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10 things that we do wrong


In the modern chaotic world, people do a lot of action, execute plans and tasks, even without thinking about the details. We used routine to act, if someone learns the course of solving different life issues from other people in advertising or TV, books and magazines. So we can make unnecessary movements, use things, not on purpose, complicate your life and spend an inordinate amount of energy, time and even money.

Sometimes you have to stop and think why there is a function, program, button, why the subject has exactly the same shape and texture, the material execution. This knowledge will help to optimize and improve our lives as much as possible to use items as intended.

Below are 10 life hacks that will allow you to properly handle things and functions, greatly easing their lives and saving resources.

10. Acceleration charging your phone

Many people manage to charge the phone from a computer or laptop during a file transfer, while such charging continues longer in the order that he network. On display, playing music, running in the background programs or applications, search for networks, roaming, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – all of this puts the phone at the same time as it is charging, so the charging cycle is much longer and wears out the battery. If you want to quickly charge your device, then turn simple button all the running applications, eliminate the activity of Internet and Bluetooth, and turn on the "in plane". And, of course, put the smartphone to charge from the wall outlet.

9. The use of pins

Fashion stud hair is gradually disappearing, but some girls still use these elements to give the hair stability and the necessary creases. In order that the curl held really tight, the pin should be inserted metal winding down. Many people wear it or horizontally, or even vertically, which makes clean flowing hair to slip out of the design or to undermine it.

8. Cleaning boiled eggs

Many people know that the egg after cooking in boiling water as soon as you need to put under a stream of ice-cold water, allowing good and fast to remove the shell. Also while boiling pour in a ladle of salt, which will help to release from the shell even home fresh eggs are the hardest to clean. Many suggest to add instead of salt spoonful of baking soda directly during the boil. Don't be afraid of the salt and the baking soda won't penetrate the product, because the shell securely protects him from external influences.

7. Desserts with filler

Adults and children love the variety of yogurt, curd and other desserts with a delicious filling. The jam will add the condensed milk, then chocolate chips, then another filler. Recently, manufacturers have stepped forward and began to seal the filler in a separate container that conveniently attaches to the main. Then we open a container of stuffing, reveal and should be mixed with the fermented milk product, which is fundamentally wrong. The manufacturer has provided initially, another mechanics – open both containers, and then lower just turned into a big thanks to the flexible plastic spike between them. This allows children to avoid tipping and spillage of valuable ingredients.

6. The use of the legs on your computer

Few people know that the keyboard to the desktop computer often has the reverse side of the special little feet. They allow you to lock the device in a comfortable position, so that people not familiar with the technique of blind printing, can see the signs and the letters on the keys. By the way, the correct angle of keyboards useful only to those who truly looks at the keys when typing, but bad in principle. Under this inclination accessory man puts brush in an unusual position, causing them to bend unnaturally and tired quickly. During long printing a mark decrease in its velocity, numbness of the hands and tingling in them.

5. Children's juice

Kids parents often buy juice in cardboard packets with the smallest capacity. They usually come with a straw through which the kids are sipping a drink. But here's the problem – when you open the box they squeeze fingers Tetrapak, which leads to spillage on the clothes. Juices usually contain dyes, so the stains difficult to wash out from clothing. It turns out that an unfortunate spillage can be avoided if you lift the special wings at the top of the Tetrapak and paste within the hole of a straw. This will allow how to hold a juice box and avoid wet spots on hands and clothes.

4. Spoon spaghetti

Everyone wants to cook pasta correctly – that a long tube is nicely folded on a plate. But how to achieve such a result when dry pasta is a huge area of the pan and stick out of the water, at the risk of unevenly cooked. If you lay them properly you can burn your hands with steam or boiling water. It turns out that the famous spoon for spaghetti, we use incorrectly. Those holes that are in it are invented not for the outflow of liquid from finished products. The original purpose of these holes in order to add dry pasta and using a spoon to immerse it in a pan. So you can rotate the spaghetti in boiling water and evenly them to "soften" without the risk of scalding hands.

3. Bucket with handle

The hostess noticed that their woks for cooking on the stove have a large enough hole in the handle. We, of course, decided that they serve for hanging utensils on a special hook or strap, but it is not so. It turned out that in the formed hole to insert the storage for kitchen a spoon which you stir preparing food. It is very convenient and practical, because after mixing dishes spoon get dirty, so put it on the table or a clean plate was not very helpful. And leave it directly into hot foods are also pointless, as the metal heats up quickly and increases the risk of burns.

2. Favorite pistachios

Everyone loves salted nuts pistachios, but cleaning them is a real trouble. Many remember, how in a bundle with half-open nuts and then you can see "soldered" the options that we have to crack, fraying teeth, or strongly to compress a hand. It turns out there's a much more effective and healthy method. For example, one-third closed, the nut can be easily opened half of the shell already hulled pistachios.

1. Ginger

Ginger, in contrast to carrots has a peculiar twisted shape, so scrape it with a knife will not work. But to eat raw root, be sure to peel. Easy circumcision with a knife or Chantilly for vegetables takes a lot of time, and peels work much, but the ginger ingredient is not cheap. And then there are two ways to clean the root. The first is to poskrbite his teaspoon like a young clean potato. The second and more effective is to RUB the root with an iron scraper, which was not yet in use. He fine sanded surface and remove the irregularities, while preserving the valuable flesh as possible.

These simple tips will allow you to take another look at routine actions and familiar things. Remember that our time is the most vital resource, so use any methods helps to save.

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