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10 things that must get done before 30 years


For many people, thirty years is a critical age. Up to 30 years to succeed in your career, you need to find a mate and start a family. Why do people think that if they don't have time to do all this before 30 years, they can be considered losers. In fact, it is a wonderful age. Behind the boyish, you learn to soberly assess the situation. Now you know what you are capable of and in what direction they should move. But relaxing is not necessary. Time is fleeting, and if you allow yourself too much rest, it just will not achieve anything in life. We present to your attention a list of things that need to get done before 30 years. It is not rigid, you do not propose to marry or get married, have two children, a dog, to take the Director's chair. However, these things are very important, they will help you to change and feel a little happier.

10. Gain financial independence

The lack of money and a good job in 20 years, others considered normal. But at 30 you have to have solid ground under my feet. Otherwise, what are you doing these almost 10 years after graduation? Of course, not everyone in this age achieve dreamed about, but at least a well-paid job you must have. And the amount of savings "just in case". You don't know what you will be tomorrow. To 30 years it is time to learn to earn money. By the way, you can get them not only for basic work. Because, as a rule, it's days, weeks, months spent in an office behind a computer or at the factory for the machine. There are many other ways. Investment, own business. You should have several sources of income, then you will not be left with nothing.

9. Get in shape — better than ever

Young girls and boys can look quite good, even if I danced all night. Most of them don't count calories, and sport prefers long walks or sitting in bars. But in order to 30 years your body has not changed, it is necessary to take care of. Proper nutrition and exercise will help you lose weight and tone up the figure. Start now, do not wait for tomorrow. Body, not knowing of sport, youth can still look good, but over the years the figure will help to keep a physical education.

8. Visit a new continent

If you to 30 years went out on his garden, urgently corrected. Visit another city, another country. Ideally, if you decide to visit a new continent. You'll be amazed how diverse the world is. New impressions and emotions will make you open. You will learn a lot, will be interesting to talk to, will get rid of many prejudices concerning different countries. After all, you remember, many foreigners think that in Russia bears walk the streets with accordions. You will learn to appreciate their country, and may decide to move abroad for permanent residence.

7. Write a letter to the future you

Very interesting way of communicating with yourself. If your thirtieth birthday we had enough time, write yourself a letter. Describe it how you live now, what they feel, what issues you care about. Be sure to write how you see yourself in 30 years. Open this letter on the day of his thirtieth birthday. You have this meeting with yourself will be very enjoyable. You will be able to assess whether you have achieved what you wanted. And maybe you'll change that kid's dreams just to amuse you.

6. Stop looking for others ' approval

To 30 years it is time to understand that life, looking back on someone else's opinion – not the best option. So you will never be happy. You will seek to other ideals, to live as accepted. Pass by Affairs of his life, because it is not prestigious according to relatives and friends. Even in your personal life you can make mistakes, if you constantly listen to the opinions of others. You have your own head on your shoulders. Live as you see fit. Don't listen to anybody and do not pay attention to the opinions of others.

5. Embark on a spontaneous trip

While you are young, do it. Regular life will begin when your family will have children. Then you will not be able to take off at sea or at a ski resort. In the best case, you go as a family, but the rest you are unlikely to succeed. Use any opportunity to travel. Well, the trip is not spending time on the beach or at a table in a café. Visit interesting places, go on trips. Explore the world, then life will be interesting. Remember in the "adult" life that you may not be.

4. Meet face-to-face with their greatest fear

You must learn to overcome their fears, otherwise then you will be even more difficult to cope with them. There are many ways that will be able to help you with this. Go to therapy, meditate. Meet the object of his fear close, maybe he won't seem so terrifying. Find like-minded people, the team fears to overcome much easier. When you can overcome your fear, you will be very proud of yourself. Plus to this you have self-esteem, you will become more confident.

3. Learn to say "no"

Definitely need to learn to say "no", or gradually your life will become a nightmare. You should not agree to requests that you can perform with difficulty, to its detriment. It would not be difficult for you to refuse, but gather all your strength and just say no. You will find that life will become easier. No need to stay after work, if you do not pay. No need to babysit the girlfriend while she shops. Don't need to do many more things that you basically do not want to do. Learn to refuse is not difficult. Speak calmly, confidently. It is not necessary to mumble and make excuses. You do not owe anything to anyone. But of course, do not overdo it. Do not deny people if they request you on the shoulder and they are ready to come to your aid in difficult times.

2. Learn a new language

In school were learning a foreign language, and someone else and not alone. But the most that I can tell most people is, "hi, how are you? My name is ". But knowledge of the language, especially English, helps me a lot in life. You will be given preference for interviews, you will quickly find a job. You will be able to communicate with foreigners, go on a journey without unnecessary emotions. Will be able to watch movies in their original translation, books of great writers. You will be a comprehensively developed person. Besides, now a lot of opportunities to learn a foreign language. You can do it yourself information on the Internet abound.

1. Read at least hundred books

You never were fond of reading, you are absolutely not interested in books. Still try to read. The only way you will be able to become educated, a pleasant person to work with. Increase your vocabulary, you will learn a lot. But among the many books, prefer the classics or encyclopedias. Reading cheap romance novels or detectives, unfortunately, will have no effect on your intellectual level. Reading contributes to the development of creative abilities, improved attention. It is not only useful but also very pleasant experience.

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