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10 important rules of caring for your teeth


To care for your teeth regularly and correctly, otherwise all efforts may be meaningless. Many people know about the basic rules of dental care, but forget about some important nuances. As a result, they have to spend a lot of money on the advice of dentists and medical procedures. To avoid this, you need to consider the following recommendations for the care of the oral cavity.

10. Avoid sweet juices

When you eat sugary foods, drinks (including fruit juices) in your mouth begins to change the acidity that causes problems with the gums, teeth. Especially dangerous in this respect, the juice from oranges, grapefruits, apples and pineapples. Under the influence of drink, the tooth enamel becomes less solid and more rough. On uneven surfaces remains a lot of small pieces of food. Bacteria on the teeth begin to actively proliferate, and quickly causes cavities. To avoid this problem, you must thoroughly rinse your mouth after each use of sweet juice.

9. Most try to brush your teeth

Doctors advise to carry out the cleaning of the teeth in the morning and in the evenings. It is necessary to regularly remove food particles which can begin to actively proliferate harmful bacteria. Some experts recommend brushing the teeth and after every meal. However, you should not do it too often, otherwise you can provoke irritation of the mucous tissues, damage the tooth enamel. After a meal a day will be sufficient to use floss or rinse the mouth.

8. Quit Smoking

When a person drags of cigarette smoke, his mouth gets the nicotine and tarry substances and other harmful components. They disrupt the blood circulation that contributes to a significant deterioration of the gums. Due to the high temperature in the oral cavity becomes less beneficial microorganisms, causes inflammation of the mucous tissues, damage the tooth enamel. Fans of cigarettes may develop chronic periodontitis. To avoid such problems, it is better to permanently stop Smoking. After that, the dental health will improve greatly: after a few months you will notice that the enamel is much lightened.

7. Clean language

Every day people brush their teeth, but few people give sufficient time and attention to the language, but it accumulates a lot of bacteria. The language must be cleaned as often as tooth enamel, but it is better to use a electric toothbrush with a special nozzle. First, feelings are not very pleasant, but the cleaning can be quite fast to get used to.

6. Floss

Dental floss enables you to clean the spaces between teeth: this can not be achieved with conventional brush. The cost of such devices is usually quite acceptable. They can be used in any conditions and areas, and any difficulties usually arise. However, dental floss should be used with maximum caution, otherwise it can damage the gums. It is not recommended to use such a device more than once a day, however if necessary you can do it more often.

5. Spend brushing your teeth for at least 5 minutes

There are different opinions on this issue. In Soviet times, for example, argued that movements of the toothbrush should not be less than 150. Modern experts believe that to give tooth brushing a lot of time is not necessary: only 10 movements in each direction. However, all depends on the individual case: the characteristics of human teeth, the type of brush, toothpaste and so on. In any case, it is recommended to focus brushing at least two minutes.

4. Note on the rigidity of bristles

Below the enamel is cleaned as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to select the most appropriate in a specific case, the brush. If you want to make smaller movements, but it is good to clean the teeth, it is better to stop the choice on the fixture with medium stiffness fibers that differ from each other in length. These brushes are much easier to use, well they remove particles of food stuck between his teeth (but we are talking about fairly large pieces, to remove small still have to use floss). If the hairs are too soft, the cleaning will not be effective too hard – damaged gums.

3. Properly store accessories on care of teeth

Some people are well aware of how to use toothbrushes, but have no idea about how they should be stored. However, it is very important. Store brushes you need in special cups with a few holes that each family member had the opportunity to put your device apart from others. After each brushing, thoroughly rinse the brush, so there are no paste.

2. Promptly change the brush

It is recommended to purchase a new toothbrush every 3 months, not less. It concerns devices for adults and for children. Tips on electric toothbrushes should be changed as often. If you do it less often, on the device will accumulate a lot of bacteria that can cause infection.

You should also consider that the bristles of the device which is used for a long time, gradually ceases to be elastic. As a result, the gums are subject to different damage. Definitely need to buy a new toothbrush after suffering colds.

1. Visit your dentist regularly

To the dentist should be regularly going, even if you are not concerned about the condition of the teeth and gums. A specialist will be able to determine the presence of dental calculus, caries in the early stages. If to get rid of them, the problems can become more serious and require immediate medical intervention. This applies to the condition of the gums. If you have no pain, this does not mean that diseases are not present.

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