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10 things not to say on a first date


The beginning of a relationship – the period when a man and a woman try to show their best side, to make a good impression, cause a desire to meet, communicate, spend time together. For girls the first date is the most crucial moment and it is to him as if she was invited to star in the main role of a Hollywood movie, and her partner will be no less than Brad pitt. However, paying attention to appearance: hairstyle, make-up, clothes, do not forget that on a first date with a man you have to communicate, and so nice to think of interesting topics, to stock up on a couple of fascinating stories and memorize the ten items of what not to talk and how not to behave on a first date.

10. To kill him

The best conversationalist is the one who is able to listen carefully and hear. This does not mean that all the date need to be silent, but if a man is about something enthusiastically says, show interest and respect, listen to the end of his story. If he was joking, try sincerely to laugh or at least smile. If I told a story where he showed his good qualities, admire them. For example, if the guy in the child rescued a kitten from an angry dog, tell him about how he's brave and kind. A sincere compliment will help to establish a warm atmosphere during the meeting. The more you hear, the more information you will receive about his interests, life position and attitude to many things.

9. To make fun of him

Men appreciate girls with sense of humor, but only if your jokes are not directed at their person. Put yourself in the place of the interlocutor. You may not want to be the subject of banter and ridicule from a man who claims to be a close relationship. Believe me, on our first date, he feels the excitement and stress and less likely to want to be a laughing matter. What you think is a harmless little thing can hurt a person deeply and your first date will be the last. However, laughter and humor together, so stock up with a couple of funny stories, anecdotes on a neutral topic, so that you can both of them to laugh without hurting the feelings of each other.

8. Talking only about yourself

A woman should be a mystery, a mystery you want to solve again and again. So, if all the date you will tell about yourself, starting with early childhood and ending with the current day person, first, will think that you are only concerned about himself, and secondly, will quickly lose interest in you. That unravel if all the answers are on the surface? You can tell about your Hobbies, about traveling, about cities and countries that are like, films, books that are interesting. This will help to find common ground, the conversation will give the ease and lightness, which is so appreciated by men girls.

7. To discuss other dates

No man will stand comparison with ex-Boyfriends, so if you want to see him again, do not compare. Let your experience in the meetings, partings, love Affairs will remain in the past. Even a compliment to your partner made in the context of comparisons can spoil the evening and the end of the meeting, the man is in the shower wearing a bad feeling caused by your memories. In the end, your companion is not a commodity that lies on the counter next to the other, like him. Instead of compare enjoy your company and just have fun.

6. Immediately talk about sex

First date like to dance and it is rather charming and noble waltz, rather than the passionate and sensual tango. No need to rush things, to talk about sex you always have time, and if a man is serious, it can happen not even on the second and not the third date. If your goal is short term no strings attached, then feel free to talk about sex. From chat on spicy topics girl needs to be prepared for the fact that the partner will begin to see it as a frivolous person with which to spend a few nights, but no more. As a rule, men do not appreciate what they get too easily.

5. Constantly complaining

First date should be on the positive wave. Pessimistic person push men away. We all have problems. Yeah, maybe your mood now ruined by evil policeman, and a colleague at work again failed with an important project, but remember one simple thing. Man, especially on a first date, it's not my shoulder you can cry without stopping. Imagine if your partner starts to talk about the fact that his boss, the villain, at work blockage, the beloved dog got sick, and on it hangs a few credits. Do not be like the grandmother on the bench, which expressed dissatisfaction with all that surrounds her.

4. To tell about the former

The topic of past relationships taboo, and not just on the first date. Talking about ex-lovers in a negative way, you can push a person on the idea that in case of rupture, it will suffer the same fate, and you will wash his bones with a new partner. Moreover, the man is not interested in hearing about your love life, in most cases it's annoying and causes unpleasant feelings. After all, today he came to you to start a relationship with a clean slate. So no need to dirty the white of the page, blots out the past. Move forward together, look to the future, enjoy the new feelings.

3. To discuss your future children

He's just a charming smile and you are already in their dreams, imagining how you will have a large spacious house, as you will have children, and how they will call your dog. This is the problem with many women. If you start to discuss plans for a future together on a first date can be very intimidating man because of his imagination while that is limited only by you. No man comes to the first date with a wedding ring in his pocket. When from his side there is a strong feeling and deep affection, then there will be a desire to create a family. Family relationships a big step, men who are by nature freedom-loving, should prepare to say goodbye to the single life.

2. Ask him about his former women

Before addressing the topic of ex-lovers out of curiosity, think about what you will do with the information, because in the process of conversation can reveal a not always pleasant details. Often after these conversations, the girl begins to be jealous of her man to the past and constantly compare themselves with those who were with him before. In this case, the saying the less you know the better you sleep, works flawlessly. In addition, asking about those who came before you, you can hurt someone, open emotional wound and cause a flow of unpleasant memories, especially if the feelings were strong and the gap was not his initiative.

1. To wonder about his financial situation

Do not ask about the salary and status of financial accounts if you don't want to seem materialistic particular, which primarily is only interested in money. Also do not need to address the subject of housing, otherwise you can run into a joke in the Arsenal of Ostap Bender about the key to the apartment where the money is. The welfare of the interlocutor, as a rule, can be determined by appearance, a manner to pay the bills, get dressed. In the extreme case, we can talk about travel. Ask what places he had visited and where he plans to go next.

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