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10 countries, the location of which knows only a narrow circle of people


Current capabilities allow via the Internet in just a few seconds to get anywhere in the world, though not real, but virtual. If you want you can explore the famous museums, to attend the seminars which are held at a distance of thousands of kilometers, to see the streets of towns, which would have to go a few days. But there are countries you won't find on a normal map. To get to them is not so easy, even virtual ones, though, because many do not know about their existence.

10. The Kingdom Of Eller

It is a small country founded in 1944. A group of teachers planned to create a summer camp for his students on one of the Islands in the Baltic sea, Elleore. But later they decided that they will have their Kingdom. Its area of just 1.5 sq. km, the Kingdom has its own currency, and ruler king. Locals speak Danish. They have their own strict rules, and even local folklore. So, in this forbidden Kingdom canned food with sardines and the book "Robinson Crusoe". Those who broke the rules can be jailed. Really sit in it will not last long, only 11 minutes 17 seconds. A national sport is the cricket. Even the time on the island is different from Danish, but the difference is small, in 12 minutes.

9. Republic Of Malu-Ventoux

Near the coast of Sardinia is a small island of Mal di Ventre, the area of which does not exceed 80 ha. he is Now uninhabited, but in summer there are tourists. Also there loved to gather supporters of independence of Sardinia. More than 20 years, visited him and Salvatore Meloni, who worked as a driver. In 2008, he and his supporters decided to take over the island and announced to everyone that it is now an independent state. Salvatore declared himself President. But the authorities did not like it all. In 2012, Maloney was convicted and sentenced to 20 months in prison. In 2017, he was again arrested. Meloni considered themselves political prisoners and insisted that it was recognized by the other, went on hunger strike. Two months later, Salvatore, died.

8. Westernlike

A state created in Antarctica. It is located on the land Marie Byrd. The founder of this state is Travis McHenry, a former U.S. marine. Once he found out that the territory of Marie Byrd no claim in November 2001 founded their own state. In 2005 it had its own Bank, postal stamps. Westernlike have their money, but they are not accepted as a payment instrument. Its territory was about 300 people, but none of them does not reside there, although the area is a virtual state is almost equal to the AK.

7. Ladonia

It is also a virtual state, in the South of Sweden, in the kullaberg nature reserve. Founded the state the artist Lars Vilks in 1996. The permanent population of this state is missing. All the inhabitants are divided into 4 classes: there are ordinary citizens and nobles. There are also honorary citizens and saints. Manages this virtual state, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Council of Counties (total for the country in the 6 counties). To become a citizen of Ladonia easy. They only need to pass a special registration, stating your name, address, nationality, height and eye color.

6. The Republic Of Lakota

This is a virtual state, which was created by Indians. They were led by Russell means. They believe that the United States should belong to the Lakota. In December 2007, appeared this Republic. From Russell Means and his supporters had good intentions. He fights for the rights of the Lakota. They die a huge number of children, a large percentage of suicides among adolescents. The population drinks a lot, dies from disease. Despite the fact that the media wrote a lot about this country, the reaction from the States was not. Themselves the leaders of the tribe said that it is not ready to terminate the contract with the United States, and Russell means, in their opinion, had no right to act on behalf of the tribe. But, nevertheless, the state continues to exist, and, moreover, from the virtual becomes real, with my school, greenhouses and volunteer doctors.

5. Republic Of Konk

This state was founded by Dennis Wardlow, the mayor of the town of Key West in April 1982. Patrol USA, installed on a highway to deal with drugs and immigrants, prevented the residents of Key West. Because of him there were huge traffic jams. Complained to him, but received no response. Then the mayor of this town have announced that their Florida Keys is an independent Republic and he was its first President. After that he has declared US war, and after a moment decided to surrender. Around this event got a huge hype. The US government did not react to what is happening, but the patrol was removed.

4. Christiania

In Denmark, in Copenhagen there is a special quarter, which is a self-governing state. On its territory is home to about a thousand people. This state was founded by hippies in 1971 who once captured barracks. For a long time it could not obtain legal status until, in 1995, residents of this mini-state have not concluded an agreement and agreed to pay taxes. However, the residents of Christiania and the government still continued, the latter tried to eliminate the state.

3. Asgardia

This is the first state created in space. It is completely free from the influence of other countries. The emergence of Asgardia was first said in October 2016, its founder Igor ashurbeyli. After it was announced that you can get citizenship in Asgardia for 3 weeks wishing to submit about 500 thousand applications. But because of the stringent requirements of the citizens of the state space could be about 210 thousand people. Scientist ashurbeyli intends to launch several satellites into Earth orbit, the first of which is already in space. All expenses Igor ashurbeyli takes over. Under his plan, with time on orbit will be its own colony.

2. The Republic Of Užupis

Call one of the districts of Vilnius, which is usually going to artists and other creative people. It all started in 1996 when several artists decided to organize on this site, dedicated to alternative art. Later they started to be public action, the first exhibition, it was populated by the people of art. In 1997, the tenants had called itself the Republic of užupis. They have a President, written a Constitution, devised a flag, and even assembled a tiny army.

1. Wertende

The world's first virtual state, which was formed in the Internet. It came to light in August 2008. They have their own coins, and the gift shop sells t-shirts. To become a citizen any person, who has reached the age of 18 years, registration is free. Now about 8 thousand people are its citizens. They receive identity cards.

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