be able to build a house, and drive a nail. Men pass these women. Behave naturally, do not forget about self-esteem, but do not overdo it, not otpugnet a potential husband.

5. Different from other

There are many beautiful women. But especially now, when the fashion of certain shapes, hairstyles and makeup, all girls are similar to each other. Besides pretty women in the world very much. So he chose you, you must be different from the others. Green hair or a clown outfit, certainly will distinguish you from the crowd, but pushed down a man. It will help you in on a little secret: don't chase fashion. Choose your style and follow it. So you're not like other girls.

4. Don't be aggressive

You see any object, approach it, a couple of phrases, and he was running away from you, sparkling heels. Men don't want to be in the role of production. In the age of emancipation, they still tend to win any girl. You now have a powerful weapon: appearance, smile, languid eyes. He will come to you if you like him. Well, if you don't like it, not even the most aggressive behavior. Men like girls helpless and fragile, which need to be protected. With them, they feel like heroes. Be a lack of male attention you will not have.

3. Learn to be affectionate

Even if you are a vamp, then alone with a man become a soft kitty. He needs affection. He wants to be hugged, patted on the head. Men have it rough in today's world. They pursue well-being, build homes and careers, make money, all ready for the family and the woman he loved. In response, they want to get a little love. So even if you are the owner of factories and ships, to remove the mask business ladies, cuddle your man. If you do not do this, he goes looking for affection elsewhere.

2. Do not get smart

If you have a high intellect, know a lot and constantly show it, the man next to you most likely will not last long. He will have respect for you, admire your knowledge, ask for advice, but to marry a normal woman. He will perceive you as an independent person who does not need love. Man loves excellence. Even if you are smarter than him 10 times, not show it if it you roads. It would be hard to accept the fact that he's a fool you.

1. Nravites itself

If you are like me, then men like you can't. Low self esteem is impeding in your life. Often praise yourself, find the positive features. Me, if themselves are not satisfied. Go to the courses of the art of oratory, English language, sewing. Find a favorite activity that will nourish you feminine energy. Do not forget about the appearance. Give it time, you should feel good about myself. If you can't love yourself, sign up for courses. Now a lot of women courses where girls socialize, learn, and know himself. As soon as you start like myself, you will feel the admiring glances of men.

Now you know how to attract the attention of men. But don't overdo it, trying on different images, stay true to who you are. Men love natural, besides, you can't pretend your whole life.

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