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10 amazing finds under water


Every day around the world dig, and the scholars removed the light is really amazing and valuable finds. Of course, to work on a dry surface rather than dive into the depths of the ocean. But a large part of the globe is covered with just the water, the depth of which keep unique treasures, historical and cultural heritage of ancient civilizations. On land recovered ships and planes, wheels, ancient traces of burial, ancient artwork, etc. Also in the depths can suddenly discover new life forms and strange landscapes and even whole cities.

Even with a relatively small amount of research into deep waters we can celebrate 10 amazing finds.

10. Underwater river at the bottom of the Black sea

Here is a discovery made in our country. In the depths of the Black sea, the ubiquitous British scientists (surprisingly, that is not our local) has found a strange underwater river of such size that if it existed on land, it would be in the affluent 6th on the planet. The depth of the bed of the river in some areas is as high as 35 meters and the width is about 1 km away. Surprisingly, in addition to the usual currents on its surface was marked by whirlpools and waterfalls. And the water in this natural education was much colder than the sea. How did such a unique underwater river? Scientists suggest that it was formed as a result of ingress of water from the sea of Marmara (which has a higher salinity and density) in our Black a couple of centuries ago. River flows into the Atlantic ocean.

9. The underwater city of Chichen

In the Chinese province of Zhejiang, many decades ago there was the mysterious town of Chichen, who one day just disappeared from the map. Later found that the valley in which was located the city, was filled with water to create an artificial pond and the erection of hydroelectric power. Local authorities moved from the territory of about 290,000 residents. The city has installed the dam, resulting in Sichan just sank to the bottom of an artificial lake. After years in the depths of the waters was discovered stairs and beams of the city, which remarkably has survived, in spite of the surrounding conditions.

8. Bimini Road

The Bahamas are famous for their discovery, produced in the 30-ies. Found underwater path, called "Bimini road", became the attraction of the Islands and one of the main tourist sites. At a relatively shallow depth of 6 meters was open the mysterious formation that looks like a path in the ocean. There are even legends that it leads to buried him in the city of Atlantis, while others claim that it paved the Egyptian defenders. The spectacle is really exciting and available to anyone interested.

7. Spiders

These arthropods creatures we land with distrust and fear circumvent. Imagine the surprise divers that are the real spiders were found in the deep waters. No, this is not some specific type of fish or shellfish, and do water spiders that live in the water expanses of Asia (North) and Europe. They also weave webs that fill with air bubbles and fueled by oxygen, both by the specific "charger". On the surface these fauna emerge only every few hours (sometimes every day).

6. Engines from the "Apollo 11"

Not so long ago from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean was raised of items 2 rocket engines of the spacecraft. It was he who sent the first astronauts on the moon. The wreckage lay in the depths of the ocean since 1969. Their discovery was quite a feat – the author of the project Jeff Bezos himself laid the plan and financed the program for journalists called him "crazy." Nevertheless historical, scientific and cultural heritage is now on the surface, and we can only guess how Bezos will dispose of the remains of the great Apollo 11.

5. Locomotives

Hard to imagine how the fragments of the rockets and engines were on the bottom of the ocean. But what do you say to the fact that in 1985 off the coast of long Branch (new Jersey) was found 2 locomotive rare sample 50-ies of the 19th century? It is still unknown who designed the train, for what purpose and, most interestingly, how they ended up on the bottom of the sea. According to existing theory, the locomotives were transported by the barge, which was damaged during a severe storm.

4. The mysterious object in the shape of a circle

Six years ago, the Swiss team of divers explored the depths of the Baltic sea and happened to notice the strange object with a cylindrical shape. The origin and destination, its purpose still are unable to install. Some scientists believe that this unremarkable piece of prehistoric rock. Others predict the fate of the object "new Stonehenge". Another amazing assumption that the object is a kind of an underground volcano or glacier pump. But the most popular theory that it's an unidentified object from space (looks really resembles the spaceship from "Star wars").

3. A lot of the Antikythera mechanism

Seekers of pearls in a remarkable 1900 stumbled on a unique mechanism on the shipwreck in Greece. After the location of the object called "Antikythera". This finding is one of the most unique and ancient, as it dates from around the 2nd century BC, when the question could not be any reasonable mechanism. Scientists suggest that the device was able to record a graph of the movement of the planets and, consequently, could keep calendar. Still this function is not established, but because of the complexity of the design it was called prehistoric "computer".

2. More than 10 thousand emeralds at a depth of 21 meters

Diluted our rubric "junk" are the real treasures! Once an Amateur diver in the swim in 2010, didn't even think that he would be so lucky. Off the coast of Florida at depths greater than 20 meters, he found deposits of emeralds (about 10 thousand units) total value of millions. Still debate on how such a production was on the bottom of the sea. Jay Miscovich, the man who found emeralds, well-worn on the courts, the feds, finding him only temporary possession of the jewelry. A man could not sell even 1 carat found treasures. Therefore, or for any other sinister reason Jay eventually committed suicide.

1. A lost ancient Egyptian city Heracleion

Frank Goddio, Explorer and archaeologist, 18 years ago found in Egypt, the ruins of an ancient city at a distance of just over six kilometers from the coast. According to legend, the city was visited by the mythical hero Hercules, and even Helen of Troy. The researchers carefully examined the sunken settlement, rising to the surface valuable elements. According to reports, he was buried in the depths of the Mediterranean sea, about 1.2 thousand years ago. Archaeologists have been raised on the land five-meter statue, the remains of over 60 ships, and coins. The city was safely protected by sand and well preserved for researchers. But the reason for the immersion of Heraklion in the depths of the sea is still not installed.

Just imagine what a mine of information – water space of the planet. If we look into most, might come close to unraveling the ancient to find answers to many questions and even completely to rewrite history. Of course, working divers, and submersible lifting mechanisms, research and optical techniques are fairly costly and can take years.

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