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10 things never to do ever again before bedtime


Statistics – the science is accurate. It indicates that, on average, a quarter of people on the planet are observed chronic difficulty falling asleep. While the reasons aren't always health problems, nervous system, and stress at work and in personal life.

Scientists and psychologists say that a routine bedtime rituals are important to humans, ensure the alignment of his biorhythms, faster and high-quality sleep, proper rest. If a person deviates from the typical evening "scenario" and allows himself to unusual actions, you can face insomnia, anxiety, and responsive sleep, morning fatigue and weakness, swelling of the face, and in some cases with nausea. In order to tune into a sound sleep and Wake up in the morning refreshed, rested, keep in mind a few points.

Consider 10 typical things that must be avoided before bedtime.

10. Don't go to bed hungry

And here, many may resent that nutritionists contradict themselves, they say, do not eat just before bedtime and at the same time don't go to bed hungry. Who to believe? The fact is that the notorious rule "don't eat after 6" was designed for people who consistently go to bed at 9-10 PM. Accordingly, the 3-4 hours of "reserve" remained comfortable and proper digestion. If you go to bed late or even foraged "nocturnal gatherings", then force yourself to starve midnight is strictly prohibited. Thus you are forcing the body to work in emergency mode – it splits the energy your muscle mass, and insulin continues to be produced, to provoke the secretion of hydrochloric acid and, as a consequence, causes an unpleasant rumbling before bed. For this reason, you may long to prevaricate in bed.

9. Drinking coffee

We believe every adult person knows that caffeine acts a stimulant on the nervous system. It in sufficient quantity contained in coffee, especially soluble natural or grain. Of course, if you really want to perk up a bit after a hard working day or to warm up on a cold winter night, indulge in the drink is not necessary. But you can cook it with the second welding or, for example, use chicory, green coffee without the caffeine. You can always put a little less pellets in the drink and drink the light version. And if you fill it with warm milk and honey, the quality of sleep in the near future is guaranteed.

8. Check your work mail

All business matters must be left at the job – this rule is applicable for person of any age, gender and occupation. So we should not bother working the problems before bedtime. One should not even open the mail and read the letter where you ask for something, criticize, make known, or trigger the creative process in the mind. As a rule, in the evening she already thinks badly, so the chaos of thoughts and ideas desorientiert, can lead to hasty and rash decisions are not the best projects. And sleep with such a "heap" of thoughts will be very restless and sensitive.

7. To read horror

As mentioned above, turbulent emotions, and an abundance of negative thoughts are bad for quality of sleep, duration and depth of sleep. I do not advise you tonight, to read the crime reports in the Newspapers, the police chronicle, or just art books of the genre "Thriller", "horror", etc. over-stimulation of the nervous system will lead to a deterioration in the quality of sleep, and the next morning you Wake up with a broken "buzzing" head.

6. To quarrel

Many patients of sleep insomnia say they can't before you sleep "disable" the thought process in my head. It is often in the thoughts float experienced by the day conflict and strife, and in the smallest details and emotional nuances. People begin to work out a different scenario of the outcome of the argument – so they can now say to your opponent, as it would twist the situation in their favor, etc. Mentally talking to yourself wear out the nervous system, causing negative emotions, painful memories, which lead to a very long sleep, and sometimes complete lack of night rest.

5. Use your tablet, phone, computer

In our age many people can't imagine bedtime without a "control" test of all electronic media on the availability of fresh information. Someone updates the pages in social networks, others expect e-mails, others finish a Chapter in the e-book, the fourth browsing sports news on the tablet. All these activities lead to flow of new information that requires reflection. The nervous system is working again at the limit, causing the brain frantically to think about new information, to seek answers to questions and problems. In addition, the radiation from the screens of the devices is bad for the brain and visual system, improves concentration, instead of to give the body to relax. Recommend to defer the gadgets aside at least 1 hour before bedtime.

4. Watch TV

For the above reasons to watch TV an hour before sleep is harmful. It's one thing to follow a classical music concert or to watch a TV show about nature and animal life, tourism. Quite another to listen to substandard news, watch thrillers or horror, hysterically laughing from the American comedies. Any strong emotions, be they good or bad, lead to overstimulation of the Central nervous system, and this adversely affects the speed and quality sleep. And insomnia after a terrible, sad or dynamic of the film – this is not uncommon. In the morning will feel worn out, and tune in on labor day will be very difficult.

3. Aktivnichat

Any activity shortly before bedtime undesirable for the body and brain. Some people manage to exercise at night, reasoning that a tired and emaciated body will promote early sleep. However, this scenario is possible with long-term measured load obtained during the day. If you decided to have an active practice before the night's rest, then the slow phase of sleep can be reduced, and falling asleep more difficult. All active movements, it is desirable to finish the 4-6 hours prior to night rest. By the way, this can be attributed to a General cleaning at a later time, as well as the work active computer or Board games.

2. Drink plenty of water

To maintain water balance in all day, but to overfill the stomach right before bedtime is not desirable. Long and quality sleep you will not go up at night bladder, leading to facial swelling in the morning, bags under the eyes, and easy fatigue. On average, 1-2 hours before bedtime can drink a large glass of water and not worry about the visual problems.

1. Change routine habits

The human biorhythms and hormonal system, and many internal processes to adjust to the routine of the habit, so to speak "rituals" before going to sleep. If you are used to drink for 2 hours a Cup of tea, take a warm bath and lie down with cucumber slices on the eyes for many months, it is not necessary to radically change the pace and suddenly try to sleep after a computer game or night of communication on the social network. Excitement will prevent the body to tune into his usual wave. Before bedtime is not advisable to start any creative activity, requiring inspiration, experimentation, and active thought processes. But meditation or some relaxing yoga asanas can be the way in order to remove tension from the muscles and nervous system.

The body will use all of their resources and capabilities to sustain active living among day. It is logical that he needs some time to recover and recuperate energy. It is therefore important to ensure a quick, quality and regular sleep long deep sleep.

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