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Top 10 best televisions 2018


TV no longer a luxury but has become an affordable means of entertainment and receiving all sorts of information. The modern market is literally oversaturated with devices of this type. Due to the large competition in the market, manufacturers are trying to make your product more attractive and useful for consumers. The following list includes the best TV 2018 − the top 10, compiled on the basis of user feedback.

10. Samsung UE40MU6100U

Samsung UE40MU6100U opens a rating of the best TVs this year. Device sorokoduby with LCD display (102 cm) developed with application of technology of Edge LED. This model is perfect for watching spectacular films, thanks to an incredibly juicy and clear picture displayed on the screen. The index of the quality of the image is 1300 PQI, and the viewing angle is 178°/178°, making the most comfortable viewing from anywhere in the room where the TV. Has support for SMART TV and integrated Wi-Fi. Digital tuners enable the use of high quality. Thanks to such useful features Connect Share Movie, it is possible to browse photos, videos and music from your smartphone, tablet and any other portable device. The average cost is 32 000 rubles.

9. LG 55UJ620V

LG 55UJ620V is one of the best new TVs hitting the market a year ago. What first attracted to this model is the beautiful, stylish appearance, and then their technical characteristics. TV has a silver body and increased the size of the display, equal to 55 inches, which is equal to 140 centimeters. The device can also boast of rich functionality. Built-in Smart TV provided in many modern TVs, allows you to meet many of the needs of the user. The screen of the device gives a very vivid and realistic picture, making viewing your favorite videos are the most pleasant and comfortable. The cost model is about 46 000.

8. LG 43UJ639V

LG 43UJ639V included in the list of the most popular TVs this year. The device has a white hull and a 43-inch screen, so it will perfectly fit the interior light, airy rooms. When watching videos with this device, be prepared to see the most detailed and realistic picture. Of course, there is the possibility of connecting to the Internet via cable supplied, or built-in module Wi-Fi. It is possible to connect external devices through sync via Bluetooth. To buy this TV can be an average of 32 000 rubles.

7. Sony KD-55XE9005

Sony KD-55XE9005 is one of the best TVs in 2018, which is also the most expensive among the representatives of the rating. The device includes a 55-inch display (139 cm) and has a very stylish, attractive appearance. In the embedded device, the unique backlighting algorithm that provides an advanced range of brightness compared to conventional LED TVs. Due to this, the produced image on the display becomes as juicy and bright. Thanks to a specially developed technology in this model, managed to avoid very saturated and unnatural colors. The device is able to sync with any modern gadget, making favorite videos in two clicks view on a big screen. Such a useful option as USB HDD REC makes it possible to perform automatic recording of a television program or movie. The cost model is 100 000 rubles.

6. LG 28MT49S-PZ

LG 28MT49S-PZ occupies the sixth place in the ranking of the best. TV has the perfect balance of price and quality. Boasts a huge screen, the device is not a 28-inch display (70 cm) is sufficient for comfortable viewing. The device has an elegant, stylish case, made from high quality black plastic and carries an impressive functionality for so little money. You have the option of a Smart TV and possibility of Internet connection via USB cable or built-in module Wi-Fi. The produced image on the screen crisp, lifelike and vivid. The model can be attached to the wall with bracket or placed on a stylish stand supplied. The cost of the device is 17 000 rubles.


LG OLED55C7V located in the middle of the top of the best. OLED TV with a huge 55-inch display not only looks very good, but also multifunctional. It speaks volumes and its cost. For that price the consumer expects from TV very much. The device is equipped with ultra-thin body because of which the device may seem very fragile. The display has samomodifitsiruyuschiesya pixels, which provide an incredibly realistic image. Multiple built-in tuners provide operation of the digital television. The cost model is on average 115 000.

4. Samsung UE49MU6300U

Samsung UE49MU6300U located at the fourth position of the ranking. This device is in the middle price range and nothing is practically not inferior to more expensive models. The device is equipped with a 49-inch display, which is equal to 124 inches. Feature of screen is its curved, which ensures natural colors and realistic images, and also makes the most comfortable viewing from almost any part of the room. The model has rich features and also supports Bluetooth and Internet. Price – 50 000 rubles.

3. LG 49SJ810V

LG 49SJ810V opens the top of three televisions 2018. LED TV secured a 49-inch display, which displays contrast and realistic picture. The device has an attractive appearance and clad in a silvery color. The device has many modern twists among which Smart TV supports Internet via the module Wi-Fi, the ability to synchronize with external devices via Bluetooth. Is such a model within 65 000.

2. Sony KDL-40RE353

Sony KDL-40RE353 located on the second line rating. This is a relatively inexpensive device with a 40-inch (101 cm), attractive design, done in classic black style housing. You will appreciate the naturalness and detail of the picture when watching a video with this TV. This model supports multiple digital tuners, which is incomparably a great plus at such a low price. The average cost of the device – 28 000 rubles.

1. Samsung UE22H5600

Samsung UE22H5600 completes a rating of the best TVs 2018. This is one of the best models for a budget price. The device has a small 22-inch display, which is equal to 55 cm, However, other features of this model are more than worthy. It also as more expensive devices equipped with the technology of Smart TV, supports Internet and can be synchronized with external modern gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, etc. the question Price – 15 000 rubles.

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