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10 tricks to help lose weight even people with no willpower


Some people who have decided to get rid of excess weight in the end throw that all away now, because losing weight is quite a daunting process. However, it is not necessary to make significant efforts: the steps may be small, but very effective. Change your life gradually, without abrupt jumps, and then you will avoid unnecessary stress. Consider some tricks which will help you to lose weight without serious effort.

10. Drink cold water

Many people prefer to drink cold water and do not like warm. If you want to lose weight, prefer the first option. The body will heat the cold water to better absorb, and spend a certain amount of calories. Of course, one glass of water will not change almost anything, but if you drink during the day, calories burned the result is quite a lot. There is even a special diet, which is called ice. It involves the use of cold food, which spent more calories. Importantly, no contraindications.

9. Deceive your eyes

The rule is to put on the plate of less food than usual. So you will be able to deceive not only his eyes but also the stomach. You can put the food in a small dish, cut it into small pieces. You would think that eating a lot, but it is not true. From the point of view of etiquette is not quite right, but very effective for weight loss.

8. Eat apples before meals

Apples contribute to the excitation of appetite and the active development of gastric juice. This is especially true of fruit that have sour taste. They provide the effect which can be described as paradoxical: if, before each meal to eat one Apple, the caloric value per day is reduced by approximately 200 calories. Some experts say that these fruits accelerate metabolism, because they contain high amounts of fiber. Others say that people just consume less food, because his stomach is already pre-eaten Apple.

7. Try to be active

To lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you spend: this is the most important rule when losing weight. That is why losing weight people are advised to exercise regularly, but very often they do not because of laziness. However, you can just be physically active during the day, taking the breaks between the main cases. For example you can squat while you're brushing, or stand at the bar while watching the series. It is recommended to be physically active after a meal: you will be able to burn extra calories and to promote digestion. You can just walk or do light exercise.

6. Use different colors

Experts say that blue is one of the most "unappetizing" colors, it suppresses hunger. If you give a man food on a blue plate, he will eat not a lot. Yellow, orange improve appetite, white is neutral. Pink emphasizes the pleasant smells of the desserts: the person who enjoyed the flavor, will not want to overeat.

5. Use taste

Experts in the culinary field there are several basic tastes: umami, sour, salty, bitter, sweet. Notes minds are walnuts, mushrooms, broccoli, soy sauce. This taste affects the receptors in a particular way: it causes a feeling of satiety. To lose weight quickly, you can use soy sauce, which is in all stores. However, please note that this product contains quite a lot of salt, so it is not recommended to use it in large quantities.

4. Add vitamins to help speed up metabolism

Many women say that in the summer to lose weight much easier. The main reason for this is that in a Sunny time of year in the body receives plenty of vitamin D. It helps to speed up metabolism. If the window rainy and overcast, add in the diet more eggs, cod liver, butter, fish. These products contain large amounts of vitamin D. Ensure that the intake of chromium: it contributes to the deterioration of appetite and lower insulin levels. This element very much in the beans, lentils, green salad, onions-leeks, seafood, fish.

3. Make walking

Replace the not very good habits good: try as little as possible to go by car, public transport and more walking. Sometimes comes to the fact that people prefer to go one stop and not pass. If you do not exercise enough may have problems with blood vessels, obesity. This is especially true for those people whose work is sedentary, freelancers (the latter is generally difficult to force yourself to get out of the house for no good reason, so they often have health problems, weight).

2. Remove from the menu what is easy to part

Women who are constantly sitting on strict diets, usually are often frustrated. During the breakdowns they eat a lot of delicious, but unhealthy and high calorie food. Do not make sudden movements, striving for a healthy lifestyle, so you can quickly go the distance. In the first place from the menu should be deleted without what you can easily manage. Really love baking, but I love chocolate? Stop eating it and baking allow yourself to from time to time (of course in small quantities). Small victories lead to a further move in the right direction.

1. Use scents that promote weight loss

There are smells that help to reduce appetite. To eat less, as often as you can inhale the scents of grapefruit, Apple, peppermint, bananas. Reduce appetite and fragrances of some flowers: Jasmine, rose, lavender. These floral scents create a sense of calm, joy, it deadens the sense of hunger.

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