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10 things that enrage the Russian living in the USA


Many Russians dream of a fabulous life abroad. In the view of people in another country seems ideal for living. Perhaps the most popular country for dreamers on overseas goods is America. It is no secret that in various periods of time in the United States moved many artists, athletes, musicians and citizens of the USSR. Currently, Russian people travel to the United States to obtain education, to work, to create a family.

However, once in exile, immigrants from Russia to face a lot of inconvenience and problems, which could not even think at home. - Established way of life is very different here from the usual Russian way of life. A significant difference in mentality entails the difficulty of perception by Russians of some aspects of the lives of ordinary Americans. Some rules and laws seem to be Russian people irrational and sometimes even ridiculous. Much causes confusion, and sometimes irritation of immigrants.

1. To buy a house you must obtain permission from neighbors

To buy property in America can a citizen of any country. The official law that obliges the purchaser to get permission from the neighbors, of course not. However, you should consider some points:

  • New neighbors will immediately have a keen interest in who had settled near;
  • Will come with pies without an invitation to ask questions concerning Your life;
  • Any non-standard (in their opinion) the manifestations of Your life, such as: loud music, party, guests, or incorrectly parked, will be immediately reported to the police. That will certainly entail a penalty.
  • Thus it is not necessary to think that Americans are very evil people. They just care about their safety. For them it is normal. The locals do not consider it shameful to complain to the neighbor.

    2. American food

    Food culture, familiar to the Russian people understanding, is alien to America. Here is a very highly developed industry fast food and convenience foods. No one cooks at home the first, second and compote.

    The average American eats Breakfast and lunch in the cafe or inexpensive restaurant. The food is prepared from the same intermediates. The main objective of catering to easy, quick and inexpensive.

    Therefore, the portions are very large, richly flavored ketchup, mayonnaise, butter and something else. A huge number of enhancers and flavor enhancers literally "hooked" consumers on fast food. It is obvious that to call such food is impossible. Hence the result – over half of people with excess weight.

    The stores are not too pleased with the abundance of useful products. Supermarket shelves are littered with frozen hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches. The diversity and range of such products has a truly Grand scale.

    3. The hypocrisy of Americans

    Many immigrants from Russia discourages constant desire of Americans to ask a stranger: How are you doing?

    An ordinary passerby can tell You: nice shirt! At any store or petrol station staff are smiling so widely and happily that the impression that You are very happy here.

    At first, this attention was very surprised and even happy. But having lived in the US for a while, it becomes clear that all such manifestations are nothing more than a habit. Actually passerby, there is no case to You and the clerk will tell You after. Is to turn on happy face girls reign serious Mina.

    4. The lack of public transport

    America is a country of cars. Own car even have pupils of the senior classes of schools. The habit of travel by car has long been firmly established in the everyday life of local residents.

    Public transport more or less decently works only in Metropolitan areas. A smaller city without public transportation or with minimal quantity.

    Regular buses are almost none. There are school buses that carry only children to school and back. An adult in such vehicles will not be allowed even.

    There are several public routes. However, they go very rarely, the length of the path is very limited. This vehicle used, mainly the poorest layers of the population.

    5. Space prices for medicine and housing

    Medical care in America is tied to insurance. Working citizen pays a significant amount of their income for health insurance. However, even the availability of necessary policy does not guarantee full coverage of costs for treatment.

    If there is no insurance, you will have to pay the full cost of all medical services.

  • A member receiving specialist will cost at least$200.
  • Examination, blood tests, ultrasound and other from$ 300 and up.
  • Call an ambulance (911) – from 900$.
  • The appointment with the dentist – 350$.
  • In fairness, it should be noted that the quality of medical care in the United States, is at a high level.

    The situation is similar in the housing market. Any transaction for the acquisition and hiring is complete without the participation of a realtor. Accordingly to the price of housing increases the broker's Commission. The agent's remuneration is not less than 20% of the transaction amount. The average price to rent a small apartment varies around 200$.

    6. Crime

    America has gotten a bad reputation for criminal areas to which a good citizen cannot be crossed by others. The free carrying of firearms is legalized by law. On the streets everywhere there are homeless people, vagrants and other anti-social personality. Their behavior is distinguished by arrogance, aggression. In the middle of the day you can witness a robbery at the store or chase with a shootout. The impression of total lack of control by the authorities.

    7. Lack of proper maternity leave

    The birth of a child in the United States need to carefully prepare and plan for the upcoming event. The problem is that maternity leave and childbirth in America does not exist. A woman who decides to become a mother, needs to prepare in advance the material basis for its existence with the baby.

    The employer may provide a small (up to two weeks) leave without pay. Subsequent spending on the education of the child, the family has solely from its own budget.

    In America no benefits for child care. As soon as the baby was born, the mother is forced to return to work. Here, each family decides for itself to hire a babysitter or leave the mother in the role of Housewives.

    8. The prices in the stores, excluding taxes

    While shopping in American stores, you must know the feature of pricing in this country. The price tags on the goods represent only the value of the goods, excluding taxes. Thus, typing the whole basket of products in the supermarket, and about introducing the resulting total amount, You'll be surprised at the checkout.

    The usual taxes (in Russia it is VAT), is calculated only at the time of purchase. That is, if you planned to spend around$ 100, cashier tells You the price of percent on 10 above.

    Such a system of prices is explained by the fact that in America the sales tax goes directly to the state Treasury, not in the sales network. It's not a fad stores, it is the internal policy of the state.

    9. Ugly girls

    Young American women do not follow their appearance. Young girls do not know how to put on makeup, do hair, do not follow the fashion. The American lifestyle in General is indifference to his own appearance. Therefore, the youth looks unkempt, even slovenly. On the streets you can find very much full of girls in tight clothes. The main criterion in choosing clothes for young people in America is convenience. That is why girls from Russia favorably to local residents.

    10. The attitude towards immigrants

    To people from other countries Americans are different. Not to say that the locals are hostile to visitors. It all depends on the specific situation. Largely negative towards themselves provoke the immigrants themselves. Where people from other States live, work, abide by the law and local customs, as a rule, problems in relations with the local population occurs.

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